Sidor som bilder

with great rapidity. Most of the city corps June 19.-This evening the Prince Regent embarked in large boats, provided for the gave a ball and supper, to upwards of ewa occasion, at so early an hour as three thousand of che principal nobility and gentry o'clock, and, taking advantage of the vide; in the kingdom. This splendid entertainment ascended the river as far as Putney, originated from a desire of his Royal High. whence they marched to their stasions. Dess, to shew every possible respect and filial About half.past ten the general line was affection to his father's birth-day, it not being ordered to be formed. Then was seen one of convenient for the Queen to hold a drawing the finest sights possible: the extent of the room at St. James's Palace on the 4th of heath, the beauty of the day, the fineness of June. His Royal Highness, to prevent ite the different regiments, the steadiness of their passing without being observed as a national discipline, the exactness of their manæuvres, festival, determined on giving a grand fête. the assembled crowds reaching from one end

wds reaching from one end which should not only be observed as a of the common to the other, all made the day of rejoicing by the higher orders, but spectacie such an one as can scarcely be de with it should be combined the encourage. scribed in adequate terms. The whole of ment of the arts and manufactures of the the troops were under the immediate come country. His Royal Highness, with that mand of his Royal Highness the Duke of consideration, and a due regard to the welfare Cambridge, as commander of the home dis- of his country, in his cards of invitation bad trict. They were drawn up in two lines of expressed a strong desire that every person at least one mile and an half in extent. The should come dressed in articles of Britislı maright rested on Wimbledon-green, whence nufacture only "Nearly the whole of the the line was continued the full length state-rooms and lower apartments in Carltenof the common to the South East; and the house had been diverted from any use to the left touched the road that leads across the Prince Regent for several weeks, by the ne. comnion from London to Portsmouth, the cessary temporary arrangements. The comEarl of Spencer's park-wall being full in their pany began to assemble at nine o'clock, and front. The Prince arrived on the ground continued without interidission setting down about twelve, accompanied by the Duke of till eleven, bis Royal Highness's equerries York, who, on reaching the centre of the taking their cards of invitation as they enline, immediately took the command of the tered. All appeared struck with surprise "field, as Commander in Chief. The review and astonishment as they entered the grand then commenced, and was over before five Greciam ball, which, in addition to its usual o'clock. The day was remarkably fine, and splendid appearance, was ornamented with a the spectators were nu nerous beyond all for- ** variety of shrubs, of patent lamps, and elemer example. It was supposed, chat, inclu. gant lanterns of vast dimensions. Two of ding the troups, there were at least 200,000 the yeomen of the Guards were stationed at persons on the ground.

each of the entrances to the Octagon Saloon, : June 18.- About a quarter past eight in the fitting up of which, for this occasion, the morning, a fire broke out in the oil was particularly splendid; the drapery was warehouses of Mr. Jones, in Bury street, St. scarlet cloth, trimmed with gold-coloured Mary Axe, and in a very short time every silk, lace, cords, and tringe in the Grecian part of his extensive premises were in a hall were a sembled to receive the company. blaze: so rapid were the flames, that not a Colonel M‘Mahon, Generals Keppel and particle of his property could be saved. Turner, Colonels Bloomfield, Thomas, and Owing to a total want of water, the fire con. Tyrwhit, together with Earl Moira, Lords tinued to rage with uninterrupted fury on the Dundas, Keith, Hesthfield, Mount EH. premises where it began until near nine cumbe, and Yarmouch. The bad beca o'clock, by which time the houses un each indefatigable in his exertions to assist his side were involved in the conflagration, as Royal Highness in his arrangements for this was the Commercial Academy on the oppo splendid entertainment, and continued his site side of the street; and before ion, the exertions to Wednesday night in acting as a 'four houses already mentioned were levelled regulator of the business. The Prince Regent with the ground, and the fire reached the entered his state apartments about a quarter mansion occupied by the high priest of the past nine, dressed in a scarlet coat, most Jews, which also was soon reduced to a heap richly and elegantly ornamented, in a very of ruing: it was with difficulty that the novel style, with gold lace, and a brilliant female part of his family escaped. His li. star of the Orjer of the Garter. The Duke brary, in which were many valuable manu, of York wore a similar coat, the pattern and scripts, was also consured. The fire con. ornamental part was said to be like one worn tinued its devouring course still farther, and by that great warrior, the Duke of Cumber. burnt down the houses of Mr. Le Batts, Dr. - land. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent Shannon, Dr. Van Novan, Mr. Abraham came into his state apartments just at the Milleda, Mr. Daniels, Mr. Samuda, and Mr. · time the French king and princes arrived ; Isaacs, and considerably daniaged several he received them most graciously. His Royal others. Full one third of Bury.strept, on bo:h Highness afterwards, during the night, pa»sed pjales, is entirely levelled with the ground. from one room to anocher without any attendants or ceremony, conversing in the most. At St. Martin's, Ludgate, the Rer. Lewig affable manner with his numerous guests. Way, of Great Geldham, Essex, to Caroline The company found an abundance of amuse- Elizabeth, only daughter of John Leech, tse. ment in perambularing this celebrated man- of Bridge street, Bla ktriars. sion. Dancing commenced about twelve in the At Wandsworth, John Farsett Burnett, grand council chamber, and about two supper esq. of Vauxhall, to Elizabeth, daughter of was announced. The company proceeded down John Barchard, esq. of East Hill, Wanas. the staircase into the basement story; and worth. thence to the tables, either into the grand Thomas Thurlow, eso, younger son of the range of rooms connected with the conser. late bishop of Durham, and brother to Lord


