Sidor som bilder

Works about Fulton, conťd.

Suplee (Henry Harrison). Fulton in France. illus. I port. (Cassier's Maga. v. 32, pp. 405419. New York, 1907.)

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Thurston (R. H.) Robert Fulton: his life and its results. New York: Dodd, Mead, & Co. (cop. 1891] 2 p.I., 194 P., I port. 12°. (Makers of America.)

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Contains material relative to Robert Fulton, and his steamboat.

- The beginning of steam navigation, 18071812. (In: Memorial History of the City of New York... Edited by J. G. Wilson. New York, 1893. Vol. 3, pp. 184-214. 4°.)

United States. Report [favorable) of the select committee on petition for relief of the orphan children of Robert Fulton. Feb. 2, 1829. n. t.-p. 6 p. 8°. (20 Cong., 2 sess. H. rpt. 64.)

- Report [favorable of] the select committee to which was referred the petition of the orphan children of... Robert Fulton, Mar. 3, 1830. n. t.-D. 3 p. 8°. (21. Cong., 1 sess. H. rpt. 267.)

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Report (unfavorable of] the Committee of Claims on memorial, and sundry documents pertaining to the claim of the heirs of Robert Fulton, against the United States. Feb. 17, 1842. n. t.-D. 4 p. 8°. (27. Cong., 2. sess. S. doc. 127.)

- Report (favorable] of Committee of Claims on petition of heirs of Robert Fulton... Apr. 12, 1842. n. t.-p. 40 p. 8°. (27. Cong., 2. sess. H. rpt. 588.)

- Instructions of Mr. Livingston, secretary of state, to Dr. Franklin, January 7, 1782, taken from the original manuscript in the department of state. [Washington] n. d. 17 p. fo. (United States--State department.)

- Letters to Chancellor Livingston from Richard Montgomery, John Jay, Washington, Gouverneur Morris, members of the Livingston family, and others: and some by Livingston, 1775– 1799, dealing with the revolution and its effects in New York, the northern campaigns of 1776 and 1777, and national affairs after the war. 180 transcripts. 1840? 2 vol. 4o.

Moore (John Bassett). Robert R, Livingston and the Louisiana purchase. I pl. (Columbia Univers. Quar, v. 6, pp. 221-229. New York, 1904.)

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Fitch (John). The original steam-boat supported; or, A reply to Mr. James Rumsey's pamphlet, shewing the true priority of John Fitch, and the false datings, &c., of James Rumsey. Philadelphia: Zachariah Poulson, junr., 1788. 34, 20 p. 8o.

First issue, with contemporary manuscript corrections in ink.

The 20 pages at the end contain Fitch's reprint of Rumsey's Plan.

- - Philadelphia: Zachariah Poulson, junr., 1788. 34 p. 8o.

Second issue, partly reprinted, with corrections. The reprint of Rumsey's Plan is lacking.

- - (Reprinted in Documentary History of the State of New York. Albany, 1850. v. 2, 4. ed., pp. 603-626. 8. ed., pp. 1040-1078.)

- [Philadelphia? Month? 22, 1792.] To John Nicholson. Fitch had called on Voigt but failed to see him. He will make Nicholson a conveyance as partner; it will not be possible for Voigt to make any disturbance for Fitch can take the patent from him at any time. A, L, S. Endorsed. I p. 4o.


ROBERT R. LIVINGSTON. De Peyster (Frederic). A biographical sketch of Robert R. Livingston. Read before the N. Y. Historical Society, Oct. 3, 1876, by the President. 38 p., I port. New York: the Society, 1876. 4o.

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Livingston (Robert R.) Essay on sheep; their varieties-account of the merinoes of Spain, France, etc...with... remarks on sheep and woolen manufactures. Printed by order of the Legislature of ... New York. New York: T. and J. Swords, 1809. 186 p., I port. 8o.

Stearns (E. S.) Address (at the dedication of the Fitch memorial tablet, July 4th, 1894). (In: Fitchburg hist. soc. Proceedings.... Fitchburg, Mass., 1895. v. 1, pp. 234-252.)

