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hibition are Mr. West's Bard, Mr. Black (from the young man exhibited by Woodeforde's Calypso, Mr. Dave's An- Mr. Carlisle in his late lectures at the dromache soliciting Ulysses to spare her Royal Academy) conquering a buffalo. lon; and a picture of an American


Containing Official Papers and authentic Documents.

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vernment is yet scarcely even agreed This kingdom is now placed entire.' upon. I ly at the devotion of France. Its

Most of the corporations throughports are shut against British vessels, and

out the empire has very properly admen and ships are to be lent to aid France in her preparations to invade Great Bri

dressed the two Houses, to intreat that tain.

his Royal Highness the Prince of RUSSIA.

Wales inay be appointed regent withNo British vessels are now admitted on out restrictions. any pretence into Russian ports, and all The following is the abstract of the the merchandize and manufactures of Bill to provide for the administration Britain are seized and confiscated with of the royal authority, and for the out mercy or consideration.

care of his majesty's royal person, No ships of any nation, not even Ame- during the continuance of his inajesricans, are admitted into the Russian

ty's illness; and for the resumption of ports; without any exception whatever they are warned off by the cruizers,

the exercise of the royal authority by PRUSSIA,

his majesty. All the ports of this once potent king. Clause 1. The prince of Wales, in the dom are now filled with French sol. name of his Majesty, is to exercise the diers, who seize and burn every article royal authority belonging to the crown. which can possibly have passed through Provided always, that as to all authoBritish hands. Prussia, indeed. is de- rities given and appointments made, and scribed as being in a deplorable state, all other acts, matters, and things, usualalmost disorganized, and no employment: ly done under the authority of the royal for industry. .

sign manual, the signature of the regent GERMANY.

in the form following ; that is to say, The Frecch emperor, true to his plan

G, R. by G, P. Rt, shall be as valid and of pushing his dominions to the Baltic,

effectual, and have the same force and ef. bas taken possession of the once famous

fect as his Majesty's royal sign manual, city of Hamburgh, disfranchized and in- and shall be deemed and taken to be, to corporated it with France ! Bremen. all intents and purposes, his majesty's royal Lubeck, and our ancient emporiums of sign manual, and be obeyed as such. commerce, have shared the like fate.

2. Appointments to remain, unless and Accounts from Berlin give a melan- until the regent shall declare his pleasure choly picture of the state of the Prussian

to the contrary. dominions.

3. Upon declaration of his Majesty's GREAT BRITAIN..

pleasure to resume the personal exercise All the interests of this mighty em.

of his royal authority, the powers of this pire have, during the last month, been

act to cease ; and no Act done under it

afterwards, to be valid. placed in abeyance by the pertinacious *

4. Acts, orders, appointments, &c. exertions of the ministry to keep their

made by the regent, are to remain, unplaces. Three months have now pass. less or until countermanded by his Maed over without any efficient head to jesty. the executive government, and daring 5. No act of the regent to be valid, that period unparallelled artifices have unless done in the name of his majesty, been practised to baffle the two and according to the provisions of this bouscs in the arrangemeyt of a regen

Act. 4. At length the following bill has

6. Abd be it further enacted, that the

said regent, before he shall act or enter leen passed in the Commons by tri

upon his said office of regent, shall take ang ipajorities of twenty, but in the the following oath of office: Lords some of its clauses have been “ I do solemnly promise and swear, rejected by majorities of ten or that I will truly and faithfully execute twelve, and the plan of the new go- the office of regent of the united kingdom

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of Great Britain and Ireland, according cancies arising by resignation or death, to an act of parliament passed in the film all the officers and persons belonging to ty-first year of the reign of his majesty his majesty's household, in the respective King George the Third, intituled an Act, departments thereof, whose appointment, [Here insert the title of this Açt); and nomination, or removal, have heretofore that I will administer, according to law, been made by his majesty; except the power and authority vested in me by virtue of the said Act, and that I will in the nomination and appointment by her all things, to the utmost of my power and majesty, in manner and form aforesaid, ability, consult and maintain the safety, shall be valid and effectual to all intents honour, and dignity of his majesty, and and purposes as if the same bad been the welfare of his people. So belp me made or done by his majesty in the acGod.”

