Sidor som bilder


seven o'clock, a train of waggons, laden with The storm of May 27th, extended to this coals, &c. proceeded from the latter place, county, where also it was productive of the along the tram-road, and, being joined by most lamentable consequences. It come others irom Leckhampton Hill, containing menced about three o'clock in the afternoon, different kinds of building stone, their arrival and continued with little intermission till at Cheltenham was welcomed by the ringing past eight. At Checkley Common, Little of bells, and the acclamations of a numerous hope, Fownhope, and Mordiford, the light assemblage of persons at the wharf, near the ning was so vivid that the atmosphere ap- turnpike. An elegant dinner was served up peared in a blaze; and the falling solid tor at the George Hotel. The evening passed rent, collecting above Mordiford, and rushing with the greatest onanimity and cordiality, with terrific roar down the hills and slopes, every one appearing highly gratified by the huried every thing which oppo ed its fury to completion of a measure of such importance the grounds below; lofty trees, hedges, stones, to the town of Cheltenham, and the county &c. Mr. Husband, miller, at Mordiford, had at large. his barn, in which was a eider mill, pig's cot, On the suggestion of that ingenious and &c. entirely swept away, leaving not a ves. able physician, the late Dr. BEDDORS, three tige of even the foundation; and the runner baths were a few years since erected at the of the cider-mill, weighing several hundred Upper Hotwell, Clifton, which not only vie weight, was carried to a considerable distance, with any in the kingdom, in point of conThe corn mill was not injured. Mr. Husband venience, but are so constructed as to insure and a young woman, in endeavouring to save the advantages resulting from the peculiar some pigs, were, by the rapidity of the current, purity of the water, as either bath is instantly carried away, and drowned. A poor woman, filled for the sole use of each individual. by : and an infant daughter, inhabiting a coltage means of a steam engine, which raises the close to the brook which crosses the road, water from an immense depth, and conveys were both swept off with the house, and aiso it into each bath directly from the spring, perished. The water in the brook opposite the redundance of which is such, that water. the Moon public house was above eight feet works are now establishing for the two-told high, and three feet in the parlour. At Lit. purpose, of conveying this water even into tlehope considerable injury was sustained by the most elevated parts of Clifton, and of the water sweeping away the whole surface of forming a capacious reservoir, as a security four acres of hop-ground, trees, hedges, &c. against fire ; thus obviating the objection io Mr. Hadley, .canner, at Fownhope, sutiered the purchase of water in casks, as a moda severely; the water rushing from the woody equally scanty, disgusting, and precaricus, hill above, across the road to the tan-yard, and at the same time removing the apprehen. carrier off a vast quantity of hides from the signs of those who have been deterred by the pits, with the bark from the vats, &c. At dread of fire, from fixing their residence in Tarrington, the effects of the storm were that beautiful village. tremendous; the torrent from the hills rolling Married. ] Mr. John Foxwell, of Wottondown with irresistible force, precipitated under-Edge, to Miss B. Jones, youngest every thing in its way to the grounds below daughter of John J. esq. of Hill, near Berkethe road, where it formed a vast sheet of wa. ley. ter, and sheep and cattle were carried over At Newent, Mr. William Taylor, 82, to the hedges.

Mrs: Mary Hayward, 79. Married.) At Lugwardine, Mr. J. Aston, Died.) At Tewkesbury, Susannah Rickerts, attorney, to Miss Wootton, of Lug Bridge. 88, a pauper, in the House of Industry, bav.

At Ross, Mr. William Fisher, to Miss ing existed ten weeks without eating any kind Wear, both of Goodrich.

of food, the only nutriment she received cus Died. At Checkley, R. Watkins, a fine ring that period being a few spoonfuls of beer boy, 19 years old, son of Mr. W. of that each day. Her disease was of an apoplectic place, who is supposed to have lost his life nature.--Mr. Benjamin Yeates. hy having picked and caten sume poisonous At Charlton King's, near Cheltenham, herh.

Dame Dorothy Mill, 71, widow of Sir Ri. At Leominster, Mrs. Dorothy Woodhouse, chard Mill, of Mottisfont, in the county of relict of Mr. w.late of Byton, 83.

Southampton, bart. sometime representative At Cawborough, John Giammond, esq. in Parliament for that county, and colonel of MONMOUTH.

its provincial regiment. She was the only daugh. Married.] At Llanwern, Thomas Bates ter of Richard Warren, of the Red Cliffe, in Rous, esq. of Courtyrala, Glamorgan, to Char- the county of Somerset, esq. and of his wife, lo:te, second daughter of Sir Robert Salus. Henrietia, a co-heiress of Charles Vate, of bury, bart, of Llanwern.

