Sidor som bilder

sequence of a shot received in an engagement son, 81.-Mr. John Huddart, 97.-Miss with a French privateer, Mr. George Cune Grace Hall.-Mr. Thomas Broadfoot, 28. — mingham, only surviving son of the late Mr. Miss Mary Wilson, 25.--Mrs. Susannah David C. of Alnwick, So. His integrity to Thomlinson, 75,--Mr. John Sowerby --Mr. his employers, intrepidity and courage in the Thomas Hutton, 71.-- Mrs. Mary Batey. hour of danger, his suavity of teaper, en. Mrs. Mary Armstrong. deared him to all his counections.

Ai Dykesfeld, near Longburgh, Williama * At Bishop wearmouth, Mr. James Emble's Matthews, esq. 53. ton, 38.

At Peterill Bank, near Carlisle, Mrs. At Hexham, Mr. Jasper Gibson, 78. Thomlinson, 99. At Ebchister.: Mr. Yohn Surtees, 72.

At Youlick Hill, Mrs. Sarah Gill, 85. At Coldstream, Captain William Reid, af At Milltown Mill, Emina, wif: ot Mr. the 8ch wyal veteran battalion.-Mr. Robert Williaru Sanderson. Scott, ot Sunderland. He was found drowned in Ar Kirkoswald, Mr. Joseph Stevenson, 76. a pond near Hendon. He was very lately mar At Shap, Westmoreland, Mr. Richard ried to a widow who had been twice married Walker, carrier between Kendal and Pen. before ; and it is remarkable that both her rith. former husbands were drowned.

At Burton, in Kendal, Thomas Still, esq. CUMBERLAND AND WEST MORELAND. one of the magistrates for Westmoreland, 82..

The following is the number of the chris. At Kendal, Mr. John Macgowan, 45.tonings, marriages, and burials, in Carlisle, Mr. Jonathan Wearing, of the Nag's Head from January 1, 1310, to January 1, 1811. Ion. Parish of St. Mary, christenings 212, mar At Stainton, Mr. Richard Nelson, 82. riages 100, burials 173; parish of St. Cuth At Workington, Mr. John Sewell, 53. tert, christenings 172, marriages 46, burials Miss Jane Walker, a maidea lady, 93.-Mrs. 197; besides those christened at the several Martha Nelson, 66. dissenting meeting houses.

At Harrowthwaite, Mrs. Ruth Hodgson. Merried.). At Cross Canonby, Captain At Tarns, in Abbey Holm, Mr. Joseph William Christian, of the brig Industry, to Holliday, jun. 32. Miss Fell, both of Maryport.

At Donglas, Isle of Man, Mr. Leonard At Kendal, Mr. John Taylor, of Hutton, Baxter, 93. to Miss Bayliff, diughter of Mr. John B. of At Ramsay, Isle of Afan, Mr. Charles New House, in Strickland.--Mr. William Frissell, second son of the late Joha F, esq. Wood, to Miss Eliz. Atkinson,

36. At Scotby, Mr. Randleson, of Whitehaven, At Kirkby Lonsdale,Mr. Greenwood, many to Miss Margaret Hodgson, daughter of the years clerk of that parish. late William H. esq.

YORX'SHIRE. At Barton, Mr. Richard Robinson, of Low About eight o'clock in the evening of. Windor, to Miss Jane Ward, of Canonby. Christmas day, the neighbourhood of Leeds,

At Cockermouth, Mr. Joseph Grave, to was visited by a severe storm of hail, loud. Miss Scott.

peals of thunder, and vivid flashes of lightAt Aikton, Mr. R. Wilson, of Whitrig. ning. The house of Mrs. Waddington, of lees, to Miss Jane Ivison.

Wither, near Kirkstall, suffered much from At Whitehaven, Mr, Thomas Gordon, to the fury of the storm; and two of her daugh. Miss Graban.