customed manner; and the several perWhich oath shall be taken before his sons so appointed shall be entitled to the majesty's most honourable privy council; like precedence, privileges, salaries, who are hereby required and empowered wages, profits, and all other emoluments, to administer the same, and to enter the as the several persons now holding and same in the books of the said privy coun- enjoying the same ofices are respectively dil.

entitled to: provided always, that her 7. The regent to be deemed a person said majesty shall not have any power or bolding an olice in trust; and to take the authority to remove any officer in any. oaths, and subscribe the declaration in, department of his majesty's household, by and conform to, the statutes relating to this Act made subject to the nomination persons bolding places of trust.

or appointment of her majesty, who shall 8. Tbe oath and declaration to be made have been nominated and appointed by before the privy council, and certificate his inajesty: provided also, that during of taking the sacrament to be registered the continuance of this Act, no appoint,

9. This clause restrains the regent from ment shall be made to the office of lord granting peerages, or summoning heirs

or summoning heirs chamberlain to his majesty's household, apparent, or appointing to titles in abey

appointing to titles in abey- now vacant, but that all the duties of the ance,

said office shall be performed by the vice10. Restrains the regent from granting

straine the recent from granting chamberlain; and that during the conoffices in reversion, or for longer period tipuance of this Act, no person holding than during pleasure ; except those which the office of groom or gentleman of his by law are granted for life, or during majesty's bed-chamber, shall be subject good behaviour, and except pensions to to be removed ; and no vacancy which chancellor, judges, &c.

shall arise, by death or resignation of any 11. The Act not to empower the regent of the grooms or gentlemen of his majesto give the royal assebt to any Bill to re

ty's bed-chamber, shall be supplied or peal certain Acts,

tilled up, or any appointment or nomina12. The authorities given by this Act to tion made to supply any such vacancy, ccase if the Prince of Wales shall not re

14. And wbereas the execution of the side ja Great Britain, or marry a papist. weighty and arduous trusts, by this Act

13. And whereas it is expedient that committed to the Queen's most excellent the care of his majesty's royal person majesty, may require the assistance of the should be committed to the Queen's most council, with whom her majesty may conexcellent majesty, together with the sole sult and advise ; be it therefore enacted, direction of such portion of his majesty's that in order to assist and advise her said household as shall be deemed reqpisite most excellent majesty, in the several and suitable for the due attendance on his matters aforesaid, where shall be, during majesty's sacred person, and the mainte the continuance of his majesty's illness, a mance of his royal dignity: be it there. council, consisting of

which fore enacted, that the care of his majes

cted that the care of his maiesc council shall, from time to time, meet as ty's royal person, and the disposing, or her majesty shall be pleased to direct, dering, and managing of all matters and

Bring of all matters and and shall also have power to meet in things relating thereto, shall be, and the manner by this Act directed; and if it same are hereby vested in the Queca's should happen that any of them the said most excellent majesty, during the con

should depart this life, or tinuance of his majesty's indisposition by instrument in writing coinmunicated and that the sole direction of the portion to her majesty signify their intention to of his majesty's household, hereinafter decline to act, then and in such case, it mentioned, shall be and is vested in her shall be lawful for the Queen's most exmajesty; and her said majesty shall bave cellent majesty, from time to time, by an the full and sole power and authority, by instrument in writing, signed and sealed any instrument or instruments in writing by her majesty, revokable at ber will and signed and sealed by her majesty, to na pleasure, lo noininate and appoint some minate and appojot, in case of any rae one persoo, being or having been a mer

ber of his majesty's most honourable 21. In case of the death of the regent or privy council, to be a member of the said her majesty, or of the resumption of the council, to advise and assist her majesty royal authority by his majesty, parliaas aforesaid, in the room and place of ment, if then adjourned or prorogued, each and every of the said counsellors so shall meet and sit, or if parliament is dis departing this life, or declining to act as solved, the members of last parliament aforesaid; which nomination and ap- shall meet and sit. pointment shall be forth with certified by 22. The members of the two houses so an instrument in writing, signed and seal. meeting, to be deemed the two houses of ed by her majesty, to the lords of his ma- parliament, but not to continue to sit lon-> jesty's most honourable privs council, ger than

months. and shall be entered in the books of the 23. Unless provision be made by par. said privy council.