Coldthrop, esq. by Elizabeth, daughter, and GLOUCESTERSIIIR E.

finally sole heiress, of Colonel Richard Yate, June 11th. The works having been com- the loyalist, of Arlingham Court, both in plated on the preceding day, the rail-road this county. By the decease, without issue, from Gloucester to Cheltenhani was opened of the intermediate branches, her ladyship (wc the carriage of bcavy goods. Sugn after became representaciye of the elder branch of


che very ancient house of yate. Of her cha. frequently great and painful; but bis genuine sacter, it is difficult to speak in adequate terms principles of scntiment and action, both of a of praise ; but her prayers and her alios have, religious and civil nature, remained unshaken we doubt not, gone up to the throne of grace, and uncorrupted; and he retired from the and are there recorded as a memorial of her ultimate close of his prospects, in consequence devotion and charity, Iler estates at Arling- of events mostly of a national description, hami, are conveyed to trustees, for the bene- and independent of his controul, in the full hit of her only daughter, now in Sicily, wife maintenance of hereditary integrity. Not. of the Chevalier Ferdinand Raibaud Della withstanding his varied and active occu. Cainca, of a noble Italian family,

pations, he had read much; his library, At Cain's Cross, near Stroud, Mr. John though small, was select and valuable, and Saunders, attorney.

his conversation and anecdotes, from so many At Kemerton, Miss Mumford.

diferent sources, enlivened with great conAc Cheltenham, P. Evans, esq. of Aber- stitutional chearfulness, were intelligent and gavenny.

agreeable. His talents and general accom. · At Stroud, Mrs. Newman, wife of Mr. N. plishments, as well of an useful as ornamen. attorncy.

tal nature, were otherwise of no common At Cirencester, Mr. Pierce, druggist. rank; and during a subsequent seclusion of

At his residence at Painswick, of an apo. above twenty years, he devoted his principal plectic seizure, followed by two weeks illness, attention, next to the care of his childreas' deeply and deservedly lamented by his fa- education, to medical bowny and chemistry, mily and extensive acquaintance, Mr. Daniel in which his acquisitions were ireely rendered Roberts, aged 57. This gentleman was the subservient to philanthropic and patriocic son of Mr. John Roberts of Bristol, after- feelings, and though his native liberality was wards of London, by Amelia, second survi. often subjected to imposition, it wa; nerer ving daughter of Mr. Thomas Diniel, boch precluded from exertion by preceding inmicrcliants of superior estiniation and charac stances of iontitude or deceit. His integrity ter; the second possessing an extensive in. has been already adverted to, and his turn of fluence in the former city, where the subject mind was peculiarly independent; but in his of this notice was born, on the 12h Decein high sense of religion, berevolence, and suber, 1753. He was the fourth in lineal de. perior energies of domestic attachment, bis scent from John Roberts, an eminent persona more familiar traits of character were predo. age in the early history of the people called minantly conspicuous, his extended and active, Quakers ; and the tenth from Hugh Tyndale, but unassuming and private, benetactions may of Hunts Court, in Nibley, esq. father of the long be feelingly remembered by the objects celebrated apostle of the English reformi- of their exertiun, and his unitorm anxiety and tion ; these ancestors he was often accustomed ellorts for the improvement and happiness of 10 contemplate with pleasure, in common his family, ever anticipared and sapercedwith several others of considerable religious the cold suggestions of sordid policy. In this and scientific merit. His family connexions interesting particular, it would indeed be early devoted him to commercial pursuits, difficult to render an adequate justice to his and, while yet in his minority, he sustained desert and kindness, and, amid the absence or 2 principal share in the superintendance of diminution of every other excellence, thiese one of the most extensive establishments of alone would have afforded a private source of its kind in Europe. Al difierent periods of reviow and acknowledgment, aitectionate ** the American sevolution and independence, eternal. His theological sentiments were he thrice visited that continent; the first comprehensive and sublime, and the latter time in the spring of 1774, on professional part of his lile was assiduously employed ia the engagements, connected with the preceding. dissemination of principles calculated to proHere his numerous and respectable introduce mote the welfare of mankind. He marrid tions, supported by his personal meriis and in 1778, Arn, youngest daughter of Mr. ja. conciliating manners, acquired him the esteem. nah Thompson, of Nether Compton, Dorsetof numerous individuais, in different spheres shire, a gentleman o honourable extraction, of life, amongst whom were General Wish- and distinguished for eminent moral qualities, ington, Dr. Franklin, and other listinguished and general acquisition In exterior appeurcharacters of each party; while his address ance, Mr. Roberts exceeded the middle herghos in the management of a very arduous confi. he was remarkable for great corporeal, as well dence, and his abilities as a merchant, were as rental activity, and in point of 0.

