Sidor som bilder

pieces of chalk, when they discovered the John Halbet, late one of the common couga hog-stye, which was excavated in the cliff, cil, 87. and in it, to the astonishment of every one, At Hampton Hill, Herne, Mr. John Tase 2 hog alive, which had leen buried under the bel, 63. ruins for five mone hs and nine days. How At Margate, Mrs. Dixon.-Mr. Robert ever improbable this story may appear, Grant, 47.-Phillis, daughter of Mr. Thomas thousands can testify the truth of it. The Turner. poor animal could have had no other suste. At Charing, ' Me. John Collis, of the nance during his confinement that what he King's Head Ini, 39. de ived from eating the litter of the stye, At Nach Faim, in Ash, Mr. John Culver, and gnawing and rucking the chalk; at the 71. time the accident happened he was supposed Ai Ash, Mr. William Harsh 67. to weigh about eight score, and when dug At Dover, Mr. L. Brun.-Mr. Stephen out, his weight was but little more than forty Bond. pounds. There is scarcely any flesh on any At Canterbur", Mary Teresa, relict of T. part of the body, and the back bone is nearly Hawkins, est. ut Nash Court, in this county, as sharp as a knife : yet notwibstanding this 65.- Mr. Matthew Kirkby, 29. and its confinement, it is very lively and At Charsham, Mr. Thomas Siirimons, 75. likely to do well. The bristles are as white At Sneeth, Mrs. Swinyard, 89. as snow. Numbers of persons have erept At Thannington, Mr. William Noble, 87, into the cavern or stye, the size of which At Wye, alts. Andrews. is about four feet by four, and being in the At (haring, Mrs. Jolinson, 53. solid rock prevented the animal from being At Smaiden, Mrs. Wod, 55. killed when the cliff fell; not a vestige of At Folkstone, Mr. Thomas Bailey, 61.-the liter was remaining. Air of course The istant son of John Scotc, ea captain must have been admitted through the chinks of the Folkstone Artillery Company -Mr. ef broken fragments, and by a great deal of James Tolpuit. slep file was preserved.

At Rochester, Miss E King, 19. The proprietors of the Thames and Med. At St. Thomas's Hill, near Canterbury, way Canal have determined to apply to Par. Saralı, relict of Lieutenani-colonel Charles liament for leave to extend cheir undertaking, Well, 83. by making a canal of about two miles in At Dover, Mr. Alice Stokes length from Snodland to Town Malling, a At Sittingbourn, Mrs. Tracy, wife of Mr. measure, which will not only much enhance T. surgeon. the value of their own concern, but afford At Ramsgate, Mrs. Mayhew, relict of great advantages to a very extensive country. Christopher M. esq.

Married.] At Northfieet, Mr. F. M. Ché. At Goodnestone, Mr. Edward Nash. vers, surgeon of the royal navy, 10 Miss At Bredgar, Mrs. Murton, 38. Anne Tadman, youngest daughter of the At Old Soar Farm, Croiham, Mr. Will:13 la e Lance T. esa of New House, near Norih. Knowles. He was found drowned in a feet.

stream not more than three feet deep, where Philip Button, e'q. captain in the West he had been fishing, and into wbich he is Kent Militia, to Sarali, youngest daughter supposed to have fallen in a fit. of the late William Atkinson, esq. of Lam

SURRY. bern.

Married.] At Bletchingley, the Rev. John At St. Peter's, Thanet, Charles Hoar, esq. Brooke, vicar of Elmstead, Essex, and White solicitor, Maidstone, to Miss Caroline Ed. tlesford, Cambridgeshire, to Maria, eldest wards, of Broadstairs.

daughter of the late Rev. T. Bowen, of Pule Mr. Joseph Hollams, of Margale, to Missham, Norfolk. Mary Witherden, of St. Peier's, Thanet. Ac Ripley, Captain Duncan, to Mrs. John.

At Folkstone, Ar. Jolin Pegden, to Miss son, widow of Lieutenant colonel J. of the S. Eeer.

581 h regiment. At Barming, Thomas Backet, esg. of Barm At Croydon, George Lane, esq. to Mrs. inz Hall, to Miss Miles.

Marsh.--Rev. W. Tyner, rec'or of Upmar. Died.) At Ramsgate, George Louch, esq. den, and vicar of Compton, Sussex, to Miss

At Brompton, Mr. Stuart, master painter Sarah Cotson, of Croydon, Samuel Firth, af Chatham Dock-yard.

esq. of Tooting, to Miss Sadler, daughter of At Bearsted, Mr. Robert Clifford,

the late George Sadler, esq. At West Brook, Mr. Daniel Jenkins, 70. Ar Streatham, John Smich, esq. of Brigh.