Westcott (Thompson). Life of John Fitch, the inventor of the steamboat. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Eu Co., 1857. Ip.l., xxiv, 25-415 p., I pl. 12°, boat inserted.

Newspaper clippings relating to the inventor of the steam

Whittlesey (Charles). Justice to the memory of John Fitch: who in 1785 invented a steam engine and steam boat, planned, constructed and put in operation the steamboat “Perseverance"... in 1788. Cincinnati: Daily Atlas off., 1845. 12 p. Repr.: West. lit, journ. & month. rev. Feb. 1845.

John Fitch, conťd.

steam navigation. New York: The Grafton Press - Fugitive essays... relating to the early his (1907). vi, 3 l., 143 p., 20 p.1., 1 port., 1 table. tory of Ohio...with a biography of the first suc 12°. (The Grafton historical series.) cessful constructor of steamboats; a dissertation Bullock (Seymour). The development of upon the antiquity of the material universe, and other articles, being a reprint from various peri

| steam navigation... (In: Connecticut Magazine,

vol. 9, pp. 440-455, 765-774; vol. 10, pp. 97-108, odicals... Hudson, 0... Sawyer, Ingersoll au 298–315, 439–460, 695-714; vol. II, pp. 49-64, Co., 1852. 397 p. 12°. pp. 205-16 wanting 246–249. New Haven, 1905-'07. 8°.)

- The “miracle” of the first steamboat. JAMES RUMSEY.

The tragedy of an American genius... illus. (Jour.

of Amer. Hist. Rumsey (James).

v. 1, pp. 33-48. New Haven, A Short Treatise on the 1907.) application of Steam, whereby is clearly shown, - Who built the first steamboat ? (Cassier's from actual experiments, that Steam may be applied to propel Boats or Vessels of any burthen

Maga. v. 33, p. 280-292. New York, 1907.) against rapid current with great velocity. Great

- Anniversary of American commerce. TerVelocity [sic]. The same principles are also intro

centenary of the building of the “ Virginia," the duced with effect by a Machine of a simple and

first ship constructed on the western continent. chep (sic.) Construction, for the Purpose of raising

Centennial of the “Clermont.” Rise of the AmeriWater sufficient for the working of Grist-Mills,

can merchant marine and the development of naviSaw-Mills, &c. And for Watering Meadows and

gation since John Fitch of Connecticut and Robert other Purposes of Agriculture. By James Rumsey,

Fulton. (In: Connecticut Magazine, Vol. II, 1907. of Berkeley County, Virginia. Philadelphia, Printed

New Haven, 1907. pp. 361-398. 8°.) by Joseph James: Chestnut-Street, 1788. 26 p. 8o.

Buslay (Carl). The development of the marine - (Second issue.] Philadelphia, Printed

engine in the last decades. [Read before the So

ciety of German Engineers, in 1888, extracts transby Joseph James: Chestnut-Street, 1788. 26 p. 8o.

lated by F. C. Bieg.] (Amer. Soc. Naval En“Great Velocity” is not repeated; "cheap" is printed

gineers. Jour. v. 1, pp. 151-162. Washington, correctly.

1889.) - - (Reprinted in: Documentary History of the State of New York. Albany, 1850. 4o.

Claxton (Christopher). Logs of the first voy. v. 2, pp. 585-600. 8o. v. 2, pp. 1011-1035).

age, made with the unceasing aid of steam, be

tween England and America, by the Great Western, - Same, separate. 4° and 8o.

of Bristol; also an appendix and remarks. Bristol - A Plan wherein the power of steam is fully [1838?). 8°. shown, By a new constructed Machine, for propel.

Cleland (J.) Historical account of the steam ling Boats or Vessels, of any burthen, against the

engine and its application in propelling vessels: most rapid streams or rivers, with great velocity.

| with an account of the number and uses of the Also, a machine constructed on similar philosophical

steam engines in Glasgow, and number of steam principles, by which water may be raised for Grist

| boats on the Clyde, in the years 1825 and 1829; or Saw-Mills, watering of Meadows, &c., &c. 20 p.

population and statistical tables, births, marriages, 8o. (Reprinted in John Fitch's Original steam boat

and burials. Glasgow; E. Khull Ew Son, 1829. supported. Philadelphia, 1788.)