liament, in case of the death of the Queen, 15. And be it further enacted, that each the care of his majesty's person shall be and erery member of ber majesty's coun. vested in her majesty's council; officers cil shall, within the space of

and persons of his inajesty's household, after his appointment by virtue of this appointed by his majesty, not to be remoAct, or by virtue of her majesty's nomi. ved by the regent, until provision relating. sation and appointment, in manner afore thereto be made by parliament. said, take the following oath, before the 24. The election of members void by lord high chancellor or keeper of the the appointment to office by the regent or great seal, or commissioners for keeping her majesty. the great seal of Great Britain, or the 25. Letters patent and of privy seal, lord president of his majesty's privy and other lawful authorities for issues council, or the chief justice of the court from the civil list, to her majesty and of King's Bench for the time being, re branches of the royal family, to continue speculy, or either of them, who are here. in full force during the regency, and war. by severally and respectively required, rants to be issued accordingly. and empowered to administer the same, 26. And be it furtber enacted, that the wben required so to do by any person só lord high treasurer, or lords commission. appointed a member of her majesty's ers of his majesty's treasury, shall direct, council as aforesaid ; and the person ad. and they are hereby required annually to ministering such oath, shall give to the direct, on or before the member taking the same, a certificate of the sum of sixty thousand pounds the same having been so taken, signed to be issued out of the monies of the civil with his band; which certificate shall be list revenues, to the keeper of his majesfortb with transmitted to his majesty's ty's privy purse for the time being; and priry council, and entered in the books that the said keeper of his majesty's privy of the said privy council :

purse shall, and he is hereby authorized " I, A. B. do solemnly promise and and directed, during the continuance of swear, that I will truly and faithfully the regency by this Act established, to isconnsel and advise the Queen's most excel sue and apply the sum of in the lent majesty, according to the best of my year, in such half-yearly or quarterly judgment, in all matters and things relai. payments, to such persons, and in such ing to the trusts committed to her inajesty, manner, as he has issued and applied the touching the care of his majesty's royal same by the authority and direetion of person."

his majesty ; and that he shall pay, and 16. The council to meet, and to declare he is hereby authorized and directed to the state of his majesty's bealth; and trans pay the sum of

at the expi. mit a copy to the president of the privy ration of each and every quarter, to such council, who shall publish a copy in the person as her most excellent majesty the London Gazette.

Queen shall, by any instrument signed 17. Her majesty's council may examine and sealed by her majesty, authorize and the physicians, and otbers in attendance, direct to receive the same, to be by her upon oath.

majesty's direction applied in such gifts, 18. Her majesty and council are to no- charities, and allowances, as to her ma. tify his majesty's restoration to health, by jesty may judge the same would have instrument sent to the privy council: been applied to by his majesty ; and privy council then to be assembled, and that the remainder of the aforesaid som the instrument entered.

should be invested by the said keeper of 19. After such instrument, his majesty his majesty's privy purse, in some of the may, by sigo manual, require the privy public funds or government securities, in couneil to assemble.

the name of the keeper of his majesty's 20. If his majesty signify his pleasare priry purse for the time being, in trust to require proclamation to issue, notifi. for his majesty; and that the nett surplus cation is to be sent to the lord mayor ; of the revenues of the duchy and county and powers of Ast to cease.

palatige of Lancaster, shall be from time to tiine paid, under the order of the chan. manner and form aforesaid, shall be cellor and comcil of the said duchy, into valid and effectual to all intents and the hands of the keeper of his majesty's purposes as if the same bad been made privy purse, whose receipt shall be a suf- or done by his majesty in the accusficient discharge for the same, and shall tomed manner; and the several per. by him be invested in some of the public sons so appointed shall be entitled to the funds or government securities, in manger like precedence, privileges, salaries, aforesaid.