61 acknowledged, by competent judges, to have aymmetry, agility, and clegance, be * been in many respects unrivalled. On a equalled by very few examçles, in the earlies similar cccasion he was also absent in Aus. past, of late. The delicacy and propriety of trian Flanders. In one of his transatlantic bis external habits were exemplary and cus. excursions, he explored, with much taste and spicuous. His eye was singularly expressive gratification, the magnificent scenery of the and brilliant, and his countenance, but for a 3.orthern provinces. The vicissitudes, and severe attack of the natural small yox iD Indisappointments which he experienced in some fancv, which however seems to have imprevod si shie former and following occuence, were the original excellente of big constitutiga,


their loss.

would have been similarly distinguished. He At Weldon, Mr. C, Chambers, to Mist expired in the midst of his a Micled family, to Gilby. whom his tranquil conclusion and expressions A t Braunston, Mr. John Boyes, to Mise of confidence and comfort in the Christian Eliz, Hall. faith and redemption, wich a full assurance At Grafton, Mr. Wm. Braines, to Miss of future happiness, have additionally con. Sarah Braines, of Hanningten. tributed every consulation compatible with Died.] At Newnham, Mrs. Mary Baldo


Ac Banbury lane, near Gayton, Mr. Tho. Married.] At Oxford, Mr. James Weller, mas Co:kerill. of Bampton, to Miss A. Kears, of Witney. At Preston, Mr. Wm. Marriott, 75.

Mr. Charles Adams, to Miss Sarah Roads, At Wellingborough, Mrs. Restling, sister second daughter of the late Mr. R.

to the late Alderman Woolley, of Northampa At Great Hasely, Mr. Betridge, to Miss' ton, 88. Ann Lemington.

At East Hadion, Mr. Thomas White, 6t. At Banbury, Mr. Daniel Kench, to Mrs. At Little Harrowden, Mr. Wm. Hough. Hobday.

ton, 62. Died] At Woodstock, Miss Charlotte

HUNTINO DONSHIRE Tounsend. She was walking with two or Married.] At Fenstanton, Mr. John Pearce. three other ladies in Blenheim-gardens, when of Barrington, Cambridgeshire, to Charlotte, an arın of one of the trees was torn off by the eldest daughter of Mr. George Wortham. violence of the wind, and fell on them, and Died.] At Old Hurst, Mr. Butteris, 78. so much injured Miss T. that she died three

ced Mice r that she died three At Kimbolton, within a fortnight of each days afterwards. Her companions were very other, two brothers, James, scholar of Clare much bruised.

Hall, Cambridge, of a rapid decline, aged 19; At Banbury, Mrs. Callow, relict of John and Henry, on the fourth day's illness, of a C. esq. and daughter of the late Rev. Mr. severe attack of a typhus fever, aged 16; Wardle, vicar of the same place. -Miss Mary sons of the Rev. James Pye; deeply lamented Clarke.- Mr. Richard Divis.

by their friends, and respected by all whe At Oxford, Mr. Richard Simmons, 71.- knew them. Mr. Kirry, 71.-- Mrs. Stephens, wife of At Gadmanchester, Mr. Soaring. William S. esq. and daughter of Themis

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Meary, esq. of Southampton.-Mr. Grace. By the account of the population of Cam. Aon, daughter of Mr. Harvey, 29 Ms. bridge, taken agreeably to the directions of Kandall, sen. 84. --Mrs. Hobbs.

the act, it appears that there are 10,292 souis BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

in that town, of whom 4064 are malcs, and Married.] Robert Humphrevs, esq. of Ivy 5088 females. House, near Chippenham, Wilcs, to Essex Married,] At Newcastle, Mr. A. A. Are, Lowndes, third daughter of Wm. Selby, esq. nold, to Miss Holme, daughter of Mír. H. of of Winslow House.

the Star Inn. Mr. Clarke, of Maid's Morton, to Miss Died.) At Thorney Fen, John Hemmont, Tompkins, of Padbury.

esq. one of the deputy-lieutenants for the HERTFORDSHIRI.