'ters were so affected by the lightning that Died.) At Whitehaven, Mr. John Pearson, they have been under medical care one of who had been near 46 years in the employ of them, who was in the kitchen, being struck the late and present Earl of Lonsdale, 77. by the electric fluid, appeared for some time Mr. William Richardson, 70.-Mrs. Eliz. lifeless; the other, who was up stairs, was Brockbank, 64,-Serjeant Young, of the stricken less severely, but, either from alarm royal artillery, 52.-Mrs. Mary Fannin, 46. or its effects, fell down stairs, and was much - Mrs. Margaret Golpin, 70,-Mrs, Cald. hurt. Mrs. Waddington, her son, and a young beck.--Captain William Blake, of the Alex. lady, had a most miraculous escape. They ander, of Whitehaven.-Mrs., Grace Coul. were sitting in the parlour, where the electric chard, 55.-- Miss Caiharine Turner, 24.- fluid passed with such force that it struck Mrs. Fearon, wife of Captain Joseph F. of out the candle, and the fire from the grate; the Boyton, 27,- Mr. Archibald Creighton. withour, however, injuring any of them.

At Cockermouth, Mr. Henry Wood, 72. Married.] At Whitby, Richard Moorson, Mr. John Simpson, 66.-Mrs. Trinkeld. esq. one of the magistrates for the North Rio

At Penrich, Mrs. Margaret Sergeson, ding, to Miss Craig. wife of Mr. Ewbank S.-Mrs. Patrick, wie The Rev. Mr. Jennings, of Boroughbridge, dow of Mr. James P. of Kendal.-Mr. James to Miss Wright, of Thorpe A:ch. Turnbull, 21.-Mr. John Morland, 64. AC Huli, Mr. Adam Heidlaw, surgeon of Miss Jane Abbott. Mr. Isaac Huitheck. his Majesty's brig Prince William, to Miss

At Carlisle, the Rev. Mr. Halliwell, Ann Marwin, daughter of the late Captain many years priest of the Roman Catholic con. M. of Grimsby. Mr. John Johnson, of Wel. gregation at Greystock. Mi. Heary Thompson, to Mrs. Hodgson, widow of Edward H.

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esq.-Captain John Reed, of the ship Min At Helperby, William Clough, esq. 77. strel, to Miss Jane Hodgson. -Mr. Snowden, Ar Marston, near York, Mrs. Jane Acombe. master of the Mercantile Academy, to Anne, Ac Newsholme, near Howden, Mr. Craven, oniy daughter of the late Captain William 80. Syme, R.N.-Mr. F. W. Featherstone, sur. At Easington, in Holderness, Mr. Stark. geon, co Miss Eliz. Corlass, daughter of Wil At Meltonby, Mrs. Hobson, relict of Mr. liam C. esq.

George H. ot Middleham, surgeon, 69. Ac Nafferton, Henry Boynton, esq. to Miss At Upper House, near Bradford, Mr. John Grey.

Robinson. Robert Layton, esq. late of the 34th regi. At Everingham, the Rev. Thomas Gur. ment, to Miss Rennards, of Fulford, near nadl, 67. York,

Ai York, Mrs. Pearson, of the Red Lion At Conisbro', Mr. Thomas Roberts, of Inn, 64.-Mr. William Clark, 47.-Mr. Swinethorpe, Lincolnshire, to Ann, youngest Ely Woolstenholme, 86.-Mrs. Wand.-Mr. daughter of the late Thomas Gillott, of Ed. George Cobh, 49.-Mr. John Fuller, a lington, esq.

debtor in York Castle, late of Stokesley, 61. Ac Wickersley, Dear Rotherham, Joho Mr. John Spencer, 70., Didsbury, esq. of Dalton, to Miss Fisher. At Doncaster, Mr. George Crookes, 42.

At Kirby moorside, the Rev. M. A. Mack. In the 86th year of his age, Mr. Alderman ereth, to Miss Roberts, daughter of the Rev. Halifax, a justice of the peace for that bom Mr. R.

rough, and the oldest member of the corpoAt Halifax, Mr. Cadney, attorney, to ration. He served the office of mayor twice, Alice, only daughter of the late Tille Orme. viz. in 1775 and 1791. rod, esq.

