Sidor som bilder

Prints, Robert Fulton, contd. use as a land vehicle on wheels being an afterthought. It steamed 16 miles on the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers, at Philadelphia, in 1804. The engine was the second successful one built by Evans.

a. As described.

b. Without border and with this inscrip. tion: OLIVER EVANS "ORUCTOR AMPHIBOLIS, OR AMPHIBIOUS DIGGER. | THE

FIRST AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVE,-1804. 695.* The Eruktor Amphibolis. Oliver Evans,

Philadelphia, 1804. In lower left corner: BAXTER HARLEY. 2x3 3/16. Wood engraving. From Westcott's “Life of Fitch," 1857, p. 381. 696. OLIVER EV AN'S ORKUTER AMPHI

BOLUS | Thirty feet long and twelve broad. Cylinder five inches in diameter with a nineteen inch stroke. | Constructed by Oliver Evans about the year 1804. Wood engraving by LONGACRE. Vign. I 15/16 x 35/. In “Eighty years' progress of the United States,” N.Y., 1861, p. 235.

Types of Hudson River and New York City

Boats subsequent to Fulton. See also Nos. 1972, 397, 43 441, 472, 483, 491, 505, 511, 566, 569. 697.* A view of a paddle wheel steamboat pass

ing the Palisades. 1474 x 20%. Water color drawing, unsigned. About 1825. A copy of no. 347. The boat bears some resemblance to the Chancellor Livingston, and may be intended to represent that vessel. 698.* NORTH RIVER STEAM BOAT and

SAFETY BARGE. Left: Swett; right: Lith. of Pendleton. 334 x 6 3/16. Lithograph. N. Y., about 1825. Shows steamboat “Commerce" towing the barge *Lady Clinton" past the Palisades. The use of safety barges for passengers was due to many explosions on earlier boats. The " Commerce" left the foot of Cortlandt street for Albany on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 699. Steamboat with Safety Barge attached,

running on the Hudson in 1826; Fast Steamboat Plying on the Hudson in 1837. On plate with three other pictures of steamboats. From J. L. Ringwalt's" Development of transportation systems in the U.S.," Phila., 1888. 700.* THE "OLIVER ELLSWORTHBUILT

IN 1824-ESCORT AT OPENING OF ERIE CANAL. | This was one of the first steamboats to have a large iron boiler-It exploded in 1827, causing much | excitement-The legislature was in session in Connecticut, and the post-rider leaped from his | lathered horse and broke into the assembly hall shouting: The Illiver Ollsworth biled her buster!In lower right corner, Copyright 1906, C. S Bullock. 374 x 434. Half-tone from a draw

ing. 701.* Picture of an unnamed side-wheel steam

boat of about 1820-25, with two smoke stacks, partially exposed machinery, bowsprit and a roof over the main deck. Drawn, engraved and published by Alexander Robb of Philadelphia about 1830. 334 x 6 14/16. Woodcut. Robb's proof copy, from his collection.

702. [Picture of the two Hudson River steam

boats "North America" and "Albany,”] Richardson Sc., in lower right corner. 274 x 5 3/16. Wood engraving.

These boats were prominent about 1830. 703.* [Picture of the Hudson River steamboat

“Champlaine" or "Erie.”] 4 15/16 x 8 9/16. Wood engraving. Drawn, engraved and printed by Alexander Robb, of Philadelphia, about 1832-1835. Robb's proof copy, from his collection. The two boats named were sister vessels, built in 1832. See also no. 397. 70372. Steamboat going to the right. DEWITT CLINTON on paddle-wheel box, DEWITT

NTON [reversed] on Aag at stern. Right: Halls 37/16 x 738. Wood engraving. In a scrap book of engravings on wood by John H. Hall. 704. A Hudson River Pioneer (Plate No. 2).