of those in the Chinese temporary T. to Miss F. Lyon, third daughter of the Tooms. At the end of the conservatory was a late Honourable Thomas L. most magnificent allegorical transparency, At St. Paul's, Peter Henry Ba ker, eso of with G. R. In a crown, and other devices. Burwell, Coinbringeshire, to Miss Hammond, This was the terminating object of the whole only daughter of Walter H, esq. of West range, and particularly designating the great Row, Mildenhall, feature of the féte. The banquet was the W. Midwinter, esq. captain in the East most costly and admirable in all its arrange. Ingia Company's service, Bengal establish. mments. The Prince Regent, with that urba. ment, to Ann, youngest daughter of M. nity which has ever been his distinguislied Thomas, esq. or Pinner Green, Middlesex. characterist'e, had a table placed contiguous At St. Paul's, Covent Garden, Mr B to his own, for the foreign ministers and nu. Stones, ot Chandos strrel, to Miss Hopkinbility who were of the party. The royal son, only daughter of B. H. esq. of Pealose dukes assisted the Prince Regent in doing the ville. honours of the table. The ball-room, after At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Charles A. supper, was surrounded by a gradation of con. Bartholomew, jun. esq. to Maria, eidest versation stools, for the accommodation of daughier of the late Eoward Rees, eg. those who chose to be calm spectators of the At South Lambeth, Henry James, third scene. The Duchess of York, Princess So. son of the late Montague Cholmeley, esq. of phia of Gloucester, and all the royal dukes, Easton, Lincolnshire, to Eliza, fourth daugbrattended this splendid féte. Upon no pre- ter of the late W. Hayard, esg. vious occasion, and at no court in Europe, AC Chelsea, Frederic Ayrton, esq. of Gray's was ever the experiment made to see down Inn square, to Miss Nugent, daugbier of 2000) of the principal nobility and gentry of Colonel N. ot Aylesbury. a kingdom to a regular suprer, as was the At St. George's, Hanurer square, William case at chis fete The largest entertainment, Hargood, esq. rear admiral of the blue, lo at the most brilliant period of the French Maria, third daughter of the late Tho nas monarchy, was that given by the Prince of Somers Cocks, esq - Francis William Grani, Conde, at Chantilli, to the King of Sweden, esq. M. P. to Miss Dume, only daughter of when 400 covers were laid. Here covers John Charles D. esq. of the island of Sc. were laid for 1600 under canvas, and for Helena.--Ihe Rev. John Fellowes, younger 400 in the house.

son of Robert F. esq. of Slotiesham, Nor• MARRIED.

foik, to Susan, fourth daughter of the Ho. At Mary le-bone, the Honourable Charles nourabie Thomas Lyon, of Hollon House, Law, to Elizabeth Sophia, second daughter Durham.-- Francis Cpjubn, esg. of the yd of the late, and sister to the present Sir Life Guards, to Mrs. Puge, of tuburn Piace. Charles Nightingale, bait, having been prea --Lieut-colonel, of the 99th regiment of viously married at Gretna Green.--Sir John toot, to Margaret, eldest daughier of Williana Carr, to Miss King, of Goldingham Hail, Beckiord, esq. oi Fonthili.--'I be Rev. Dr. Essex. Robert Humphrys, esq. of Ivy Davy, master of Cujus college, Cambridge, to House, near Chippenham, Wilts, to Essex, Miss Stevenson, of Hertford sireet, May Lowndes, third daughter of William Selby, Fair esq. of Winslow, Bucks. -Edward Fanshawe, At Twickenham, Henry Bellairs, esq. late esq. captain in the Royal Engineers, to of the 15th hussais, to Dora, youngest daugh. Frances Mary, second daughter of Lieutenant. ter of the late Peter Mackenzie, esq. general Sir Hew Dalrymple.