At Leeds, Mr. George Rayson, druggist, At Leeds, Lieutenant-colonel Marriot, of Ac Sheffield, Mr. William Wood.-Mr. the Madras army, to Ann, youngest daughter William Brailsiord, 36.-Mrs. Hot ham, wite of John Becket, esq. of Meanwood.

of Ms. H. jun. --Mrs. Brooke.-Mr. Matthew Died.) At Whiby, Mr. Richard Watkins, Lonsdale.--Mrs. Martha Taylor.--Mrs. 85; and in the same house, nearly at the Wright.-Mr. Luke Cadman, jun. 23. .same instant, his son, Mr. William W. author At Hull, Mrs. Antonie, wite of Captain A. of the Fall of Cartbage, the Whitby Spy, Mr. Richard Stainton, 38.--Mr. Jolin and other ingenious performances. -Mr. An. Terry, 73-.Mr. Smithson, 62.--Mr. John thony Watson. On the breaking out of the Clarkson, 89. Arcerican war, he was taken in his own

LANCASHIRE. vessel, the Thomas and Elizabeth, off the At the collegiate church, Manchester, in Naze of Norway, on his return from the the course of the last year, there were 2735 Baltic, being the first vessel captured after children christened, 1220 marriages, and 762 the commencement of hustilities. While burials., many were of opinion the disputes between Married.] Ac Lancaster, Mr. Rich. Mawthe colonies and the parent state would not son, to Mrs. Hodgson, of the New Inn. , proceed to extremities, the privateer in At Liverpool, John Wright, esg, to Frances, question, sailing round the north of Ireland, daughter of Wm. Roe, esq.- Mr. T. Woodsuddenly made her appearance in the North house, to Mary, daughter of R. Salisbury, Sez, and did considerable injury to our trade esg. First Lieutenant john Trevannion Care in that quarter, before effectual measures dew, of the royal marines, to Miss F. P. Tre. could be adopted for its protection. Mr. gent, youngest daughter of Captain T. of the Watson baving had no apprehension of hus- same corps. cilities at the time of his sailing, had not made · At Blackburn, Henry Chritchley, esq. of any insurance from the enemy, by which Macclesfield, to Miss Turner, only daughter he lost the whole of his property.

of Robert T. esq. of Mill-hill, ncar BiackAt Ruswarp, near Whitby, Mr. Benjamin burn. Gowland, formerly commander of the Cover. At Bolton-le-Moors, Mr. Williar. Walker, dale, East Indiannan.

of Ambleside, Westmoreland, to Miss Mar. At Bessingby, near Bridlington, Mr. garet Makinson, of Blackrod. Ezard, 85.

At Bevington, Captain Thomas Guyle, of At Woodhouse, near Huddersfield, John the schooner White, to Miss Alice Caif. Whitacre, esg.

Diet.] At Ulverston, Mrs. Frances Towers, Ac Thorne, Mrs. Freiwell, wife of Mr. mother of Richard T. esq. of Duddon Grove, F. attorney

Cumberland, 77. At Westbourn House, near Sheffield, Mr. At Lancaster, Mr. Thomas Noon, poste J. R. Thurgar, attorney.

master, 46.-- Mrs. Ball, 90. Ac Beverley, Mr. Péter Denton, 55. Ar Wigan, che Rev. John Crowdson, mi. At Cottingham, Mrs. Jane Srather, 74. nisier of Hindley chapel, and master of the

At Kaying bam, Mr. Jeremiah Matchin, free grammar schoo!, Wigan, 67.

; At Blackburn, Mr. Robert Cross, poste At Bridlington, Mr. Robert Vickerpian, master, 42. pier-master, 67.

Ar Kirkdale Mr. John Woods, many yea


master of a vessel in the West India trade, Died.] At Bramhall, Martha, wife of from Liverpool.

William Davenport, esq. 63. At West Derby, Mrs. Atherton, 78. At Holt, Mr. John Palm, master of the

At Heaton Norris, Mrs. Goolden, relict of free grammar school in that town upwards of Mír. James G. 66.