wages, profits, and all other emoluments, 27. The keeper of the privy purse to as the several persons now bolding and take an oath before the barons of the ex- enjoying the same offices are respectively chequer.

entitied to; provided always, that the 28. Provides for the care of his majes. power and authority given by this Act to ty's real and personal estate and proper- her majesty, to nominate and appoint ty, under act 39 and 40 Gev. III. c. 88. such persons of his majesty's household as

The new clauses introduced in the come are not hereinbefure excepted, shall conmittee were two, viz.

tinue in force until the 1st day of Febru" And be it further enacted, that the ary, or the expiration of six weeks as said regent shall, at the time of his taking aforesaid, and no longer: provided also, such oaths as aforesaid, and before the that lier said majesty shall not have any members of the privy council administer- power or authority to remove any officer ing the saine, inake, subscribe, and audio in any departinent of his Majesty's housebly repeat the declaration mentioned in hold, by this Act made subject to the no. an Act made in the 30th year of king mination or appointment of her majesty, Charles the Second, intituled, “ An Act who shall have been nominated and apfor the more etrectual preserving the pointed by his majesty: provided also, king's person and government, by dis- that until the expiration of such period as abling papists from sitting in either house aforesaid, no appointment shall be made of parliament ;' and shall produce acer- to the office of lord chamberlain of his tificate of bis having received the Sacra. majesty's household, now vacant, but that ment of the Lord's Supper in any of the all the duties of the said office shall be royal chapels, signed by the person admi- performed by the vice-chamberlain; and nistering the same.

that during such period as aforesaid, no The other clause gives power to the person holding the office of gentleman of prince to dispose in the usual regular way his majesty's bedchamber, or being one of of the droits of the crown and droits of the bis majesty's equerries, or groom, shall Admiralty.

be subject to be removed: and no vacanThe following is the manner in which cy which shall arise by death or resignathe principal blanks have been filled up: tion of any of the grooms or gentlemen of

"Restrictions on the regent to continue his majesty's bedchamber, shall be supuntil after the 1st day of February 1812, plied or filled up, or any appointinent or if parliament shall be then assembled, and nomination made to supply any such va. shall have been sitting for six weeks im- cancy." mediately previous to the said Ist day of Her majesty's council to consist of February 1812 ; or if parliament shall be Charles, lord archbishop of Canterbury; then assembled, but shall not have been Edward, lord archbishop of York; so sitting for six weeks, then until the ef James, duke of Montrose; George, earl piration of six weeks after parliament of Winchelsea and Nottingham ; Heneage, shall have been so assembled and been earl of Aylesford; John, lord Eldon ; Ed. sitting; or if parliament shall not then ward, lord Ellenborough; and the right be assembled, then until the expiration of hon. Sir William Grant; and, in the event six weeks after parliament shall have of the death of all or any of these, or of been assembled and sitting, next after the all or any of then declining to act, her said Ist day of February.

majesty to bave power to appoint a sic" Her majesty to nominate and appoint, cessor or successors from the list of privy in case of any vacancies arising by resig- counsellors. nation or deaih, all the officers and per- In the House of Lords, on Tuesday, sons belonging to his majesty's household, Jan. 15, the ford chancellor s'ated, that in the respective departments thereof, as for certain causes his majesty could not whose appointment, nomination, or re. be present, for the purpose of opening the moval, have heretofore been made by his session of parliainent, a commission under majesty ; except the lord chamberlain of the great seal had beco issued for that his majesty's household, and the gentle- purpose. He therefore had, in the first men and grooms of his majesty's bed- instance, to move, that the house do ad chamber, his majesty's equerries, the cap. journ during pleasure, to afford their tain of the yeomen of his majesty's guard, bordslips an opportunity to robe. Acand tbe captain of the lionourable band of cordingly the proceeding took place. gentlemen pensiones; and the nomina- On the resuming of the house, the archtion and appointment by ber majesty, in bishop of Canterbury, the lord chancel.