I p.l., 68 p., I l. 8°.

Cochrane (Robert). William Symington and STEAMBOATS AND STEAM NAVIGATION. the beginnings of steam navigation. illus. (CasAccount of the origin of steam-boats, in Spain,

sier's Maga. v. 32, pp. 525-538. New York,

1907.) Great Britain, and America; and of their introduc

Colden (Cadwallader David). Account of the tion and employment upon the river Thames, be

Invention, Progress, and Establishment of Steamtween London and Gravesend, to the present time.

boats. (In Col.len's Life of R. Fulton. New London, 1831. pl. 8°.

York, 1817. 8°.)
Almeida (Camena d'). Le centenaire de la

Dewey (T. M.) Early navigation of the Connavigation à vapeur et L'Exposition Maritime de

necticut River. The first steamboat. (In : Conn. Bordeaux. (1807-1907.) (Correspondant. Année

Valley Hist. Soc., Papers and Proceedings, 187679, pp. 653-678. Paris, 1907.)

81, pp. 114-122.) Anty (Pierre Bons d'). État actuel de la navi Dodd (George). An historical and explanatory gation à vapeur sur le haut Yang-tseu-Kiang. (La

dissertation on steam-engines and steam packets, géog. année 1902, pp. 89-94. Paris, 1902.) with the evidence...given... to the select commit

Armstrong (Robert). High speed steam tees of the House of Commons;... with a narrative navigation and steamship perfection... London, by Isaac Weld, Esq. of the interesting voyage of 1859. 8°.

the Thames steam yacht from Dublin Battle (A, E.) The history and development

and London.. London: J. Asperne, 1818. 2 p...,

xxv, 1 l., 280 p., 3 pl. 8°. of the marine engine. 2 pl. (Nautical Mag. v. 77, pp. 32-39; 102-108; 188-192; 287–291; 380-385; Fitch (Winchester). American pioneers of 490-495; v. 78, pp. 28-33, 89-94, 228-232, 277 steam navigation. (American scenic & historic 283, 399-402, 465-469. Londom 1907.)

preservation Society. IIth annual report. pp. 213Buckman (David Lear). Old steamboat days

238. Albany, 1906. 8o.) on the Hudson River. Tales and reminiscences of -- (Mag. of Hist. with Notes and Queries. the stirring times that followed the introduction of | vol. 4, pp. 326-343. 1906.)

Steamboats and Steam Navigation, contd.

Marine engineering and shipbuilding in the Fry (H.) The history of North-Atlantic steam | year 1900, in the United Kingdom. (Engineers navigation with some account of early ships and | Gazette. v. 14, pp. 2–9. London, 1901.) shipowners... London: Samson Low, Marston Eu Matchoss (Conrad). Dampfschiffahrt vor Co., 1896. xiv, 324 P., 36 pl., i map. 12°. hundert Jahren. (Technologist. v. 12, pp. 127

Geschichte des Dampfschiffs-wesens im Nord 135. New York, 1907.) atlantischen Ozean. (Archiv, f. Post u. Tele

- Hundert Jahre Dampfschiffahrt. illüs. graphie. v. 27, pp. 461-471. Berlin, 1900.)

(Verein deut. Ingenieure. Ztschr. v. 51, pp. 1285Goddard (Dwight). A short story of William

1296. Berlin, 1907.) Symington. Worcester, Mass,: Wyman S Gor

McFarland (Walter M.) The progress of don, 1904. 41., pl. 12°.

economy in marine engineering. (Engineering Haswell (Charles H.) Early marine engineer

Maga. v. 22, pp. 829-846; V. 23, pp. 45-59; ing in the United States. (Engineering. London,

207-222; 395-412. New York, 1901-'02.) 1898. 1o. v. 65, pp. 515-516.)

- (Sibley Jour. of Engineering. v. 15, - Reminiscences of early marine steam en

pp. 325-338. Ithaca, 1901.) gine construction and steam navigation in the

McKechnie (James). Review of marine enUnited States of America, from 1807 to 1850.

gineering during the last ten years. (Inst. of Me(Marine Engineering. v. 4, pp. 6-9. New York,

chanical Engineers. Proc. 1901. pp. 607-665. 1899.)