49 years, 75,-Mrs Holt, relict of Mr. H. Ai Pile Poudrey, where his vessel has been of Chorton. obliged to put in by cuntrary winds, Captain At Chester, on her birthday, Mrs. BraithWilliam Blake, of the Alexander, of Liver. waite, wife of Mr. John B. methodist mipool.

nister, 39. Ac Everton, Mr. Thomas Wiatt, attorney. At Thornton in the Moors, Elizabeth, wise

At Sephton, John Whitehouse, e:q. of Bar. of Mr. Paul Parry, 32 badocs, 22.

At Frodsham, Mr Hugh Brundreth, schools · At Edgehill, Mrs. Norris, 72.

master, 86. At Hawarden, Mr. Wright, 86.

At Northwich, Mrs. Hyde, 68. At Preston, Mrs. Meadows.

At the Rake, near Chester, Mr. Charles At Turton, near Bolton, Mr. Haworth, Grace, 65. solicitor, 61,

At Flookersbrooke, Mrs. Mason. Al Liverpo!, Mr. James Greetham, 85.- At Winnington hill, Northwich, Mr. Geo. Miss Elizade in Brown, 40. - Mr. William Jackson. Blackburn, 48.-M. Edward Grayson, 20.

DERBYSHIRE. --Dr. John Lyon. -Mrs. Mary Evans, 61. . Married.l At Derby, Thomas Kirkpatrick Mr. Joseph Henderson, 31.-iliss Lucy Mac Holi, esq. of Hollybush, Staffordshire, to Dunn, 30.-Mr. William Inch, 39,- Mr. Eliza, daughter of John Crompton, esq.Alexander Maxwell, 45.- Mrs. Clarke, John Bell, esq. of Whiigist, to Miss Wall, of wife of James C. esa, of London.-Mrs. Eliz. Little Eaton. Muncaster, 80 --Mr. W. M. Bedderd, of the At Staveley, Mr. John Birks, of Brampton custom house, 12.—Mr. William Musgrove, en le Murther, Yorkshire, to Miss Buckley, 59.--Mr. John Taylor, 37.-Mr. Edward of Staveley Forge. Blount.-- Mr. John Kaye, 75.--Mrs. Mani Died.) At Sudbury-hall, Mr. Hall, park. fuld.-Miss Buntze, of Whitehaven.

keeper to Lord Vernon. CHESHIRE.

At Derby, Mıs. Simpson. On Saturday, December 29, the Hoylake At Wingerworth, Mrs. Green, relict of life-boat, in attempting to succour and re- Mr. Matthew G. lieve the people on board the ship Traveller,

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. driven on shore in the Mersey, was over Married. 7 At Lenton, the Rev. Thomas whelmed in a dreadful sea, and eight out of Cursham, of Niansfield, ro Sabina, youngesc ien of her crew were uptortunately drowned. daughter of Mr. Stretton, of Lenton Priory. The bodies were all found the same day, and At Nottingham, Mr. S. Heyrick, lo Miss carried to their respective homes, where the Tutin.-Mr. Blagrove, to Miss Lleanor Mossa scene of piercing misery defies expression. At Mansfield, Mr. William Smirl, of ChesThe deceased were all near neighbours, and terfield, to Miss Mary Leverton. lived in a small village called the Hoose, At Newark, Mr. Thomas |

At Newark, Mr. Thomas Dalton, to Miss near Hoylake, in the most brotherly kindness; Mary West.-Mr. Dahin, of Manchester, to these brave fellows were the flower of the Miss Fisher, daughter of Mr. John F. of Cot. Hoylake fishermen, and had always displayed con, near Newark. the greatest prompti'ude and alacrity in assist. Died. At Spracting-place, Mrs. Twining, ing vessels in distress. They have left large wife of Thomas T, esq. of the Bengal esta. families totally unprovided for. . blishment, 21.

Married.] Meyrick Bankes, esq. of Win At Retford, Thomas. Turnell, esq. 73. stanley hall, Lancashire, to Maria Elizabeth At Ease Retford, Mr. Matthew Hobson, of Brooke, eldest daughter of Thomas Langford the Black Bull, 75. B. esq. of Mere-hall.

At Newark, Mr. Henry Clark, son of Mrs, At Gresford, Mr. John Reece, of Moorside, C. of the Castle and Falcon inn-Mrs. Newto Miss Done, eldesy daughter of Mr. D. of zam, wife of Mr. John N.--Mr. Rob. Long, Burton hall.