At Ísliligion, the Rev. Richard Meade, The Hon. and Rev. W. H. Dawnay, of rector of Horsendon and minister of Prince's Sessay, Yorkshire, to Lydia, only daughter Risborough, Bucks, to Miss Somes. of the late J. Heathcoat, esq. of Conington Rev. C. Laprimaudaye, vicar of Leyton, Castle, Huntingdonshire.

to Jane, daughter of the late R. Lee, esq. of Thomas Le Mercer, esg. of Vauxhall, to Mile end Miss Stone, only daughter of the late Wil- Richard Marter, esq. of Bourton on the liam S. esq.

Water, Glocestershire, to Jane, youngest James White, esq. of Hans Place, to Mar- daughter of P. Harman, esq. of Charles sticet, garet, eldest daughter of Robert Faulder, Cavendish square. esq. of Gower Street,

At Stepney, Frederic Vander Meulen, esq,

e, esq.

of St. Albon's, to Rachael, second daughter In Grent Pulteney-street, Robert Bissit, esq. of W Tompson, esq. of Hill End, Herts. late commissary-general of the forces at

The Rev. T. B. Powell, fellow of Oriel home, 81. Colleve. Oxford, tu Sarah Louisa, third At Richmond, Richard Penn, esq. grandson daughter of the Rev. N. Cotton, rector of of William P. one of the proprietors and forThornby, Northamptonshire.

merly governor of Pennsylvania, 75. DieD.

Ai Hampstead, Lady joanna Watson, relics Walter, the eldest son of Walter Fawkes, of Sir James W. late one of the judges of the esz. of Farnley Hall, near Oiley, Yorkshire, Supreme Court of Judicature, Bengal. a fine youth about 16 years of age. He was In Old Burlington street, the Countess de. found drowned in the canal at Denham, near Bruhl. Uxbridge, where he was at school.

In Buckingham-street, Fitzroy-square, The Rev. Grabam Jepson, vic.p of Ful. Mrs. Devall, 73. ham, late fellow of King's College, Cam. In Red Lion-square, Mrs. Devon, wife of bridge, and formerly rector of Milton, which William D. esq. and sister to Mr. Justice he exchanged for the living of Fulham. - Heath. · At Woolwich, fobri Feffreys, esg. clerk of At Craven Lodge, Stamford Hill, Mrs. the cheque at the dock yard.

Craven, wife of John C. esq. Ac Mill Hill, near Hendon, Susan Rudson. In Bedford-square, Ain, wife of John Her complaint was what is generally termed Scott, esq. a gallopping consumption, which arose from At Michael's Grove, Brompton, Edmund her taking, no doubt, at oifferent times, poi. Mcunt, esq. 32. sonous medicines, procured, as she said, by In Upper Guilford-street, Mrs. Phillips, her seducer, but unsuccessfully, for the pur wife of Capt. P. pose of producing abortion; and the last un. In Great Coram-street, William Piddock happy offspring was the fifth child. For Francis, esq. several days previous to her dissolution, ske In East Place, Lambeth, Mrs. Eliz. Shuola appeared to struggle under the most violent bred, relict of David S. esq. of Quebec. convuisions possible for any human being to In Manchester-street, George Putland, est. endure, and exhibited all the horrors of ima. of Sans Souci, in the county of Wicklow. gination arising from a mis spent life. A In Bruton street, Sarab, wife of john few moments before death closed her eyes, Henry Smyth, esg.. she declared she could not die until she had In Lincoln's Inn Fields, Mrs. Gosling. unburilie ned her conscience. A clergyman In Bedford-square, Peter Cazalet, csa. . was sent for, but to him she would say no. In the King's Roai, the Rev. Henry Free thing, but called out for a Mrs. Mackay, who deric Thistletbwayte, son of the late Robert T. had given her nourishment during her ill. esq.M.P. tor Hampshire. ness. This miserable creature then related At Stratford, Mrs. Harcourt, relict of John how she had falsely sworn her first two Simon H. esq niece to the Duchess of Chanchildren (now alive) to an innocent man, and dos and Lord Henniker. how she had disposed of three others since. In Upper Grosvenor-street, Sir James The first, a boy, she destroyed as soon as Hamlyn, barf. of Clovilly Court, Devon. born, and buried it under a tree in a garden At Great Ealing, Mrs. Nicholas, wife of near Dors-lane; the second, a girl, met with the Rev. Dr. N. a similar fate, but the mother buried it be- In Southampton-row, Mary Anne, wife of hind a public house called the Adam and J. Fownes, esg. Eve. Mill Hil; the last child, a girl also, In Mortines street, Cavendish-square, sbe buried alive in a field near Totteridge, Lady D.y, relict of Sir John D. many years After this disclosure, the unhappy wretch advocate general of the supreme court of appeared more resigned, and expired alm 036 judicature in Calcutta, 85. immediately. The circumstances had such In Foley Place, L. Stranza, esq. an efect upon the people in the neighbour In Bridge-road, Laiubech, in his 70th veze. hood, that no one would stay with the corpse William Henry Ngin, esq. formerly of the during the nights previous to burial.