Diameter 3 inches. Half-tone reproduction of an old China dinner plate. From “ The Four-Track News," Nov., 1902, p. 188. Numerous pieces of china ware were made between 1815 and 1850 which showed similar boats and scenes. 705. * Title, above: STEAM BOAT SWALLOW,

PLYING ON THE RIVER HUDSON, PLATE IV. Centre, below: Stevenson's Sketch of the Civil Engineering of North America. Published by John Weale, 59, High Holborn, 1838. Left: James Andrews, Delt.; right: Geo. Aikman, Sculpt. 474 x 8 1/16. Line engraving. The “Swallow” was the longest boat yet built-length 233 feet. 706.* Title, above: NEW-YORK, ALBANY

AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. Below, a wood engraving of the Hudson River steamboat “Troy,I 5/16 x 4, and a schedule of the trips of the boats "Troy," "Empire," "Albany" and "Swallow.” An advertising hand

bill printed about 1837. 707.* Picture of the Hudson River steamboat

"Alida," on the title-page of a piece of sheetmusic: "THE ALIDA WALTZ.At bottom, in centre: "PUBLISHED BY FIRTH POND & CO. NO. I FRANKLIN SQ. Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1847. G. & W. ENDICOTT LITH. N. Y.4 3/16 x 7 7/16. Lithograph. Shows the boat passing through the Highlands. The “Alida” was 286 feet long, with paddle wheels 32 feet in diameter. 708.* A Hudson River steamboat, run by pro

pellers, on an advertising handbill bearing the title: NEW LINE OF IRON STEAM PROPELLERS, BETWEEN ALBANY AND PHILADELPHIA, etc. I 11/16 x 2 9/16. Wood engraving. About 1840-45.

This was the first line to put screw-propelled vessels into regular use in America. Its first boat, 70 feet long, was built in England by Ericsson, and her captain, in 1839, was given the freedom of the City of New York for bringing her across the ocean with a crew of five men. 709.* A wash drawing of the Hudson River

steamboat "Atlantic," passing through the Highlands. 5 15/16 x 10. Unsigned. Done about


AT NEW YORK, AFTER THE DESIGN River steamboats: “ Commerce" (1825), “Champlain" (1832), “DeWitt Clinton " (1832), "Highlands **(1835), " Rochester" (1836), "Utica. (1836), towboat - Norwich" (1836)," Albany" (1839),“ Troy" (1840)," Rip Van Winkle" (1845), "Thomas Powell" (1845), "Armenia” (1847), " Alida" (1647), tow-boat * Oswego" (1848), “Francis Skiddy" (1851), "Isaac Newton" (1855), “New World" (1855), "James W. Baldwin "(1860), " Mary Powell " (1861), "St. John” (1863), “Berkshire" (1864), "Dean Richmond” (1865), "Saratoga" (1877), "Albany" (1880), “Kaaterskill " (1882), tugboat "John H. Cordis" (1883), passenger propeller - City of Kingston" (1884), tugboat * Pocahontas" (1884), propeller ** Homer Ramsdell " (1887), and "New York (1887).

Prints, Robert Fulton, contd.

OF CAPTAIN ERICSSON. W. ROBERTS, SC. in lower left corner. 174 x 5 5/16. Wood

engraving. About 1855. 711. A Hudson river Catamaran steamboat. On

pennant the name TROY. 3 5/16 x 7 6/16. Wood engraving. From the Journal of Commerce, N. Y.(?), Jan. 17. 1834, with a descriptive article, “In the new era of steam power.” Copied from the Mechanics Magazine. 712.* STEAM CATAMARAN-H. W. LONG

FELLOW. Left: PUBLISHED BY CURRIER IVES. Right: 115 NASSAU ST: NEW YORK. 8 5/16 x 13 13/16. Lithograph, colored. Boats of this type were occasionally tried on the Hudson from about 1835 until about 40 years thereafter. 713. CATAMARAN FOR FAST PASSEN

GER TRAVEL ON THE HUDSON, NOW IN COURSE OF CONSTRUCTION AT NYACK, N. Y. At top, under diagram, Lower Deck Plan. 878 x 12 6/16. Photomechanical reproduction. From the “ Daily Graphic," N. Y., 187–. 714.* EXPLOSION OF THE STEAMER REIN

DEER, ON THE HUDSON RIVER. In lower left corner: CHAPIN DEL. 5X 9 3/16. Wood engraving. 715.* DESTRUCTION OF THE STEAMER

HENRY CLAY, BY FIRE, ON THE HUDSON RIVER. In lower left corner: CHAPIN DEL. 56/16 x 9 7/16. Wood engraving.