London, 1901.) - The early marine steam engine. (Sci. and

- - (Jour. Amer. Soc. of Naval EngiIndustry. v. 6, pp. 229-234. Scranton, Pa.,

neers. v. 13, pp. 827-871. Washington, 1901.) 1901.)

- - (Engineering News. v. 46, pp. 139Hulls (Jonathan). A Description and Draight

144. New York, 1901.) of a new-invented Machine For carrying Vessels

- - (Bull. Soc. d'encouragement pour l'inor Ships Out of, or Into any Harbour, Port or dust. nat. v.101, sem. 2, pp. 390-411. Paris, 1901.) River, against Wind and Tide, or in a Calm... Mellet (F. N.) See Tourasse ( ), and London: Printed for the Author, 1737. 48 pp., F. N. MELLET. i pl. 12o.

Melville (George W.) The outlook in marine - - (Reprinted (at London ?) in 1855, for

engineering. (Cassier's Maga New York, 1899. J. Sheepshank.] 4o.

8o. v. 15, pp. 251-258, 401-410.) This copy is no. 2 of the 12 reprinted on old paper, large

Merriam (John C.) Steam and steamboats. paper size; it has a presentation inscription to James Lenox in J. Sheepshank's autograph.

(In: Eighty Years' Progress of the United States. Jouffroy [d'Albans] (A. [F. É.] de). Des ... Vol. 2. New York, 1861. pp. 227-243. 8o.) bâteaux à vapeur. Précis historique de leur inven Morrison (John H.) History of American tion, essai sur la théorie de leur mouvement et de steam navigation. New York: W. F. Samets & Co., scription d'un appareil palmipede applicable à tous 1903. I p.1., 630, vi p., il. illus. 8°. les navires... Précédé des deux rapports de l'Aca - History of New York Ship Yards. New démie des Sciences. Paris: L. M. Augustin, York: Press of Wm. F. Sametz & Co. [1909] 1841. 2 p.l., xxvi, 1 l., 108 p., I pl., 1 table. 8o. I p.1., 165 (3) p. 8o. Rönigl. (Lie) württembergischen Staatseisen

Chapter 2 (pages 16-50) covers “Early American New York

Shipbuilders. The ‘Clermont' and her builder;" pages 34, bahnen und die Bodenseedampfschiffahrt in Etats 35 contain two cuts of the “Clermont." jahre 1899. (Archiv. f. Eisenbahnwesen. Jahrg. Murray (R.) Steam-ships. (In: ANDREW 24, pp. 1045-1060. Berlin, 1901.)

MURRAY's Ship-building in iron and wood... 2. ed. Latrobe (John Hazlehurst Boneral). A lost Edinburgh: 1863. 4°. pp. 113-149.) chapter in the history of the steamboat. Balti Napier (J. R.) Memoir of the late... David more, 1871. 44 p. 8°. (Fund Publication No. 5.) Elder. (2) 14 p., 1 port., ill. Glasgow: W. Munro,

- The first steamboat voyage on the western print., 1891. 8°. waters. (Maryland Hist. Soc. Fund-pub., no. 6.) National Board of Steam Navigation. ProBaltimore, 1871. 8°.

ceedings of the 15th (1886); 17th-23d (1888-1894); Lloyd (James T.) Lloyd's Steamboat directory

27, 30-37 (1899, 1901-1908) annual meeting. New ...containing the history of the first application of York, 1886-1908. 12° & 8o. steam, as a motive power: the lives of John Fitch Notable incidents in early ocean steam naviand Robert Fulton... being a valuable statistical gation. (Engineer. v. 89, pp. 270-273; 449-451; work, as well as a guide-book for the... public. 555. London, 1900.) Cincinnati, Ohio: J. T. Lloyd & Co., 1856. vi, Porter (P. B.) Mr. P. B. Porter's speech on 326 p. 8°.

internal improvements delivered in the House of MacFarlane (R.) History of propellers and Representatives, on the eighth of February, 1810. steam navigation, with biographical sketches of [Boston, 1721.] 18 p., il. blank. sm. 8°. the early inventors. New York, 1851. 12°.