Isle of Ely, +2. Married.] At Watford, Mr. Wm. Shel. lo his 624 year, in consequence of an in, don, of Stanton, St. John, Oxfordshire, to jury he received in a fall from bis borse, Mr. Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Peake, of Samuel Staunton, of Leveringten, near Wise the Blue Boar Inn, Oxford,

bech. At Hitchin, Mr. Jutri Moore, to Miss At Newmarket, Mr. John Arnold. He Moore.

was formerly a rider for the Earl of Egre. Died.) At Hoddesdon, Mrs. Varenne, mont, also for several other noblemen and aant of the Rev. Dr. V. of Westley, neup gentlemen, and was allowed to be one of the Newmarker.

first horsemen of his day. He rode Election, At Hitchin, John Crabb, esq.- Elizabeth, the winner of the Derby, in 1307, in a very eldest daughter of the late John Mills, esq. masterly style.--Mr. Lagget, of the Golden At Rook house, Mrs. Lardei.

Liou Inn.

At Cambridge, Mr. J. Whitehead, of the Murriedl At Biggleswade, Mr. Joseph Biack Bear Inn, 75.--Mr. War. Porter, 54. Meen, to Mrs. Eliza West.

Mr. Nachan Bennett. Died.) At Northill, the Rev. John Mark. ' At Ely, Mr. F. T.Hardymana ham, rector of that parish.

NORFOLK. At Kempston, Robert Denis, esq. 60. . The popularion of Norwich is $7,026. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

being 3025 less than in 1786; the females Married.] Ai Rus iden, Mr. Samuel Jlopexceed the males by neariy 600. kins, aged 33, to Mrs. Dorothy Corby, 74. The committee of visiting justices ap.

At Long Buckby, Mr. Johnson, to Aliss pointed to erecta lunatic asylum in this Eleanor Burdett.

county, have ajjudged the first premium of MONTHLY MAG. No. 214.


To guineas for the best plan delivered to thein of the late Rer. Peter Moon, prebeadary of for such asylum to Mr. Wm. Browne, of Lincoln Cathedral. Ipowich, for plans and elevations, and the At East Dereham, Anna Margaret, second second premium of 30 guineas to Messrs. daughter of the late Colonel Dickens.- 1a. Good and Lochner, of Hatton Garden), Lon. Whistler. дол.

At Wells, Wm. Branch Elliot, esq. 59. Married.) At Banham, .Mr. John Marti Ai Pulham, St. Mary Mr. Peter Pall, 93. neau, jun. to Miss Taylor, eldest daughter of At Downham Market, Mrs. Mary Hurdle. S. Taylor, esq. of Banham Haugh.

stone. At Yarmouch, Capt. Alexander Nesbitt, At Rockland, Mr. John Howard, farmer. R.N. to Maria, daughter of Wm. Fisher, esq. In his house were found 1300 guineas and receiver general for this county.

801. in silver. At Norwich, Jonathan Backhouse, esq. of At Seham, the Rev. P. Scott, 69. Darlington, banker, to Miss Hannah Chap At Southery, Mrs. Martin, wife of Mr. man Gurney, eldest daughter of Joseph G. Robert M. 48. esq. banker.—The Rev. Benjamin Barker, of At Hoe, Mrs. Cobb, 74. Caston, to Katherine, eldest daughter o W. Ac West Harling, Mr. Alexander Nichol. C. Pillans, esq.-Mr. James English, to Mrs. son, 61. Mary Baker.

Ai Kettlestone, Martin Deonis, esą. At Swaffham, H. F. Day, esq. to Mary, At Spiowston Hall, G. B. Weston, esq. only daughter of John Dugmore, esq.

SUFFOLK. Henry Douglas, esq. son of Admiral D. to Writs of Enquiry from the Board of ExMise Crabtree, youngest daughter of Mr. C. cise have been lately executed before a reof Wiston.

spectable jury at Bury, for deficiencies in the At Cromer, Mr. Jolin Palmer, of Upwell, malt daties, when verdicts were given against in the Isle of Ely, attorney, to Mrs. Gaches. 14 defaulters to the amount of 99,9061.7 s.