At Woolwich Dock-yard, Mrs. Knowles, ton, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James wife of John K. esq.

Brown; of the same place, banker. At Woolwich Cormon, James, son efDica] At Croydon, Robert Chatfield, 24. Dr. Olinibus Gregory, of the Royal Militany a justice of the peace for this county, and Academy

lately pa: naster of seas,en's wages to the At Kochester, Mrs. Brisby, wife of the East India Company, 63. Lean of the cathedrala

At Balham Hill, near Claphan, Mrs. A2Couleury, join lide, cq. 77.--Mr. 'Mary Mubgeridge, 70,


monly presented by the trappings and the Mr. C. Shoubridge, of Withdean, Dear suits of woe;" more than two hundred of his Brighton, had a lamb yeaned that has three friends, including nearly all the principal shoulders, Give legs, and six feet; and this inhabitants of the town, preceded the hearse extraordinary litele animal gambols wicb the beyond the confines of the borough, and there, others of the fock, and is as healthy as the forming a lane through which the body and most perfect amongst them.

relatives slowly passed, paid the last melan. Married.) A: Denton, Mr. M. Marten, of choly tribute of respect to the memory of an Beddinglidm, to Miss H. Harriott

individual, whose loss is regretted by every At Chichester, Jonas Parker, esg, of the rank; and of a senator, who had served his Northampton militia, to Miss Judd, sister to constituents and his country “ faithfully and Captain J. of the Royal Navy.

independently in six parliaments." At Wiversfield, Mr. John Neve, of Hal.

HAMPSHIRE. 'den, Kent, to Miss Tanner.

Married.) At Winchester, C Lyford, esq. Died.] At Rottingdean, Mrs. Ridge, 102. to Miss J L. Marsh, youngest daughter of

At Lewes, Mrs. Heper, wife of J. H. esq. the late Dr. M. of Highworth. -William, son of Mr. Kenward, 20.

At Amport, J. Bishopp, esq. of Weyhill, At Battle, Mrs. Martin, wife of Mr. M. to Rachacl, daughter of the late solicitor.

Percy, esq.
At Brighton, Mr. Northwood.

Ar Southampton, M. de Choiseul, son of
At Eastbourne, Mrs. Mary Lushington, the Count de C. to Miss Sarah Johnson.
relict of the Rev. Dr. L. 78.

Al Fareham, William Gunner, esq. of At Sieyning, Mr. J. Deacon, one of the Bishop's Waltham, to Lucy Matilda, 'fith ldest clerks in the barrack department. daughter of the late Thomas Ridge, esq. of

Ac Shoreham, Mr. Hill, formerly captain Kilmiston. of a packet from Brighton to Dieppe.

At Widley, Captain Curtis, R.N. son of At Arundel, Mrs. Elizabeth Huzer, 96. Admiral Sir Roger C. to Miss Greetham, Her husband was killed at the battle of Cul- daughter of Moses, G. esq. Judge Advocate. loden, in 1746, when serving as a lieutenant The Rev. W. M. Hurlock, to Elizabeth, in the royal army.