The boat is shown, beached and burning, opposite the Palisades. 716.* The Hudson River steamboat Daniel

Drew. In lower right corner, "T.4. 3/16 x 6 11/16. Wood engraving. Proof before

title. 717. "Hudson River Steamboat, Mary Powell,

1861." 334 x 1038. Pencil drawing by War

ren Sheppard, 1907. 718. “N. Y. Harbor boat Sylvan Stream 1863."

2 13/16 x 67/8. Pencil drawing by Warren

Sheppard, 1907. 719. "Hudson River Steamer Albany.” 378 x

1038. Pencil drawing by Warren Sheppard,

1907. 720. "Hudson River Towboat Oswego." 378 x

10/8. Pencil drawing by Warren Sheppard. 721.* A HUDSON RIVER STEAMBOAT.

Lower right corner: L. JOHNSON & CO. 2 5/16 x 6 3/16. Wood engraving About

1870. 722.* RUNNING UPON THE SUNKEN MEADOWS. In lower right corner: F. S. Cozzens. Top corners arched. 3 9/16 x 9 2/16. Wood engraving.

The burning of the Seawanhaka. 723. "The Magnificent Morse" passing An

thony's Nose. In both upper corners, in monogram, the letters "P. L.7.7/16 x 14 12/16.

Half-tone. 724.* The New Steel Steamer "Hendrick Hud

son," of the Hudson River Day Line. 10 1/16 X 14. Half-tone in colors. Samuel Ward Stanton's "American Steam Vessels," N. Y., 1895, contains pictures of the following Hudson

Some other types of American Steamboats

Subsequent to Fulton. 725.* WALK-IN-THE-WATER. In lower left

corner: S. E. CO. Upper corners rounded. 3 9/16 x 4 12/16. Wood engraving.

The first steamboat built on Lake Erie (at Buffalo, in 1818). She made a round trip from Buffalo to Detroit about every two weeks until wrecked, in 1821. This picture is from a drawing made after the wreck, when her broken keel gave her deck a saucer-like curve. 726.* THE BAY AND RIVER STEAMER

"CHARLOTTE," BUILT AT ERNESTTOWN, U. C., 1818. 2 x 4 2/16. Wood engraving. About 1850. One of the earliest Canadian steamboats. With two very tall stacks, a log cabin shaped after-structure, and pyramid shaped engine covering. 727.* Dampfboot auf dem Mississippi. On the

side of the boat the name "BELVEDERE.2 10/16 x 3 11/16. Line engraving. Published in Stuttgart in 1842.

The “ Belvidere ” was an example of all that was dangerous and rickety in early river navigation, and for years her picture was the one used in other countries to represent American steamboats, especially when it was desired to belittle the United States. She was built in Portsmouth, Ohio, in 1825 and fell to pieces, worn out, in 1831. The average life of the boats of her period was from three to four years. 728.* A broadside view of the "Flora." 2 10/16

x 5. Pencil drawing. About 1835. The “Flora” was built in Pittsburgh in 1835. Her resemblance to the famous · Belvidere" is very notice


729.* Interior of a cabin on an early boat.