George Evans, jun. esg. of Southwark, to 10d.; of which 12,3141, were against the Sarah, second daughter of R. Parmeter, esq. effects of an opulent person iately deceases, of Burgh Hall, Ayasham.

and 4,9161. 10s. against the ettects under T. Burleigh, esq. of London, to Georgi- recent bankruptcy. Nipe others, whose ana, eldest daughter of Capt. Munnings, of joint fines amounted to 11,6161. 11. 93. and Thorpe Cottage.

three whose deficiencies amounted to 1099.. The Rev. Mr. Churchill, of Erpingham, to 155. 10d. ; agreed to compromise, if not subMrs. Chapman, of Ayisham.

mitted to a jury; which was accepied. The Rev. Mr. Blake, of Swanton Abbotts, Such atrocious instances of misconduct and to Miss Lubbock, daughter of R. L. esq. of wiitul corruption on the part of some of the Laminas.

district excise-otlicers have rarely becs Died.] At Brooke, Jane, , wife of Edward brought to light. The revenue has been Tompson, esq. and only daughter of J. Wido defrauded in Suffolk alone, it is calçalated kinson, esq. of Halesworth, 21.

to the amount of at least 100,000l. annually. At Hingham, Samuel Thorn, esq.

The population of Bury St. Edmuno's is, AC Norwich, Mrs. Mary Monsey, 58. in St. Mary's, 1745 males-2401 females ; Mrs. Ollett, 49.--Mr. John Staff, 56.-Mr. in St James's, 1731 males-2061 females; Wm. Harwin, and his wife Mrs. H. 78.- total of both parishes, 7938. Mrs Storey, 39.-Mr. Holmes.-Emily, the Married.] at Ipswich, Mr. Obadiah infant daughter of Robert Gooch, esq. of Marsh, tu Miss Elizabeth Selby. Croydon, Surry. Mr. W. Winner, 28.-Mr. Ac Lidgate, Mr. James Pawsey, to M. James Fuller, 51 years clerk of the parish of Dunthorne, only daughter of Mr. D, surgeon. St. Simon and Jude, 85 - Mr. L. Cooper, son Mr. W. Balls, of Framsden, to Miss Gall, of Thomas C. esq. of Maidstone, 25.-Ri- eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel G. of Bran. chard Mellord, esq. of Bach, 72. --Mr. Isaac diston, and Mr. Mark Pettet, to bis second Brooks, 40,

daughter, Mas E. (jall. At Harleston, Mrs. Ayton, relict of John Mr. Wynne, of Framlington, to Miss Jane A. esq. 85.

Metcalf, of Hadleigh. At Blickliog, Mr. Wm. Bell, 58.

At Bury, the Rev. A. Wheelwright, to At Wilby, Mrs. Palmer.

Anna, second daughter of George Hubbard, At Hockwood Wilton, Mr. Howland Roc esq. and niece o: the Bishop of Lincoln. berts, surgeon, 48.

Samuel Brant, csq. jun. of Rotherhithe, At Lynn, Mr. W. Ravenshaw, 48 - Mrs. to Anne, second daughter of Stepben Virtue, Brickwood, 72.--In consequence of her esq. of Knoudishail. clothes being accidentally set on fire by a Mr. J. E. Henchman, surgeon, of Halcs. candle, Mrs. Williams, wite of Mr. W. of the worth, to Amelia, second daughter of the Duke's Head Inn, 40.

late Henry Alexander, esq. of Becc!cs. At Yarmouth, Mrs. Ramey, relict of J. R. Lieutenant Wythe, of the Royal Fusileers, esq 85.

son of John W. esq. of Eye, to Miss Fowl, At Trowse, near Norwich, Jane, daughter daughter of Mr. F. of Woodbridge.

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Died.) At Worlington House, Mrs. Coo

ESSEX per, wife of Frederic Grey C. esq. second Married.) John Dalton, esq. of Swaffham, daughter of the late Sir Joha Honeywood, Norfolk, to Charlotte, only daughter of the bart. 27.

late William Heath, esq. of Stanstead. At Easton, Mr. Aaron Crisp, 28.

Jonathan Bullock, jun. esq. of Faulk-
Ac Thornham Parva, Hannah, wife of Mr. bourne-hall, to the eldest daughter of the

Rev. A. Downes, of Witham
At Market Weston, Mr. J Flatman, 28. William Vaughan Wallis, esq. captain in
At Great Glemham, Mr. Brown,

the ich dragoon guards, to Louisa Elizabeth
Ac Stunham Aspal, Mrs. Elizabeth Slade. Strathmore, only daughter of the late Rev.
At Little Blakenham, Mr. G. Groom, 91. W. Macklin, of Great Chesterford.
At Stow market, Mr. Samuel Spink, 73. At Thorpe, T. Burleigh, esq. to Miss

Ac Rickinghall Superior, Mr. Francis Ro. Munnings, eldest daughter of Gcorge M. esq. per, 61.

of Thorpe Cottage. Ac Walsham le Willows, Mrs. Catchpole, Died.) At Newport, Maria, second daugh, 69.

ter of the Rev. Edward Bryant. Ac Gazely, Mrs. Wilson, 36.