second daughter of tbe Rev. F. W. Swanton, AC Lewes, Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. of King's Worthy. Gabriel Egles, 21.-After a long and painful Ac Ryde, Isle of Wight, Thomas Gallwey, illness, Thomas Kemp, esq. one of the repre. esq. to the only daughter of the late Job sentatives of that borough. The conduct of Hoppner, esq. R. A. this gentleman. through the whole of his At Lymington, Mr. Robert Perkins, to private and public lite, renders his death a Miss Braxton, Samuel Page, esy. of Dough. subject of universal regret, Mr. Kemp was ty-street, London, to Mrs, Norris, widow of first returned member for Lewes in 1780, and P. Norris, esq. of Roscomb Cottage, in this with the exception of the last perliament but county. one, had the honour of representing that At Hound Church, D. Gavey, esq. Captain town cver since. His politics were those of in the Royal Veteran battalion, to Miss H. the honest country genileman, free and un- Gibson, daughter of the Rev. J. Gibson, of biassed; not cemented with those of either of Godalming. the leading parties, but generally inclining Died.] At Southampton, Henrietta, second to whiggism; and his name will be found in daughter of the late John Duer, esq. of An. the lists of many of the minorities which un- tigua.-Miss Gordon, niece to Adiniral Fer. successfully opposed the measures of Mr. guson.--Mr. Jones.-Mr, Andrews, sen. Pitt. On the great question of Reform, and Rear-Admiral Alexander Scott. in those divisions of the house of late years, At Winburne, Mis. Ann Newell, wile of which may be considered decisive of the in. Captain N. of the Oxfordshire militia. tegrity or the wisdom of its members, Mr. Ac Portslade, Mis. Borer, wife of Jolin Kemp's vote was always given with the B. esq. friends of the people and the conscitution. At Combe, Christopher Rawlinson, esq. 75. For more than thirty years he kept his ori. Ai Winchester, Mrs. Cook.- Mrs. Gould. ginal pledge, never to accept place or pen. ing. sion; nor can any greater proof be given of At Romsey, Mrs. Mary Pocock, 100 the independence of his political conduct, Mr. Nicholas Dawkins, 92, than the circumstance of his being repeatedly Im Jersey, the Rev. John La Coche, 45 returned as the representative of one of the years rector of Trinity parish. most independent bodies of constituents in the At Herndean, Mıs. Monro, relict «f Lieu. kingdom. His remains were removed from tenant-colonel M. of the Royal Marines, L-wes for interment, to the family vault, in At Newport, Isle of Wight, in the 50th the chancel of Brighton church. The pro- year of his age, the Rev. Sir Henry Worsley session from the house of the deceased was a Holmes, LL.D. bart. who is succeeded in bis spectacle, far more impresive than is com title and estates by his eldest son, Licurenante


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colonel Holmes, of the North Hants militia, At Midghill, Richard Bradford, esą. M.P. for Newport, now Sir Leonard Thomas At Ludwell, Mr. W. Foot, 59. Worsley Holmes, bart.

At West Harnham, Miss E. Sweetapple. At Portsmouth, Mrs. Shovelier, of Titch Ac Salisbury, Mr. Joseph Sandell, 58.feld, wife of Mr. William S. surgeon in the Mrs. Oakley, wife of Mr. Richard O. and covai - navy. Mr. Haskell.-Mr. Morss. daughter of the late Rev. Samuel Stains, of

Captain Alexander M‘Laughlin, 81th re. Winfritb. siment.-Dir. Cannon, second clerk in the At Crickiade, the Rev. William Wavell, eagier-shipwright's office in this dock.yard.. the much-lamenced clergyman of that parish, Mr. Blissett, schoolinaster.

and eldest son of Dr. W. an eminent physiAt Rumsey, Mrs. Busigny, widow of the cian of Barnstaple, Devon. Iate Captain B. of the royal marines, who ios At Warminster, Miss Annabella Lucas. bia tireo board the Texieraire in the action At Bradlord, Mr. Peòlar, oti Trafalgar, under Lord Nelson.

A: Manningford Bruce, Mıs. Wells, wife In Jersey, Mrs. Le Bretton, wife of Tho. of the Rev. Dr. W. mas Le B. 654. attorney-general of that At Bulford Farm, near Amesbury, Mr. island.

Devenish, Ae Portsmouth, Mr. Charier, many years

BERKSHIRE. French muster at the Roval Naval Academy,

Married.) E. Whitaker, esg. of Bampton in the Dock yard. -Mr. Dav. Miall, brother Oxfordshire, to Miss Humfrey, of Holt House, Fobe Rev. Daniel M. 60.--Mrs. Paine, 9. Dear Workingham. Dr. Thomas Meik, who had been physician

Died.] At Windsor, on his way from Bris. to the garrison 39 years.--Mr. Joseph Palm

tol Hot-Wells to Eysom, Valentine Grime er, 82 -Mr. Adams, purser in the royal stead, esg. of the sd legissent of foot guards. navy Mr. Page.

At Waltham Piace, Mrs. Giant, wile or At Alresford, Miss Mary Jones, 11.

Charles G. esq. At Woodside, Lymington, Mr. George At Readiny, Mrs. Zinzan, relict of Peder Pardey.

Z. M.D. At Thorley, Isle of Wight, Benjalnın At Bracknell, Emerick Vidal, ese. many Leigh, esq. the oldest member of the cor years secretary to Admirals Duti, Ross, and roration of Yarmouth.

Kingsm:ll. At Odiham, Martha, youngest daughter of * the late John Payre, esq. of Barbadues.