Preble (G. H.) A chronological history and Maginnis (A. J.) The Atlantic ferry, its development of steam navigation. 1543-1882. ships, men, and working. xviii, 304 p., 14 port., Philadelphia, 1883. 8°. 15 diagrams (folded], illus. London: Whittaker Progrès (Les) de la navigation à vapeur. (Le Ex Co., 1892. 12°.

genie civil. v. 36, pp. 201–203. Paris, 1900.) Main (T.) The progress of marine-engineer Purdy (Thomas C.) Report on steam navigation ing, from the time of Watt until the present day. in the United States. 66 p. (In: U. S. Census New York, 1893. 12o.

Office. 10. Census, 1880. 4o. v. 4, pp. 653–724.)

Steamboats and Steam Navigation, contd.

Sullivan (John L.) Answer to the Letter and Radunz (Karl). 100 Jahre Dampfschiffahrt

Mis-Statements of Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden as 1807-1907. Schilderungen und Skizzen aus der

the Advocate of the Monopoly of Steam and Fire Entwicklungsgeschichte des Dampfschiffes... Mit

in Navigating the Rivers, Coasts and Lakes of ... Abbildungen... Rostock i. M.: C. J. E. Volck

N. Y. Troy, 1823. 2. ed. 8o. mann Nachfolger, 1907. viii, 300 p., 2 pl. 4o. Talbot (Frederick A. A.) The fight for the Rainey (Thomas). Ocean steam navigation

Atlantic. The evolution of the leviathan. (Pall and the ocean post. New York, 1858. 8°.

Mall Maga. v. 24, pp. 433-448. London, 1901.) Redfield (William Charles). Correspondence

Thames pioneer shipbuilders and marine engiwith the United States board of navy commission

neers. (Engineer. London, 1899. fo. v. 87, ers, relative to steam navigation applicable to gov

pp. 81-84.) ernment purposes. (Journal of the Franklin Inst. Thornton (W.), of Washington (D. C.) 1846.) n. t.-p. [Philadelphia, 1846.] 8o.

Short account of the origin of steam boats, written Renwick (James). Account of the steam boats in 1810 and now committed to the press. Wash. navigating the Hudson River in the state of New

ington City: Rapine & Elliot, 1814. 12 p. 16°. York; in a letter to Capt. Edward Sabine. n. t.-p. Tourasse ( ), and F. N. MELLET. Essai (1828.] 8o.

sur les bateaux à vapeur appliqués à la navigation Rogers (Moses). [First steamboat to cross de l'Europe. Considérations... sur les chemins de the Atlantic, and an account of her voyage; in the fer. Paris, 1828–29. 4°. biography of Moses Rogers.] (National cyclo

Ward (John). Chronologically arranged events pedia of American biography, vol. iv, p. 88.) in the evolution of the marine steam engine. Ap

Röntgen (Gerhard Mauritz). Verhandeling pendix to presidential address, Oct. 1907. I table. over de stoombooten. Uitgegeven door het Pro (Inst. Engineers and Shipbuilders. Scotland. vinciaal Utrechtsche Genootschap van Kunsten en Transac. sess. 51 (1907–08). Glasgow, 1908. 8°. Wetenschappen. Utrecht: J. Aliheer, 1825. 3p.l., v. 51, pp. 24-50.) (1) 4-70 p. 4 plans. 8°.

Ward (John D). An account of the steamboat Ross (Sir J.) A treatise on navigation by controversy between citizens of New York and steam... London, 1828. il. pl. 4o.

citizens of New Jersey, from 1811 to 1824, origi- Same.] 2d edition. London, 1837. il. pl. 4o.

nating in the asserted claim of New York to the Sargent (John O.) A lecture on the late im

exclusive jurisdiction over all the waters between

the two states. Read before the New Jersey Hisprovements in steam navigation and the arts of

torical Society, May 15, 1862. naval warfare, with a brief notice of Ericsson's

(In: New Jersey caloric engine: delivered before the Boston Lyceum

Hist. Soc., Proceedings, vol. 9, 1864, pp. 117-134.) ... New York: Wiley & Putnam, 1844. 64 p. 8°. Watkins (J. Elfreth). The log of the SavanSchwarz-Flemming( ). Die Entwickel.