Secretary of State's Oifice for the Home De. In South-street, Grosvenor-square, the partment; u situation which he held for many Earl of Massar eene. He is succeeded in his years with distinguished reputation for inte. title and estates by his brother, the Hon. grity and ability.

grity and ability. In the earlier part of bis

In the ear Chichester Skettington,

life he had attended the late Earl of Roche In New North-street, Red Lion-square, ford, Sir Robert Ainslie, and the Hon. Mr.' Stipben Scarbrow, esq. 45.

Trevor, in different embassies to France, - At che house of their brother, the Rev. Spain, Turkcy, and Sardinia, and was hoa Thomas Bowerbank, vicar of Chiswick, Miss nored with their esteem. He possessed an Mary Bowerbank, aged 24; and Lieutenant

extensive knowledge of foreign languages Edward B. of the 21st regiment native in and manners, and the goodness of bis heard fantry on che Bengal Establishment, 93. rendered his knowledge userul.

Lady Charlotte Pelbam Clinton, sister to the At Streathaw, Mr. George Robinson, of Pani Duke of Newcastle.

ternoster-low, bookselier,

In Tenterden-street, Herry Herbert, Earl of ances had been obliged to quit, and our briCarnarvon and Baron Porchester, of High gade was taken in flank, when in the act of Clere, Hampshire, a Privy Counsellor and charging, and surrounded by the Polish ian. L.L D. His lordship, a branch of the noble cers, who, until too near, had been inistaken family of Pembroke, being the son of Wile' for Spanish cavalry; they having been con.' liam, the fifth son of Thomas, father of the cealed by the fog, and partly by the turn of present Earl of Pembroke, was born August the ground. He was lieutenant in the 2d batta. 20, 1741. In 1762 he was returned to par. lion of the 48th regiment, and was in his 28th liament for the borough of Wiiton, and was year, having been born ai Troston-hail, Nov.9, re-elected in 1768. In 1771 he marrieš 1783. He was lincally descended from Sir Ar. Elizabeth Alicia Maria, sisier of the Earl of thur Capel, grandfather of Arthur Lord Capel, Egremont, by whom he lias several children to the imitation of whose military virtue be He was created Baron of Porchester in 1780, aspired! " and Earl of Carnarvon in 1793, which bonors

tantum nova gloria in arnis devolve on his eldest son Henry George,


Free Lord Porchester, who was born in 1779, and

Et prædulce decus, primo in certam::be possent, ! has sat in several parliaments for the borough On the 17th of June, at Camberwell, aged of Cricklade.

73, after a very long illness, the Pev. Richard On the 16th of May, Henry Capel Lufft, Dodd, M. 8. late rector of Cowley, Middleeldest son of the first marriage of Capel Loitt, sex. His friends regret the loss of a most of Troston-hail, esq. with Miss Anne Evelyn. intelligent and valuable acquaintance; his He fell at the great battle of Albucra, in children lament one of the most affectionate Spain, in that most gallant charge which is and tender of parents. poticed by Marshal Beresford, by which the Ac Edinburgh, ihe Rigt: Hor. Lard Visivat French were eventually dislodged from the Melville, Baron Danisa, (of whom a memor hill which the Spaniards, after a strong resist- will be given in our next number.)


WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South. m. Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly

thenticated, and sent free of Postage, are alwuys thankfully received. Those are more particulurly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements and any kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Fucts relative to eminent or remarkable Characters recently deceased.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. Mr. Joseph Thwaites, 86.-Mr. William M ARRIED., At Elsdon, the Rev. Jobn Addison, 82.- Mr. Robert Wilson, 20. Hewitson, to Miss Potts.

At Linton, Mr. Walter Mather, 58." At Durham, Mr. James Thompson, to Miss At Fieburn Mill, Mr. David Hogarth. Wilburo. -Mr. William Myers, to Miss At Gateshead Fell, Mr. John Oray, 31. Pickersall.-John Armstrong, M. D. to Miss At Alnwick, Nicholas Davidson, esq. 79. Spearman, daughter of Charles S. esq.

At the Ballast Hills, near Newcastle, Mis. At Stockton, Mr. Robert Taylor, to Miss Elizabeth Pattison, 76; and four days altero Elizabeth Dixon.

wards her husband, Mr. Thomas P. 75. At Bishop wearmouth, Mr. Robson, of At Berwick, Mrs. Currie, 75.- Mrs. Houghton le. Spring, to Miss Henry, of Ry- Home:-Mr. John Robertson, 54.–M15. hope Hotel.

Martha Wait, 64--Mr. William Mark, 73 At Newcastle, Mr. Robert Cowells, to Mrs. -Mis. Wright, 45.-Captain Anders Peter. Humble, both of Benwell..

sen, of the Four Sisters, from Norway.-Hrs At Hartburn, Mr. Cuthbert Nicholson, of Yellowly. Barrasford, to Miss Hedley, of Redpath. Ac Newcastle, Mrs. Elizabeth Ellison,

At Chester le street, Mr. John Jopling, aunt to Cuthbert E. esq. of Hetburn Hall, of Acron Close, to Miss Elizabeth Cummings, 78.-Mrs. Elizabeth Halliday, 71.- Miss of Barras Hill House.

Pollock.cMr. Anthony Dobinson, 28.At St. John Stanwick, Mr. Hird, of Dare , Mr. John Hall, 80.--Mr. Thomas Wylan, lington, to Miss Todd, of Aldboroughi, York- of the White Hart Inn, 33. -Mrs. Tadmane shire.

At Bishopwearmouth, Mr. Thomas Duu. At Sunderland, Mr. John Oliver, to Mrs. glas, 66.-Mrs. Robinson, relict of lieutenant Jane Listle.

R. 80. At Bishop Auckland, Mr. Joseph Hines, At Sunderland, Mr. Michael Middleton, attorney, to Miss Welford

72:-Mr. Dowell, 35. Died.] At Durham, Mr. Thomas May. At Foreshield, near Alston, Mrs. Isabelle naid, attorney.--Mrs. Mary Harrison, 93.- Pearson, 90,


Ac Shincliff, near Durbam, Mrs. Nesbitt, At Penrith, Mr. John Whisfield, 57.wife of Mr. Robert N. 37.-Mrs. Elizabeth Ruth, wife of Mr. Edward Allen.-Mr. John Richardson, 66

Smiley, jun. 19.-Mrs. Deborah Wilkinson, At Morpeth, Mrs. Allen, 75. At Hoxlam, Mr. Robere Dickenson. "At Rockliff, Margaret, wife of Mr. George At Barnardcastle, Miss Holroyd.

Graham. At Wolsingham, Mrs. lonn, wife of the Ai Kendal, John Wakefield, esq. banker, Rev. Mr. L.