SOMERSET SIIR E. As Yarnouth, Isle of Wight, Robert The following is an account of the poru'sBowden, eldest son of Robert Smith, esq. of tion of part of the city of Bath, agreeable to Liokenburst, New Forest.

the late census. The numbers of the ex:en. at Winchester, Mr. Crabb, 42.

sive and populous parish of Walcot are not At Southampton, William Henry, son of yet ascertained. It should be remarket, that the Rev. Nathaniel Fletcher, rector of Don- in 1801, the numbers were taken in te las head St. Andrew, Wilts.

ter end of March, when, it may be prestmed, Walter Borrowes, esq. of Ryde, Isle of the proportion of visilor's das coas derably Wight, 46.

greater than at this late period of ihe sea:r, WILTSHIRE,


1801. | 1811 Married.) At Titherton, near Chippenham, Thomas Eosworth, csq. of Landon, to Marys Paser ant pas Males - 1018 1179

Mary S. Peter and Peter's Susannah, second daughter of T. Cook, esą.

Females 1414 1583 Henry Simonds, esq. second son of Williams

St. James's ...?

Males • 2051 | 2197 Blackall, S. esq. receiver general for Berk . James's - - ? Females 0897 | 54:36 shire, to Miss Goodman, daughter of J. G. St Michelle

Juu. St. Michael's ...

Males · 1580 1953 esq. of Oare, in this county.

2 Females 2103 1003 Ai Westbury, W. D. Brice, esq. of Clifton, Lyncombe and Wid. S Males. 1231 1993 to Miss Lewis, daughier of the late J. L. esq. combe - · · · | Females 15509118 of Bridgnorth.

Bathwick . . . $ Males. 1048 1904 At Devizes, the Rev. Thomas Butler, to

Females 1672 1903 Niss Eldridge, of Old Park.

Males. 6820 x 3 At Corsham, Mr. W. Bodman, of Benacre, to Miss Thompson, of Thingley Farm

Married.] At Bach, the Rev. H. Bierson, As Salisbury, Mir, T. Staples, to Miss' fellow of New College, Oxford, and heade Thresher.

master of Bedford School, to Miss Elizabeth Died.) At Rowd, near Devizes, Frances, Humphries, of Landsdown Crescent. relict of Walter Post, esq. 83.

At Bristol, Mr. Richard Poole, solicitor, At Atford, Mr. G. Webb, sen.

to Miss Davis, eldest daughter of Henry D. • At Devizes, Mr. Dutlett, surgeon.

esg. At Alburne, Mrs. Ashley, relict of Mr. Francis Poole, esg. of Cullumpton, Devon, A. attorney.

to Mis, Dailey, of North Perherton. At Mere, Robert Still, esq. a captain in The Rev. Wilbraham Ford, rector of South we Wilts Local Militia, 57,

Cai ney and Risington Parva, Gloucestershire,

Walcot • • • • } Femal.10,7301

to Jemima, third daughter of the late George well, sirty feet deep, when she fell in; im. Rooke, esq.

mediate assistance was procured, but she sure Died. At Arno's Vale, near Bristol, Phin vived only four hours." lip Juha Worseley, esq.

At Barnstaple, Miss Catherine Stevens, At Clifton, Mrs. El win, wife of W. B. E., Ac Tiverton, Mr. John Tucker, late pure esq. recorder of Deal,-The Rev. E. Haring. ser of his Majesty's ship Clyde, 3). ton, son of the late Sir Edward H.

At Stoke, Mr. Joseph Greenway, formerly At Frome, Frances, wife of the Rev. Ed. of Exeter, of which city he was chief maward Edgell, of West Alvington, near Kings. gistrate in 1801. bridge, Devon, and youngest daughter of the At Plympton, Miss Loftin, daughter of late James Wickham, esq. of Frome. the late --- L. esq. of Marlow, Bucks.

At Little Keyford, near Frome, Benjamin --Truly regretted by her family, and Bayley, esq.

friends, Mrs. Katharine Kite, the amiable At Wedinore, Mrs. Glanville, wife of Mr. and respectable wite of Mr. William AlG. surgeon, 27.

len K. gentleman, of the said place, and At Rether Scowey, Samuel, son of the late daughter of the late Rev. Samuel North, Rev. S. Kebby. 65.''

rector of Muston, county of Leicester. At Bristol, Dr. J. Alexander, 62.-Tho.