At Nottingham, Mr Cook. -Mr. Charles At Chcster, George Holland, esg. of Liver. Lawrence. Mrs. Gilchrist, wife of Mr. Rob. pool, to Niss Sarah Nicholls, daughter of Mr. 6.--Mr. Edward Stevenson, 79.Mr. Wm, John N.--Mr. John Hicks, surgeon, of Liver. Marriott. pool, to Miss Renneri, daughter of Mr. Tho. At Upton, Mis Gelsthorpe, 50. Mesley B of the same town.

At South Gillingham, Mrs. Watkinson.At Eastham, Mr. William Koowles, of Mr. Henry Huskisson, trore than thirty years Capenhurst, to Miss Arin Woodside.

a faithful servant to the Rev. Edw. Gregory, At Davisihum, Mr. Peter Bancioft, to Mrs. rector of Langor, near Bingham, 47. Carter, of Shipbrooke hill.

Ac Screveton, near Eingham, Mr. Jolin At Runcoin, Samuel ignett, esq. of Hon. Flinders, more than forty years parish clerk son, to Miss Bakes, only daughter of Mr. ot chat village, 78. William B. of Weston.

' Ac Bingham, Mis. Jebb, 50.

At Trowell, Lieut. Parkyns, R.N. nephew up with her paste a plateful of what she took to Admiral Sir J. B. Warren, bart.. . to be simple flour, which she found on a sheli,

At Snenton, Mr. Richard Hopcroft, 54. but which her son declared to have been prins
At Sandiacre, Mr. Stevens, 71.

cipally white mercury, mixed fer sowiog with At Standard-hill, near Nottingham, Mr. wheat on his master's land. Their horror J. W. Leath, son of Mr. Juseph H. He may be faintly conceived, Despair seized thera was trying the strength of the ice on a fish: all; and mental anguish adding to sheir bodily pond, whicii broke with his weight, and he suffering, they lay down about the house, ** was drowned.

they believed, to die. Medical assistance being LINCOLNSHIRE.

procured, however, their lives were preserved, The number of marriages registered in with the exception of one person whom the Boston church, in the year 1810, is 98; of surgeon found dead; but it is expected to be baptisms 339; and of burials, 302. There some years before the others perfectly recohave been also 16 persons buried in the ground ver from the effects of the poison. attached to the dissenters' chapel.

Married.) At Upton, near Gainsborough, At a meeting of the commissioners of the Mr. Walker, master of the free grammar Forty-foot Drain, held at Donington, for the school at Sowerby, near Halifax, to Mrs, purpose of taking into consideration the pro. Leonard. posal made by the promoters of an intended At Lincoln, Mr. Cropper, of Laceby, te canal between Stamford and Boston; the pro- Miss Hare, daughter of Capt. H. position of rendering the Forty.foot servicea At Elsthorpe, near Bourn, Mr. D. Edgson, ble to the junction projected was acceded to; of Stamford, to Miss Lucas, daughter af Lieuts but the commissioners refused the application L. of the South Lincoln militia. to allow the new cut from Stamford to fall Al Epworth, in the Isle of Axholme, Mr. into their canal at the point proposed by Mr. West Brothertun, of Belton, to Miss Margar Telford; declaring that they would not suffer ret Heaton, daughter of Robert H. gent, a junction to be formed between the new cut Died.] Ac Lincoln, Mr. J. Hescout.-Ann. and the Forty-foo! at a greater distance from daughter of Mr. Alderman Straw.-Mr. Cool the outfall than Hale Fen.