78. At North Shields, Mr. William Warwick, At Whitehaven, Mrs. Mary Rooke, 40,of the Roebuck Inn.

Mrs. Eleanor Brunton, 84 -Mr. D. Huggin. Killed by a cannon shot from a battery on Mr. Gambles, S5.- Mrs. Piele, 31. the Peninsula of Quiberon, Mr. D, W. Smith, Elizabeth, fourth daughter of Sir Joseph 17, signal midsbipman of his Majesty's Senhouse, 15.-Mrs. Steel, wife of James S. slip Spartan, and 'oniy son of D. W. esq. 56. Smith, esq. of Alnwick. The death of any At Maryport, Mrs. Sarah Thompson good young person is a public lass; but the Mr. Ayley Brown, 67.-Jane, wife of Mr. death of this gallant midshipman is and must Daniel Bell.--Mr. James Clarke. be a loss to his country, as he would have In the Isle of Man, Nelson Scott, M.D. been an ornament to it had he lived. Though : At Douglas, Arthur French, esq. but 17, he had been at Madeira, St. Helena, At Caldei bridge, Mr. Joseph Taylor, fora South America, at all the West India Islands, merly master of a vessel belonging 10 White and particularly at the taking of Martinique, haven, 81.-Mrs. Esther Bragg, 67. . where he had his arm broken. He was a At Bridekirk, Mrs. Thompson." goud classical scholar, was well grounded in At Workington, Mrs. Baxter, widow ok the mathematics, and had made great pro- the Rev. Mr. B, of Arlecton.--Mr. Charles ficiency in the languages of the continent. Rigby, son of Mr. R. parish-clerk, To sum up all with a good and brave heart, At Standingstone, Mr. Evan Clarke, bro. he had made himself so complete a master of ther to the late Rev. Wilfred C. vicar of his profession, as to bave been long selected Wigton, a gentleman of some poetical abilia as a signal midshipman.

ty, 73. CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. Ac Flimby, Mr John Dow, 57.- Mr. Sa.

We announce with much satisfaction that muel Graves. on the 22nd of June, was published, at Ken- At Bannast Hill, Caldbeck, Mr. John Old, dul, the first number of a weekly newspa. ham, 46. per, intituled " The Westmoreland Adver. At Barton New House, Westmoreland, Ciser and Kendal Chronicle,” We under Mrs. Eleanor Lancaster, relict of Mr. Samuel stand the propriecors intend that it shall L. 83. be conducted on the broad basis of indepen. At Birkmoss, Mrs. Escher Bragg, 67. dence, without regard to political parties; At Grimes-hill, near Kirkby Lonsdale, and they promise a constant attention to Mrs. Moore, wife of Mr. William M. esq. local improvements, and to all subjects of a and daughter of the late William Palmer, lucal nature, which may tend to throw light esq. of Whitehaven, 50. on the state of this and the neighbouring At Riscon Hall, near Kendal, Mr. Tho, eounties. It has long been a subject of won. mas Strickland. der and regret, that the county of West At Eaglesfield, parish of Brigham, Mrs. moreland should not produce a single news. Mary Whinney, widow, in her 96th year; paper, though Kendal, so early as the time the oldest female in the parish. Only two of Camden, was a very populous and respect, years last harvest, she followed the reapers able town.

one day, and bound up thirty stooks of corn. "Married.) At Workington, Mr. Thomas

YORKSHIRE. Kendal, master of the Integrity, to Miss June 4.-The foundation-stone of the intend. Dixon. --The Rev. Anthony Dalzell, to Miss ed bridge over the river Foss, in Walmgate, Ru.sell, daughrer of Matthew Russell, esq. York, was laid by the Right Hon. Lawrence Ms. G. J. Edwards, to Mre. Banks.

Dundas, Lord Mayor of the city, in the pro• At Bowness, near Kendall, John Wilson, sence of the committee for the Ouse and esq. of Elleray, to Miss Perry, of Amble. Foss bridges, and a vast concourse of specta

tors. The following inscription, engraved At Penuith, Mr. Edward Mouncey, to Miss on a brass plate, was let into the stone: Watkins, daughter of Mr. Christopher W... The first stone of this Bridge was laid by Mr. William Jackson, co Miag Anna Birt. the Right Hon. Lawrence Dundas, Lord May.

At Moresby, Mr. Thomas Fraron, of or, on the 4th of June, MDCCCXI, in the Whicehaven, to fliss El zaboch Hall,

51st year of the Reign of George the Third, Died ] At Carlisie, Mr. John Routledge, and on the day on which his Majesty com 50.--Mrs. Jane M.Cluer, 65.-Mrs. Hod- pleted the 73d year of his age. Peter Atkin. fon, relict of Mr. George H.--Mrs. Sarah son, Architect. Hodgson, 77.-Miss Mary Fleaning, 21: As the workmen at Fossbridge, in Yorl: Mrs. Jane Graham, a maiden lady, 60. were removing the rubbish undes the

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