CORNWALL. nas Blair, esg. surgeon in the Royal Navy. Married.) At Madron, the Rev. Thomas -Mr. W. Ames. --Mr. Joseph Lansdowne, Robyns, to Miss Hichins, youngest daughiep bookseller.

of Richard H. esq. of Penzince, Capt. Pene At Bath, Mrs. Sheldon, 78.-Mr. John nyment, of Whitehaven, to Miss Mary Moss, son of the late Rev. Canon M. of Bowen, of Penzance. Wells Cathedral, and great nephew of the Ac Perranzabuto, Henry Stevens, esq. royal late Bishop of Bath and Wells. - Miss V. military draftsman, to Miss Gill, niece of Casaux.

John Thomas, esq. of Chiverton, vice-wardea DORSET.

of the Stanneries . Married.] William Swyer, ésq. of Shaftes Ac Falmouth, Capt. Servis, to Miss Paddy. bury, to Miss Cole, of Marnhull.

- Capt. Skelton, of the transport service, to T. H. Bastard, esqof Charlton Marshall, Mrs. Lander.-Mr. Thomas Paull, of the to Miss Muston, only child of Mr. Robert M. Lady Arabella packet, to Miss Surah Lightof Blandford.

fout. Died 1 At Brownsea Castle, the Hon. Mrs. At Tregony, Israc Shaw, esq. of London, Butler Danvers, in the bloom of life; she had to Susan, second doughter of Wm. Hainblys just been delivered of a son. Mrs. D. was esq. late or Falmouch. che daughter of the late Humphry Sturt, esq. At Penzance, Mr. Parkins, surgeon of the and ler external accomplishments, elegant Royal Navy, to liss Mary Johns. as they were, constituted but a small part of Ac Llanteylos, Mr. Richard Waits, to Miss those perfections for which she was so justly Elizabeth Carpenter, youngest sister of and deservedly celebrated. Mr. Butler Dato Charles C. esq. vers is serving in Portugal.

Died ] At Madron, near Penzance, Mr. Ac Henbury, the Righe Hon. the Countes3 Adam. of Stafford, widow of the late earl, and since At Penzance, Mrs. Bellman. of Horace Churchill, esq.

At Penrice House, Rear-admiral Graves. At Blandford, Mrs. Sarah Fitzherbert, At Liskeard, Mr. Knight, one of the core daughter of the late Thomas F. esq.

poration of that borough.- Mrs. Moon, relict At Spilsbury, Louisa Georgiana, eldest of Mr, Theophilus M. -Mr. John Penwarne. daughter of John Talbot, esq. and niece to

-Mr. Charles Michell. the Earl of Shrewsbury. "

At St. Austell, Mrs. Catherine Nankivell; · At Lyme, Mrs. Monkton, wife of Captain 68; and a few days afterwards, her husband, M. of the Royal Navy, 50.

Mr. Wm. N. 78. - Mr. John Arthur, 24. At Poole, Mrs. Humfrey, relict of W. H.


The first stone of a spacious building has DEVONSHIRE. '

been laid in Swansea, as a school for the ine A plan for rendering Piymouth Sound ca- struction of poor femile children on the Lane pable of receiving thir: y sail of the line, is castrian system. Several of the fair patroAuw carrying into execution with every pro- nesses, accompanied by the children now edu. bability of complete success.

cacing, (upwards of seventy in number) Murried.) At Plymouth, Mr. James Rudd, accended on the occasion, and the ceremony of Yealmpton, to Miss A. Saunders.

was interesting and A school for Died] At Plymouth, Mrs. Rodd, 81.-- the education of boys has long since been Mrs. Sinith.-Mrs. Frances Harding, 57, erected, and, when the new euifice is com. Mrs. Congdon, wife of Mr. C. princer and plete), there will be suficient roon to acpubiisher o. tue Paynouth-Dock Paper. commodate shout six hundred children of burb

At Exeter, Thomas starter, exq. 4) sexca Mrs. Aon Reed, wite or Mr. Viliam R. Married.] A: Chrox Church, Radnorshire, She was drawing a bucket or water from and by the Asri dr. Vel , William L.w.11,


esq. of Little Haven, Pembrokeshire, to shire, to the line of the Paisley and Aa.
Hannah, daughter of James Beavan, esq. of drossan canal.

Died.) At Doff House, Banfishire, the At Flint, Alexander Lowe Kaye, esq. to Rigbe Honourable Alexander, Earl et File, Miss Shackfield, only daughter of Edward &c. he was only confined for a few days: te S. esq.

is succeeded in his titles and estates by the Died.] At Bryn Hafod, near Landilo, gallant Viscount Macduff, who is now is Mrs. Symes, wife of — S esq.