4 1/16 x 6 6/16. Pencil drawing. Shows a dining table, flanked by two benches. A lamp is suspended from the ceiling, and a stove stands at one end, in a square basin to prevent coals from igniting the woodwork. The boat was evidently a very small one, without pretensions. 730.* A side-wheel steamboat of about 1825-30,

with partially exposed machinery, two smoke stacks and awnings over both forward and after decks. 4 7/16 x 10 4/16. Drawn, engraved and published by Alexander Robb. Robb's proof copy, from his collection. About

1835. 731.* A large side-wheel steamboat, with two

smoke-stacks and two decks aft. Drawn, engraved and published by Alexander Robb. 36/16 x 7. Wood engraving. Robb's proof

copy, from his collection. About 1835. 732.* Title, at top: WESTERN WATER

STEAM BOAT. `PLATE V. Left: Drawn by James Andrews, from a sketch made on the River Ohio, by David Stevenson; right: Geo. Aikman, Sculpt.; centre, below: Pub

Prints, Robert Fulton, contd.

740.* The screw propeller steamboat Phoenix, lished by John Weale, 59, High Holborn, 1838 the name appearing at the bow, and on a pen| Stevenson's Sketch of the Civic Engineering ' nant. One mast is stepped far forward. A of North America. 4 1/16 x7 14/16. Line en

single smoke-stack is amidships. In lower graving.

right corner: RICHARDSON, SC. 11 X 18 2/16. 733.* A side-wheel walking-beam steamboat.

Wood engraving. About 1860-65. At the top of a bill of lading, dated March 741. STEAMBOAT FROM NEW ORLEANS 31, 1842, with the printed inscription: MER


2 2/16 x 5 10/16. Wood engraving. BOAT COMPANY. Between New-York and

In “Eighty years' progress of the United States," Philadelphia, via Delaware and Raritan Canal. New York, 1861, vol. 182. Vign. 2 3/16 x 7 2/16. Wood engraving.

742.* ON THE MISSISSIPPI. Centre, above 734.* WM. NORRIS. Left: LITH. OF ENDICOTT & CO. N. Y. Top corners arched.

title: Drawn & Engraved by J. W. Watts. Border of one line. 5 2/16 x 8 4/16; to border,

4 7/16 x7 7/16. Line engraving. About 1855. 5 9/16 x 8 12/16. Lithograph, one tint. About

A race between the steamboats "St. Louis” and “Mis

sissippi." 1845. The Wm. Norris was a side wheel walking-beam boat,

743.* LUTTE ENTRE DEUX STEAMBOATS. with two stacks set on a fore-and-aft line.

Left: Ed. Willmann del. sc.; right: Imp. 735.* A screw-propelled steamboat with two Ch. Chardon ainé Paris. 46/16 x 6 11/16. masts and furled sails, and with the engine Line engraving. About 1870. at the extreme stern of the boat, partly over A race on the Mississippi between the "Natchez" and hanging the water. At the top of a bill of

“Eclipse." lading, dated Sept. 1, 1846, with the printed | 744.* A RACE ON THE MISSISSIPPI. Left: inscription: MERCHANTS' CANAL LINE PUBLISHED BY CURRIER GIVES; right: OF Iron Steam Propellers, between NEW. 115 NASSAU ST. NEW YORK; centre, above YORK AND PHILADELPHIA. Vign. 2 14/16 title: ENTERED ACCORDING TO ACT x3 5/16. Wood engraving.

OF CONGRESS IN THE YEAR 1870 BY 736.* A side-wheel steamboat. On paddle-box CURRIER & IVES IN ...NEW YORK. the name BALTIC. On pennant the word

7 13/16 x 12 8/16. Lithograph, colored. TROY. Occupying the upper half of title A race between the Diana" and the “Eagle." These page to THE BALTIC WALTZ. Below:

speed contests between rival lines were very common be

tween 1850 and 1875, and often resulted in the explosion of G. & W. ENDICOTT LITH. N. YORK,

overtaxed boilers, and loss of life. When announced 4 9/16 x 8 3/16. Lithograph. New York, 1847. beforehand, many people tried to secure passage on the

contestants, and very large sums were wagered by the 737.* The “Confidence," a walking-beam boat.

public on the results. 2 6/16 x 7 14/16. Pen-and-ink drawing. About 1845-1850.

745.* THE GREAT MISSISSIPPI STEAMA flag at the stern bears the word “Express.”