ing, son of the late Mr. Thuinas C.-M18. At a late common hall of the corporation Smith, mother of Mr. Joseph Smith, of the of Stamford, a petition respecting the ap. Royal Oak inn, 82. pointment of a new place for holding the At Gainsborough, Henry, third son of Joha corn market, was taken into consideration. Garfit, esq. The petition recommended the area under the Ac Harlaxton, Mr. Garner, 79, portico of the new shambles, as a space pre- At Friskney, Mrs. Addison.Mrs. Parker. ferable to the present market-hill, as it was At Stickney, Mrs. Welis. under shelter, was large enough for the pur. Ac Toynton St. Peter's, che eldest son of poses of the market, and had several recesses Mr. Cildon Wilson, 16.-Mr. Wm. Cardoa. or boxes, which would be convenient to many

ch would be convenient to many Mrs. Pearson. persons, and be rented un terms of profit to At Revesby, Mr. Charles Sharpe, 83. the corporation. After some discussion, the At Alford, Mr. Emerson, 65. question of the petition was put to the vote,

At Louth, Mr. William Ducy, 66. and negatived. The corporation, however,

At Corby, Mr. Ant. Collingwood, sen. 80. desirous of doing all in their power for the At Growland Abbey, Robert Lincoln, esq. reasonable accommodation of those frequent- of Lamb's-conduit-street, London, 55. ing the market. immediately entered into a At Ivy House, near Coningshy, Mrs. Richsubscription among themselves (individually) ardson, 71. for erecting a colonnade, or covering of some

At Tetford, Mr. William Spiking, 28. sort, over the market-hill, to obviate the At South Collingham, Mrs. Watkinson. " inconvenience at present complained of. At Homcastle, Mr. George Walker.

The Angel, Inn, at Grantham, in this At Mavis Enderby, Mr. Thomas Cooke, county, is subject to a rent charge of forty parish-clerk more than forty years. sbillings, for a sermon against drunkenness, At Stamford, Mrs. Carby, 64. on the vequest of a Mr Solomon, who“ looked At Holme-hall, near Brigg, Jobn Morley, pron that sin to be the inlet to almost all esq. 65.

LEICESTERSHIRE. A party of 13 persons lately assembled at At the general assembly of the company of the dwelling-house of a person named Vele proprietors of the navigation from Loughbolum, (an overlooker on the farm of Mr. rough to Leicester, held at the Three Crowne Bilthorp, of Gusberton,) to spend a Christ. inn, in Leicester, it was resolved that the Vis evening, and to partake of the cheer company should give their active support to ji.cident to the killing of a large pig. The the Harborough and Staruford canal bill in mother of Vellum liad prepared some yule parliament, and that the chairman of the Cakes, of which the pariy partook fiecly at me. ting should apply to the lord-lieutenant tea. In a short time they all complained of of the county of Leicester, and to the noblebeing ill; and it was discovered that, in men and members of the House of Cominons peaking the cakes, Mrs. Velluiu had mixed Connected with Leicestershire, and also to





the mayor and corporation of Leicester, for At Cooksland, Mr. Cheadle, 84. their support of the above measure. .: At Lichfield, Mr. Alderman Married.] At Leicester, Mr. Greenwood, John Deakin, gent. high bailiff of the city. 40 Miss Gregory.

Miss Gill, sister of Mr. Alderman G. Ar Norton, near Gautby, Lawrence Win. At Wolverhampton, Mr. J. Highfield, 84 ; ssor, a noted fiddler, and itinerant brazier, and and a few days afterwards, at Bilston, bis chief of a gang of gypsies, aged 86, to jo. brother, Mr. W. Highfield, 80.-Mrs. Reyhanna Skelton, of Cuaton in the Elms, aged nolds, 80.- Mrs. E: Sillicoe.

At Handsworth, Captain W. Green, At Theddingworth, Mr. W. Dean, of Bir- R. N. 46. tningham, tu jane, daughter of Mr. Robert At Walsall, Mr. Timothy Cooper, 53. Hayes.

-Mr, Samuel Sharritt, jun. 20. jesse Gregson, esq. of Hawkhusst, Kent, At Great Barr, the Rev. Charics Black. to Catherine, eldest daughter of Henry Shui ham. dleworth, esq. of Great Bowden.

WARWICKSHIRE. Died.] Ar Gilmorton, William Chandler, Married 1 At Birmingham, the Rev. Fre

deric Gardiner, to Frances Anli, eldest daughAt Kirby Mallory, John Robinson, le ter of the late Joseph Snow, esg. of Banbury. bourer, in his 107th year.