nah. (In: U. Š. National Museum. Report, 1890. ung der Dampfschiffahrt. (Verhandl, d. Vereins

pp. 611-639, i fac sim., 4 pl., 2 port. Washingzur Beförderung d. Gewerbfleisses. pt. 2, Abhandl.

ton, 1891. 8o.) v. 75, pp. 211-250; 322-338; v. 76, pp. 69-87;

White (Sir William H.) The progress in 185-209; 245–264; 295-307; v. 77, pp. 195-241.

steam navigation. (Cassier's Maga. v. 17, pp. Berlin, 1896-1898.)

48–64. New York, 1899.) Seguin (C.) Mémoire sur la navigation à

- - (Smithsonian Inst. Annual rept. 1899, vapeur. Paris, 1828. 4o.

pp. 567-590. Washington, 1901.) Sheppard (Warren). [Collection of 16 plates

- [The characteristic features of the progress illustrating early types of steamboats. Pencil | made in steam navigation.] (Jour. Roy. United drawings made at New York in 1907. About 12" Service Inst. v. 44, pp. 18-40. London, 1900.) X 18".]

- Progress in shipbuilding and marine engiThese are the originals reproduced in the " Early History | neering since 1859. I port. (Min. of Proc. Inst. of Steam Navigation " in " The Rudder,'' 1907, volume 18." of Civil Engineers. v. 155, pp. 11-169. London,

Stanton (Samuel Ward). American steam ves- | 1904.) sels. New York: Smith and Stanton, 1895. Whittemore (H.) Advance sheets of Origin 498 (2) p. 8o.

and progress of steam navigation in America, conViews of 244 steamboats built between the “Clermont"

taining an historical sketch of the ship building and 1894, with notes as to date, place, and name of builder, dimensions, history, etc.

operations of Isaac and William H. Webb, during Statements and documents relative to the es

a period of over half a century. Together with a tablishment of steam navigation in the Pacific

description of Webb's academy and home for ship[edited by Wm. Wheelwright). London, 1838.

builders. New York: The Original & Progressive

Pub. Co., 18yo, xvii, 9 1., I port. 4°.. maps. 8°. Steam navigation on the Hudson. Origin

- Past and the present of steam navigation on and progress of steam as a motive power.

Long Island Sound... [New York, 1893] 8o.

(In: Munsell (J.) The Annals of Albany. Vol. 6. Wilson (John Henry). Facts connected with Albany, 1855. Pages 7-45. 12o.)

the origin and progress of steam communication Stuart (R.) Historical and descriptive anec between India and England. London, 1850. 8o. dotes of steam-engines, and of their inventors and Woodcroft (Bennet). Sketch of the origin improvers... London: Wightman & Cramp, 1829. and progress of steam navigation. London, 1848. 2 v. 24°

pl. 8°.



of the library. The lettersen

With the exception of a number of prints, mainly relating to steam navigation. loaned by Mr. Seymour Dunbar, which are indicated by an asterisk at the beginning of the title, the prints here listed are the property of the Library. The letters EM followed by a number, after a title, indicate that the print in question bears that number in the collection of extra-illustrated volumes formed by Dr. T. A. Emmet and now in possession of the Library.

The notes following items marked with the asterisk are by Mr. Dunbar.
Sizes are given in inches, height always first.