At Barking, Mr. Richard Parker, formerly At Ipswich, Frederic Cornwallis, esq. one a sugar rehner, of Wellclose square, London, of the portmon of that borough, and late 82. lieutenant-colonel of the 331. foot, 57. At Kelvedon, Mrs. Brightwen, relict of Mr. John Howard, of the White Swan Inn, Mr. Isaac B. of Diss, 74.-In his 71st year John Clubbe, M.D. In his 8!th year, the Rev. John Houghwhose medical acquirements had deserycolyton, B.A. vicar of White Colne, and 53 years obtained for hiin che highest esteem of the master of the grammar school at Halstead. public, and his moral' and social character A c Great Bardfield, Mrs. Ely, wire of Mr. the affection of a large circle of acquaint. Thomas E. ance. --Mr. Thomas Beart, formerly an ata. At Rayleigh, Mrs. Greatrex, of the Crown torney.-Leonard, eldest son of brigade. Inn. major Potter, serving with the army in Pore At Layer Breton Parsonage, the Rev. Ju. tugal,

lius Hutchinson, vil.
At Bury, Simon Buchanan, esq. 77.--Mr. At Dedham Grove, schn Marratt, esq. 53.
Burroughs. -Mr. Hoy, 65.--Mr. Meacham At Brentwood, Mr. John Fenn, surgeon.
Spencer, 78.-Mr. Mark, of the Green Dra. At Writile, Mrs. Long, widow of Charles
goon Inn, 77.--"Irs. Butcher.-Mr. B. L. esq, of Stisteds.
Grein, one of the capital burgesses. He At Ingatestone, Mr. Charles Shuttleworth,
served the office of alderman in 1000.- 74.
Elizabeth Frances, wife of Orbell Ray Oaker, At Tlaxted, Robert Maitland, esq.
esq. receiver-general of the western division At Woodford Cottage, Captain Matthew
of this county.

Flyn, the oldest captain on the Harwich
At Clare, Mrs. Barnard, relict of the late station, late of his Majesty's packet Lady
Rev. Thomas Barnard, rector of Withers. Frances.
fieid, mother of the Rev. Robert Carey At New Hall, Miss Hales, eldest daughter
Barnard, rector of Withersfield, of the Rev. of the late, and sister to the prescat Sis Ed.
Robert Barnard, rector of Lingthorne, and ward H. bart.
prebend of Winchester, and the Rev. Charles At Chelmsford, Mr. Hodges.-H. Meck-
Drake Barnard, rector of Bigley.

lenburgh, youngest son of Mr. M. 18.
At Criswell, near Mildenhall, Mr. James Ar Hockley, Mrs. Belchan.
Fuller, 101. He had 210 children, grand: At Leigh, Mrs. Fairchild, wife of Mr. F.
children, great grand-children, and great great of the Ship Ina.

At Haverrill, Mr. John Aldridge.
At Woodbridge Barracks, T. C. Mencrieff, At West Tilbury, Lady Gordon, wife of
esq. major of the Berwickshire Militia. the Rev. Sir Adam G. rector of that parish.
At Puslingford, near Clare, Mrs. Brown,

wite of Mr. Thomas B. 44.

Those well known sea-marks, the steeples At Stoke, near Clare, Mrs. Adkin, wife of and spires of Reculver Church, have been r. Edward A 51.

purchased by the Trinity House, and are to At Botesdale, Sarah, wife of P. Due semain ; but the body of the church is to be rieux, esq. of London.

taken down and rebuilt. At Badwell Ash, Mrs. Clarke, wife of Mr. Extraordinary occurrence. As the work. C. farmer, 26.

men were lately digging and removing the At Bildeston, Mr. Joseph Hines, of the cliff, adjoining the half-moon battery at Do. King's llead Ion.

ver, which fell into the Ordnance Yard, on Ar Sutton Hall, Mrs. Waller, wife of the 14th of December' last, and killed the Thomas W. esa

wile, 6ve children, and niece, of Mr. Poule, At Sudhury, Mr. Thomas Parsouson. . (the overseer of the works) they thout

At Thursion, Mrs. Craske, relict of Mr. they heard a noise in the chalk; and sending Robert C. date of Rougham Place, 79. for Ms. Poole, removed three or four large

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