TO ST. LOUIS, JULY 1870. | Between the BOAT JACOB STRADER. On paddle box: R. E. Lee, Capt. John W. Cannon and Natchez CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE MAIL Capt. Leathers. | WON BY THE R. E. LEE, LINE. LOW PRESSURE. JACOB STRADER.

TIME: 3 DAYS 18 HOURS AND 30 MIN4 15/16x9 5/16. Wood engraving. Published

UTES; DISTANCE 1210 MILES. Left: in 1854.

PUBLISHED BY CURRIER IVES; right: Showing the vessel leaving Cincinnati on her first trip.

125 NASSAU ST. NEW YORK. Below, This boat, built in 1654, was the finest western steamer yet left: The Boats left the wharf at New Orconstructed. She cost $200,000, and her speed was 18 miles

leans, June 30th, 1870 at 4.55 P. M. The an hour. The words “low pressure" were to reassure the public against boiler explosions.

Lee reached the wharf Boat at St. Louis July 739. THE BAY STATE" AND "EMPIRE

4th. at 11.25 A. M.; below, right: The NatCITYSTEAM-SHIPS. Left: E. LAN

chez reached the wharf Boat at St. Louis, DELLS. Above, in centre: TRAVELLING

July 4th. at 5.58 P. M., six hours & thirtyIN THE UNITED STATES. 5 10/16 x

three min. behind the Lee, having been de8 7/16. Wood engraving. London, about

tained six hrs. by a Fog at Devils Id. 84/16 1855-60.

X 12 7/16. Lithograph, colored. 1870.




ing up scale.] [Amstelodami: G. Blaeer), [1658?]

Size: 19 x 14% inches.
The arrangement is chronological.

Scale: about 50 miles=i

inch. Engraved on copper; colored by hand. Facsimile of a Map found 1841 in the Loket

Pas caarte van Nieuw Nederlandt uytgegeven Kas of the States General in the Royal Archives

door Hendrick Doncker. Amsterdam: (no publisher at the Hague; referred to, in 1616, in memorial of

given.] [1659 ?). 25 x 212 inches. Scale: 28 miles discoveries of Schipper Cornelis Hendrickssen.

to inch. Copperplate; handcolored. Lithographed from the original map deposited by J. Romeyn Brodhead in the office of the Secy. of

Facsimile.) Carta particolare della nuoua Belgia State at Albany. (See following notes.] 17 x 20 è parte della nuoua Anglia. La lon gikidine inches: Scale: about 46 miles to inch. The origi

Cominea da l'Isola di Pico d'Asores. Æ'Lucini nal "Carte Figurative” of which the foregoing Fice. [1660 ?]. Size: 141772 inches. Scale: 42 description is a facsimile, was annexed to the miles=1 inch. Pease lith. Albany. Plain. Memorial presented to the States-General on the A Map of New England and New York. Lon18th August, 1616, by the “ Directors of New don: Thomas Basset: [1666]. Size: 194 x144 Netherland," praying for a special Octray, accord inch. Scale: 40 miles=1 inch. ing to the Placaat of 27th March, 1614, and is re

Novi Belgii quodnunc Novi Yorck vocativo ferred to in the Memorial as shewing the extent of

Novequæ Angliæ & Partis Virginiæ, accuratissima the discoveries made by Schipper Hendricxson of

et Novissima delineatio. [Amsterdam: Jacob von Munnichendam, in a small yacht of 8 lasts (16 tons)

Meurs? 1673 ?] Size: 1472 x 1 1/2 inches. Scale: burthen, named the “Onrust" (The Restless)

about 56 miles=1 inch. Engraved on copper. Plain. which the Memorialists had caused to be built in New Netherland: signed J. Romeyn Brodhead

Pas caarte van Nieu Nederlandt en de Engelsche Agent of the State of New York, &c.