INDIA COMPANY. | D. T. Valentine's

Manual 1863. Lithograph, colored. 1. [Henry Hudson, by Count Pulaski.] 89/16 x

In "Valentine's Manual,” 1863, opposite p. 834. 71/16. Photograph of the painting attributed " The flag under which (Hudson) sailed was that of the to Count Pulaski in the City Hall, New York. Dutch East India Company, which was the flag of the United

Provinces of the Netherlands- orange, white, and blue, arAll the engraved portraits of Hudson are based on this

ranged in three equal horizontal stripes; in the centre of the original.

white stripe the letters A. O. C.- Algemeene Ost-Indise ComAn article on this portrait in the Sun (N. Y.) April 1, 1906,

pagnie-The General East India Co." -D. T. Valentine (who recounts the attempts of Meredith Read and Gen. J. G. Wil

availed himself of information gathered by A. K. Gardner) son to trace the source of the painting. Its authenticity has

in his “Manual" for 1863, p. 835. Some issues of the mannot been established, though B. J. Lossing once thought

ual have this flag reproduced opposite p. 834, while in others (* The Hudson," N. Y., 1866, p. I) that "conjecture shrewdly

the flag of the Dutch West India Company appears instead. guesses” that it was by Paul Van Someren!

The latter has the same colors, but the letters G. W. C.inGen. J. Meredith Read, in his article on Henry Hudson in

stead of A. O. C. * Appieton's Cyclopædia of American Biography," vol. 3,

The lettering is corrected by A. J. F. Van Laer, Archivist, N. Y., 1892, says, p. 298: "There is no authentic portrait or

New York State Library, who writes in a letter of July 28, autograph of Hudson ... It is possible, however, that his

1909, that the flag bore " presumably in the centre the monointimate friend, Jodocus Hondius, engraved Hudson's por

gram of the Dutch East India Company, VOC, meaning trait, and that it may yet be found."

Vereenigde Ost Indische Compagnie, with an A above it, to 2. HENDRICK HUDSON. Left: S.W. [mon

indicate that the ship was sent out by the Amsterdam Cham

ber of that company." ogram]; right: J. W. ORR N. Y. Vign. 44 x 378. Wood engraving after Samuel Wallin.

8. HENDRYK HUDSON ON THE DECK At head of printed biographical sketch, be

OF THEHALF MOON.” | From a paintginning: "Hendrick or Henry Hudson, as ing, copyright, 1904, by George Wharton Ed. he is more usually known." Picture and text wards. 538 x 434. Half-tone. enclosed in a border of two lines.

In “ The Lamp," June, 1904, P: 424. From “ The Illustrated American Biography ... By

The painting is a panel decoration in the officer's mess hall

at West Point. Reproductions in half-tone appeared also in A. D. Jones," vol. 2, N. Y., 1854, P. 23.

the " International Studio," vol. 23, 1904, p. cccxl (612 x 57.

showing an ornamental frame lettered HENDRYK HUD3. Same, without border.

SON | 1009). “The Critic," vol. 45, Aug., 1904, p. 108, and From "The American Portrait Gallery," N. Y., 1858, the “ N. Y. Tribune,” April 10, 1904. P. 287.

9. Arrival of Hudson at Sandy Hook, 1609, p. 3. In 4. HENRY HUDSON. | Designed and etched

lower left corner: MUMFORD. 258 * 3 15/16. for Bancroft's History of the United States. On Wood engraving. rock in foreground: Sep. 1009. 372 x 6%.

In John F. Watson's "Annals and occurrences of New York Vign. Line engraving.

City and State ..." Phila., 1846, oppos. p. 48. 5. HENRY HUDSON, Centre: Engd by E. G. 10. “Henry Hudson entering New York Bay." Williams Bro N. Y. 4 15/16 x 3 13/16.

Half-tone reproduction of a painting by Edward Line engraving.

Moran. 39/16 x 672. In James Grant Wilson's " Memorial History of the City of

From T. Sutro's "Thirteen Chapters of American hisNew York," vol. 1, New York, 1892, opp. p. 108.



HENDRICK HUDSON | PAINTED BY COMPANY. | From the original painting by

ALBERT BIERSTADT. 53/16 x 8 3/16. Chappel in the possession of the publishers. Cen

Photograph of painting and frame. tre above title: Entered according to act of Con

The original painting is in the House of Representatives,

Washington, in a panel near the South doors, gress A D 1870 by Johnson, Fry So Co in ... New York; centre below: Johnson, Fry Su Co, 11. THE HALF MOON. Vignette. 31/16 x 338. Publishers, New York. 5 3/16 x 734. Line Wood engraving. engraving.

The ship surrounded by Indian canoes; the Palisades to the 33

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