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£ Q^Prom the- Objections of ' * lj>

Papists and Dissenters,){

Fully explaining the Nature of


And cautioning the Laity against the Delusion of


O L U T I O N,\ gfTT^Sy.

A Work undertaken before the R E V

by the special Commandos Arcli-Bistiop Sancroft, and Dr
Floyd Bilhop of Norwich, Licensed by Bilhop Comptm in
1692, (and fince enlarged and improved by the Author,
particularly with Regard to the Schism of the Non-Jurors^
and compleated for the Press a little before his Death.

By the late Reverend Mr. Luke Mileourn,
Presbyter of the Church ot England.

Vol. II.

LONDON: Printed for M. S M IT H- ar Bilhop Beveridges Head in Pater No/ler-Row. Mdccxxii.

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Jewish Priesthood had such a Power. The Christian Priesthood have the same, by 'virtue of which, they are to instruct, to reprove, and to corretl the ignorant and disorderly Members of the Church. Page i

G H A iv X.

The lawful Bishop?, or Pastors and Governours of the Church are obliged to perform their Duties in instructing, reproving and correcting the members of the Church; and in propagating Religion, tho' they flmddbe oppos d or persecuted by the Civil Powers for so doing. The Supremacy of Kings yet asserted. Their Power to appoint who jloall be ordain d to such or such Offices^ and the Felicity of any Christian Church under their Favour and Protection. Ecckfiafiical Power in it (elf independent, and to be exercis'd, tho' the Civil Magistrate should either discountenance or forbid it, or persecute Bishops or their Assistants on that Account, hi1

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Chap. XI.

^nyJr^Hiry int0 the Mature of

What it is? Whether the Chris?* by punijhmg, ttereticks and Scb*f* &"'lty of Persecution? And The Church, as such, usually tafe* zzance of. The Methods of pro£? gainst con<vic~led Offenders. A of the State both Ecclesiastical * from the scandalous Charge of when they join together in puni/Æ*. fy, Schism, or Immorality.

Chap. XII.


The sixth "Particular considered.. Christians under an Obligation the Dot'srine and Discipline of Church-Pastors and Go*vernors^ -^_<^ ^culties soe*ver they ?nay lie unde-t^^ tion to secular Js/latterr. ict, tit the Honour of that Religion > ^ 2. Disobedience to them the ^ ^ Means to introduce Popery, a^^t^ ner of Errors into any Part of 3. Disobedience to thern nt^J^ j*

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