Mr. S. Wiggin, to Miss Jane Bowring, At Leicester, Mr. Clarke, of Castle Do both of Stafford. «Mr. Thomas Capner, to nington, 85.-Mrs. Robinson.-Mr. Stephen Miss Turtle, of Hinckley, Leicestershire. Hewins, of the White Bear, 55. Jolin Mr. Daries, surgeon, of Coleshill, co Miss J. George, son of Mr. Woodward, druggist. Warneiord, youngest daughter of the Rev.

At Hinckley, Mr. Luke Wright, 63. He "Mr W. formerly took a very active part in instruct. At Dudley, Mr. Thomas Sheldon, to Mrs. ing the church choir, and though by no means Elizabeth Barke. eminent as a performer, was well acquainted At Edgbaston, Mr. James James, to Mint with the theory of music. As a composer, Hill, both of Birmingham he was not below mediocrity, but never pub. At Harborne, Mr. W. Hackett, to Miss bished any of his productions, though they Elizabeth Onions, of Birmingliann. seldom failed to give satisfaction to an au A t Coventry, Mr. Thomas Wilson, to dience. His anthems, &c. are strictly ac- Mrs. Arnold. - Mr. Thomas Oldenshaw, of cording to the rules of composition, and prove Lemington Priors, to Miss Elizabeth Watson, their author to have possessed both ingenuity Died. Suddenly, as he was returning home and fertility of imagination.

from duty at Rayton, the Rev. Charles BaltAt Thornton, Mr. Robert Buckby, 62 Wyn, of Wolston, 77, . ? At Thurmastun, Mr. Tho. Jolinson, 42. At King's Heath, Dear Birmingham, Tho.

At Lubbesthorpe, Miss Burgess, daughter mas Gem, esq. formerly an eminent attorney of Dr. George B. 16.

of that town, 65. STAFFORDSKI&&,

At Coventry, Thomas Ewbank, esq. 48. Married.] At Clifton, Ms.John Goodwin, Henry, eldest son of Bradford Wilmer, esq. of Clifton Mill, to Miss Bates.

At Birmingham, Mr. John Forster. Misi Ac Walsall, Mr. Thomas Orton, of Abney.-Mrs. Diana Barker, relict of Mr, Doveridge school, near Walsall, to Miss Joseph B. an emineat surycon of this town, Baildon, of Coventry.

77.Georgiana, second daughter of Mr. R. At Handsworth, Mr. Simon Wood, of w. Gem, atterncy, Mrs. Martha Brown, Bloxwich, to Miss Bradbury, of Walsall. 57. William, son of Mr. Benson. - Francis

At Bilston, Mr. King, of Lichfield, to Millard, gent.--Elizabeth, wite ot Mr. David Miss Elizabeth Cope, of Longdon.

Prowett, 44; and a few days afterwards, her At Wolverhampton, Mr. PKendrick, father, Mr. Jolin Lowe, 84.- Mr. Thomas aged 77, veterinary surgeon, of WednesburyHicks. to Miss Ann Salopian, aged 80.

SHROPSHIRE. At Newcastle, Mr, Q. Peak, to Miss The following premiums are proposed to Wood.

be given at che next July meeting of the At Stafford, Mr. William Coleman, of Shropshire Agricultural Society, which will Newport, Salop, to Jane, second daoghter of be held at the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, on Mr. John Bromley.

Friday, the 19ch of that month. A piece of Did.. At Tamworth, Mr. Waltire, à plate, value ten guineas, for the best obe-year celebrated lecturer on natural philosophy, old short-woolled rans, being in the owner's chemistry, &c.

possession six months before it is shewn; At Clayton, near Newcastle, Mrs. Sbrig. a piece of plate, value ten guineas, for the Jey.

best two-year old short-woolled ramt under At Rurstem, Mrs. Cartledge, 26.

the like conditions ;a piece of plate, value Al Great Blorwich, Mr. Wbitmorc. ten guincas, for the best one-year old longa • Ar the Wergs, John Fleming, gent. 71. woolled ram, under the like conditions ;

At Lane End, Mr. Jessy Cyples. Charles a piece of plate, value ton guincas, for the Royley

best two year old long woolled ram, under


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