Spain. At Ruthin, Mrs. Meyrick, relict of the At Middleton, in the parish of Lochsia. Rev. Mr. M. rector of Trawsfynydel, Meri noch, James Campbell, esq. By the cost anethshire.

unwearied industry, and the most sordid NORTH BRITAIN.

habits, he had in the course of a long life, A survey is really completed of an iron raised himself from the humble station of a railway from Sarquber to Dumfries; and it ditcher, to the possession of opwards e is in agitation to continue it from Dumfries 20,0001. which, at his death, devolved upon to Carlisle on the one hand, and from San- about twenty poor persons, very distantly requhar through the populous parts of Ayr- lated to him.

MONTHLY COMMERCIAL REPORT. BRITISH TRADE AND MANUFACTURES, - Since our last Report, the manufactories w have revived in a great degree, chiefly owing to large orders for all kinds of woollen, linen, and cotton, goods, having arrived here for the markets of Portugal and of South Ame. rica. The goods of Birmingham and Sheffield are also in great demand at these markets. Credit and confidence, we are happy to say, revives, and the towns of Manchester, Notting. ham, &c &c. feel vast benefit from the happy change that has taken place.

The West-India Islands are now in want of all kinds of British manufactured goods, as the stock in hand in these islands has been purchased up with avidity for the Spanish settlemen's. Irish linen, sheeting, &c. &c. render a full profit of 20 per cent. more than the usual profil attached to such speculations ; in fine, in spite of all Bonaparte's edicts and restrictions, the commerce of our country flourishes. .

WEST INDIES ---Here the markets want every kind of British manufactured goods, and a large supply is expected by the next feet from Englasd. Irish linen, cloth, and beel, pork and butter, of that country, will bring any price that may be demanded. The crops of sugar appear abundant, and consequently rum will be lowered in price. Coffee is plenty in die market, and at very reduced prices.

North AMERICA.-The newly-formed connexion wito this country, in an indirect way with France, opens the cyes of the people already to see how far it is their interest to continue their friendly intercourse with Great Britain. By the latest accounts from New York Phladelphia, &c. &c. all kinds of British manufactures are become scarce and dear, and likely to continue so; !or, under present circumstances, America cannot exist in a commercial vje*, unless united with Great Britain. American produce, of every descripcion, is reasonable in our markets, and in very little demansi. The tobacco and tinber of America are the two principal articles of which we stand most in need of; and should things take that favour 303 turn that we may expect in the north of Europe, the latter article from this country may be dispensed with.

SOUTH AMERICA.-Here the markets are gluited with all kinds of inferior goods, shipped ofi trom Great Britain principally by young speculators at Liverpool and Manchester, but t* finer articles bear considerable profit, and are in great demand. Indigoes, cochineal, esta may be purchased for direct bills on London, on very reasonable terms; and cotton wool reduces considcrably in price, owing chic ly to the low quotation of prices from Eagland. Bills ea London bear a high premium, and are in great demand. • EAST INDIES.--The recent large shipments from this part of the world to the United Con. pany at London, will no doubt cause a further reduction in the prices of fine cotton wool, as well as that of all other kind of produce of India. The sugars are every day improving 13 their manufacture, and likely to be an article of considerable importance.

Current Prices of Shares in Navigable Canals, Docks, Bridges, Roads, Water Works, 201 Fire and Life Insurance Companies, at the Office of Messrs. Wolfe and Co. Canal Dock and Stock Brokers, No. 9, 'Change Alley, Cornhill, 21st Tune, 1811.-Grand Junction Canal, 2:11. per share.- Grand Surry dicto, 1001. ditto.-Kennet and Avon ditto, 391. ditto. Lancaster ditto, 241. ditto.-Leeds and Liverpool ditro, 2001. ditto. Rochdale ditto, 5.1. ditto - Wilts and Berks ditto, 301. ditto. Cocomercial Docks, 1301. ditto.-East Country discos i bl. ditto.comEast India ditto, 1951. per cent.--London ditco, 1971. ditto -Ditto Serie 24 ditto premium, West India ditio, 1651. ditto.--Commercial Road, 1951. ditto.-East London Water Works, 1591. per share.-Grand Junction ditto, 131. per share, premium. wwch London dicto, 1101, pri slate. Kent ditio, 51. per sbare premium, West Middieses

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