Virginies von Cabo Cod tot Cabo Caurick. [Am.

sterdam: Peter Goos, 1676?) 20 x 17 inches. Scale: Map of Rennselaer's Wyck (together with fac

30 miles to inch. Copperplate. Plain. simile signatures of Dutch Officials connected with the affairs of the New Netherlands.] 1630: fac

Belgii Novi, Angliæ Novæ, et partis Virginiæ simile. New York: G. Su W. Endicott: (no date

Novissima delineatio. Apud Petrum Schenck et

Girardum Valck. Amstelodami [no publisher given). 24 x 19 inches. Scale (not given). Litho

given] [1690?] Size: 19%2x1672 inches. Scale: graph.

40 miles to inch. Copperplate; colored by hand. Nova Anglia, Novvm Belgivm et Virginia. [Leyden, 1630.) Size: 14 x 11 inches. Scale: 60

An Exact Mapp of New England and New York. Milliaria Germanica=2.5 inches +. Copper.

[London, 1702.) Size: 15 x 12%8 inches. Scale:

60 miles=324 inches+. Copper. In Joannes de Laet's “Beschrijvinghe van West-Indien," 2. ed., Leyden: Elseviers, 1630.

In Mather's Magnalia, London, 1702. Kaart van Nieuw Nederland, behoorende tot Map of Livingston Manor Anno 1714... John de, door het Provinciaal Utrechtsch Genoopchap, Beatty Dep. Surv'r. [facsimile of copy) (with 14 bekroonde verhandeling van R. G. Bennet en J. van lines descriptive of the boundaries. Albany: Wyk, Reg. Dordrecht: 1. de Vosgles, [1637 ?] J. E. Gavit? 185-?] Size: 1038 x 64 inches. Size within border: 18%2x 1734 inches. Scale: 21 Scale: n. s. Engraved and printed by J. E. Gavit, miles=1 inch. Lithograph. Plain.

Albany. Plain. (Facsimile Copy of Visscher's Map of New Eng. New England, New York, New Jersey and Penland entitled) Novi Belgii. Tabula ad N. J. silvania. By H. Mole, Geographer. No. 49. [LonVisscher delineationem repetita quæ ex...aliis don: Bowles?] [1730?] Size: 104 x 736 inches. tabulis colligi potuerant additis lapidi incisa diri Scale: 69 miles=1 inch. Engraved on copper; genti. 1655. [No place of publication given.) colored by hand. S. M. Asher, 1855. Size: 21 x 18 inches. Scale: The Southern Part of the Province of New York; 35 miles to inch. Lithograph. Plain.

with part of the adjoining Colonies. By Thos. Map of New Netherlands. With a view of New Kitchin Senr. Hydrogr. to His Majesty. London Amsterdam (now New York) A.D. 1656. Copied [no publisher given] (1750?] Size within border: from Van der Donck's Map. New York: D. T. 634 x 9%8 inches. Scale: 1872 miles=1 inch. EnValentine, 1852. Size: 7x1134 inches. Scale: graved on copper. Plain. n. s. Lithographed. Plain.

A Map of the Eastern part of the Province of Nova Belgica et Anglia nova. [Map full of New York, with part of New Jersey... By T. animals, ships, boats, natives and two children bear- | Kitchin, Geogr. Engrav'd for the London Mag. Maps of New York Province and State, cont'd. I Combined atlas of the state of New Jersey, and London: R. Baldwin, 1756. Size: 8 x 6%8 inches.

the County of Hudson... Philadelphia: G. M. Scale: 47 miles=1 inch. Engraved on copper.

Hopkins & Co., 1873. 169 p. fo.
A MSS. Map of British North America showing

Hudson River.
the Distribution of His Majesty's forces. . . 29th
March 1766 by Danl. Paterson Assist. Qr. Mast.

