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Printed for J. and R. TONSON, in the Strand.




22. APR. 1918 OXFORD

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HE Speeches of Ajax and Ulysses Page 1

The Death of Ajax
Story of Acis, Polyphemus, and Galatea
Of the Pythagorean Philosophy

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Translations frm Ovid's Epistles.
Preface concerning Ovid's Epistles
Canace to Macareus
Helen to Paris
Dido to Æneas

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Translations from Ovid's Art of Love.

The First Book of Ovid's Art of Love
Ovid's Amours, Book I. Eleg. 1.
Ovid's Amours, Book I. Eleg. 4
Ovid's Amours, Book II. Eleg. 19.

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Translations from Juvenal.
Dedication to the Earl of Dorset
The First Satire of Juvenal

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