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We go further, and take the ground that the instructions or laws regulating the relation, in the sense set forth in these pages, are, under the circumstances, indispensable to the perfection of Divine revelation as a rule of moral duty; that it would not meet the condition and wants of the world, in its fallen, perverse, and mixed state, without them.

True, the general principles and spirit of Christianity might reflect some light on this subject; but the information necessary to enable us to understand our duty, as derived from these sources, could not be supposed to be sufficiently clear and general to give and authenticate the rule. And, indeed, our natural inaptitude to give our attention to the consideration of duties plainly revealed, accompanied by all those evidences of right and fitness; together with the subjoined motives, which involve our present and eternal interests, is an irrefutable argument in favour of those declared regulations of the Divine government on this subject.

Whatever may have been the origin of slavery, having obtained very generally and extensively in organized society, it becomes a difficult question, not so much to our Maker, as to us, in our weak and mixed condition. Intricately interwoven in the civil and social state; sanctioned and protected by all the solemn forms of law; deriving additional strength from the prejudice of caste and condition; and sustained by the pride, selfishness, and ambition of human nature,it would appear to have been morally impossible, in view of all the circumstances, for any other course. to have been adopted than the one we have marked out in the Holy Scriptures. Heaven, by the omnipotence of our weakness, seems to have been exclusively

shut up to this alternative; our history on the subject of this relation, presenting to his moral government an exigency for the Divine forbearance to overcome, similar to the interrupted relations between man and his Maker; and to be overcome by the same principles of moral goodness.

And, as we would naturally expect, from the inimitable and illimitable perfections of the Godhead, the remedy in the latter case makes provision for the former, and is in effect, in both cases, to an intelligent universe, the best, to all intents and purposes, that could be done under the circumstances.

We are delighted to have our views of this subject strengthened by the authority of Dr. Francis Wayland, in his Elements of Moral Science. "This very course which the gospel takes on this subject, seems to have been the only one that could have been taken, in order to effect the universal abolition of slavery. The gospel was designed not for one race, or one time, but for all races, and for all times. It looked not at the abolition of this form of evil for that age alone, but for its universal abolition. Hence, the important object of its Author was to gain it a lodgment in every part of the known world, so that by its universal diffusion among all classes of society, it might quietly and peacefully modify and subdue the evil passions of men, and thus, without violence, work a revolution in the whole mass of mankind. In this manner alone could its object, a universal moral revolution, have been accomplished. For if it had forbidden the evil, instead of subverting the principle; if it had proclaimed the unlawfulness of slavery, and taught slaves to resist. their masters, it would instantly have arrayed the two parties in deadly hostility throughout the civilized

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world. Its announcement would have been the signal for servile war, and the very name of the Christian religion would have been forgotten amidst the agitations of universal bloodshed." Page 214.

How, in view of the facts and principles above laid down, the instructions of the Holy Scriptures for the regulation of this relation, as explained in these pages, can be regarded as an impeachment of the character and government of God, we are at an utter loss to conceive. For it does appear to us, that, under the circumstances, infinite goodness could do no less, and infinite wisdom could do no more.

The principles involved in these particular and reciprocal duties, connected as they are with the general principles and spirit of Christianity, form the best, indeed the only basis of an abolition society, known to, and sustained by the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ -the great depository of all reforming power. For just in proportion as any system is imbued with, and conformed to, its spirit and principles, is it efficient, or, if you please, almighty to accomplish the benevolent and meliorating objects contemplated, it being Heaven's great engine of moral power by which to move the world, and move it in the right direction,—from the character of its great Artificer, as a being "in whom is hid all the treasures both of wisdom and knowledge," who may therefore be supposed to know the temper of the materials on which it is to operate, and to possess skill to contrive it according to the most discriminating principles of calculation, for efficiency— and omnipotent power, by which to execute its construction, so as to combine and concentrate fully all the resources of moral energy, that the materials on which it is to operate, according to the laws of their

existence, can endure, and essential goodness to set and keep it in operation, for the accomplishment of all its noble purposes, if we will only be co-workers with him, observing the directions given us for working the apparatus of this moral machinery.

All our attempts at improvement, repairs, or mending, will only be the veriest bungling; and we shall always find it the worse for the slightest alteration we may attempt to introduce. Of this we have, or ought to have, if we are not too dull and stupid, or too conceited to learn, indubitable evidence in the fact, that all the tinkering that mankind have done since the creation to improve on their Maker's plans has resulted in failure, and invariably made them the worse for mending, as the abandoned wickedness of the world abundantly proves. And the fact that a larger measure of success has not been realized in our world's history, in this particular direction, is no more objection to its potency for good, than its failure in any other direction. A better devised system to lead men to repentance cannot be conceived. And yet how alarmingly inefficient in the accomplishment of its gracious designs! And so with regard to every other form of evil existing in society. It will, we think, on a critical examination, be found that its ratio of good is about equal in the correction of all the wrongs of earth. There may be some discrepancy, but we think not material. And all that is wanted, is our full and hearty co-operation; that its godlike efficiency and sufficiency may be realized, reversing entirely the present disordered state of things throughout the whole history of our sin-ruined world, by changing us into His own lovely image of moral goodness, "from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord."

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Then let those who think, or feel, that in the providence of God they are especially called upon to work in the anti-slavery or abolition phases of the present disordered state, organize on these principles. And first of all, let them learn by the operation of these principles on their own hearts, and their power over their own lives, their potency for good, as a qualification, not only to recommend them for their experimental and practical utility, as realized in their own history, but to instruct others in the nature and effects of their operations. And if, after mature and candid deliberation, in looking over the whole field, and examining the question in the light of soberness and truth, (God's truth,) they shall be conducted fairly to the conclusion, that the sunny South is in ignorance of, or without this moral lever, charged with essential divinity, with which to turn the world right side up; let them emigrate to that land of destitution and need, carrying it with them.

For, notwithstanding its tremendous dimensions of moral power, it is portable; a clear, sound head, and a pure, warm heart, will hold it. And availing yourselves of the Book of directions, which you will find on your arrival, you may set it in the full tide of glorious operation. And we think so far from being met with bowie-knives, pistols, rifles, or Lynch law from the churches, or the reflecting portion of the South, you will be hailed with general acclamations of jumping joy, and regarded as messengers of mercy, and the real benefactors of mankind.

From the unscriptural and irrational manner in which the Southern Church and feeling have been goaded in this matter, by our overlooking the providential difficulties that hang around the question, it

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