lor, the lord president (earl Camden), the opening and holding this parliament in
lord privy seal (earl of Westmoreland), his majesty's name and behalf, which com-
and the master of the horse (duke of Mon mission you will now hear read."
trose), took their seats on the woolsack, The commission, as adverted to by the
as conmissioners for declaring the causes lord chancellor, was then read.
of the opening of the session of parlia- The lord chancellor again addressed the
ment, under the authority of the above- assembly:
mentioned commission. Their lordships, “ My Lords and Gentlemen,
as well as inost of the peers present, were “ Acting by virtue, and under the au-
in their robes of state,

thority given to us and the other lords in
Mr. Quarme, acting usher of the black his majesty's commission pow. read,
tod, was then dispatched to desire the at- amongst other things, we are authorized
tendance of the Commons, in order to to notify and declare the reasons and
hear the commission read for the opening causes for the opening and holding the
of parliament accordingly. Shortly af. session of parliament ; and we have only
ter, a very considerable number of mem- in the present instance to discharge our
bers appeared at the bar, with the speaker duty, by calling your earnest and imme-
at their head; when the lord chancellor, diate attention to the afflicting circun-

organ of the commissioners, addressed stance of his majesty's present indisposi-
the assembly as follows:

tion, in order that you may provide, as
" My Lords and Gentlemen,

far as may be possible, for the care and
* Forasmuch as his majesty, for certain preservation of the sacred person of his
reasons and canses, cannot be present here majesty, for the due maintenance of bis
this day in his royal person, in order to royal dignity, and for the personal exer-
open and hold this parliament, a commis. cise of his royal authority, in such man-
sion bas been issued under the great scal ner, and to such extent, as the exigeneies
for that purpose, authorizing certain of the case may appear to require."
lords therein named to act as commission. The Commons then withdrew from the
ers, to declare and signify the causes of bar, and retarned to their own House.

An Account of the Income of, and Charge upon, the Consolidated Fund, ending

5th January, 1810, and 5th January, 1811.
. 1810.

Customs . . . . . . . . . . . £1,114,651 10 31 912,133 33%

· · · · · · · · · · 3,893,255 0 0 3,961,910 15 6
Stamp3 , . . . . . . . . . . . 1,311,714 120 1,273,473 12 3
Incidents . . . . . . . . . . . 3,030,204 3 6.1 2,712,434 12 31
Sarplus amount, Duties on Sugar, &c... 101,402 00 107,011 0 0
Ditto land-Tax on Offices. . . . . .

31,711 16 24

37,082 0 103
Land Taxes . . . . . . . . . .

413, 1937 51 365,006 15 00
Revenue, Isle of Man . .

4,848 12 1
Interest on account of Ireland ....

601.325 8 5

629,144 8 1
Surplus Exchequer Fees . . . . . .

14,000 0 0
Imprest Monies . . . .

24,415 6 10

58,998 11 9
Arrears of Income Duty, 1799, 1800, 1801

2,162 11 6
Do. Appual Malt Duties . . . . . . 154,833 3 7

170,606 0 0
Tontipe Money, 1789, . . . . . .

11,881 4 87

12,082 15 13
Rent of Crown Lands. . . . . . ,

.. . 33,196 18 6

7,762 0 43
Fines of Leases . . . . . . . . .

5.969 0 0

1,921 00
Assessed Taxes.

5 1 6
Brought from War Taxes Act, 47 Geo. III. 314,363 17 74 314,363 17 74
Do. 49 Geo. III. . . . . . . . . 250,695 5 03

250,695 50g
Militia Fines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

27,426 10 0


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11,313,012 6

Exchequer, South Sea, and Bank Annuities 337,919 2 !
Bank Dividends. ..

. . . .7,874,862 1 61
Towards Reduction of National Debt 1,476,291 10 8
Civil List .

239,500 0 0
Pensions and Annuities :

81,539 14 3
Miscellaneous Charges, estimated at . 127,663 3 l

10,435,009 00

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