The arrangement is chronological. Genl. Size: 2472 x 20 inches. Scale: 100 miles I 1609. The Hudson River (Cabohatatea) at the inch. Pen & ink & brush; colored by hand.

time of its discovery by Henry Hudson. By TownA Map of the Manor of Renselaerwick surveyed send MacCoun... The Indian names are obtained and laid down by... by Jno. R. Bleecker, Surveyor, from the Dutch Colonial Records; the deeds and 1767... Copied from the original in the possession patents of the Van Rensselaer, Schuyler, Livingston, of Genl. Stephen Van Renselaer by D. Vaughan. Van Cortlandt, and Philipse families... Copyright [Albany: J. E. Gavit ? 185-?] Size: 2072 x 1434 1909... New York. inches. Scale: about 2%2 miles=1 inch. En [Facsimile). De Noord Rivier anders R Mangraved & printed by J. E. Gavit. Plain.

hattans off Hudson's Rivier Genaamt in t'Groodt. Map of 2000 acres granted to Ross and 2000 Copied from the original Dutch Map in Verdere acres to Goldthwaite. Note. These lands lie 6 Aenteyckeninge of Duplyque 1666? van den Heer miles west of Fort George and within a mile of George Downis, Middeburgh. New York: [no the North Branch of Hudson's River, and about publisher named]: 1854. 23 x 6 inches. No scale 472 miles of the northwest corner of Queensbury. given. Lithographed in brown ink. [No place and publisher given.) 1775. Size within [The Hudson River from New York to Lake border: 20%2 inches x 14%2 inches. Scale: i mile George.] Inset plan of Fort Edward. [London: to the inch. Manuscript. Plain.

Baldwin ? 1775?] Size: 234 x 10 inches. Scale: Map of the Progress of his Majesty's Armies in About 22 miles=ı inch. Engraved on copper, New York, During the late Campaign Illustrating Plain. the Accounts Publish'd in the London Gazette. Der Teufels Belt gemeiniglich genannt Der [London, 1776.] Size within border: 12% x 758. Lange Insels Sund. 1774 x 872 inches. Scale: 30 Scale: 5 miles=1 inch. Engraved on copper. miles=4% inches. Copper. Colored by hand. Plain.

In: Geographische Belustigungen zur Erläuterung Part of the Counties of Charlotte and Albany, der neuesten Weltgeschichte (Leipzig, 1776). in the Province of New York: being the Seat of Shows the Hudson from the Narrows to the Highlands. War between the King's Forces under Lt. Gen.

A Topographical Map of Hudson's River... from Burgoyne and the Rebel Army. By Thos. Kitchin,

| Sandy Fort Edward, also... by Lakes Senr. London: (No publisher given.] 1777? Size:

George & Champlain as high as Fort Chambly on 678 x 976 inch. Scale: About 10 miles=1 inch.

Sorel River by C. J. Sauthier. London: Wm. Faden, Engraved on copper. Plain.

1776. Size: 2034 x 30 inches. Scale: 4 miles to An atlas of the state of New York...drawn... inch. Copperplate. Colored by hand. under the...direction of Simeon De Witt... pursuant to an act of the legislature, and also the

Map of the Hudson between Sandy Hook and physical geography of the state...& statistical

Sandy Hill with the Post Road between New York tables... New York: D. H. Burr, 1829.

and Albany... Bridges delt. New York: A. T.

29 P., 50 l., 51 maps. 1°.

Goodrich & Co., 1820. Size: Each 82 x 7 inches.

Scale: 2 miles=1 inch. Engraved on copper by Atlas of New York and vicinity from actual sur

Rollinson. Plain. veys by...F. W. Beers...& others... New York:

Carte pour servir à l'Itinéraire pittoresque du Beers, Ellis Eu Soule, 1867. 2 p.l., 2-62 ff., 5 pl.

Fleuve Hudson et des Parties latérales de l'Amérique Includes Dutchess County, N. Y.

du Nord: par J. Milbert. [Paris: Imprimerie de

Bove, 1826. Size: 16 x 19 inches. Scale: 70 miles Atlas of New York and vicinity from actual sur

to inch. Lithograph. Colored by hand. veys by...F. W. Beers...& others... New York: Beers, Ellis & Soule, 1867. 59 ff. fo.

A New Map of the Hudson River; the Post Pages 40 and 45 each have a duplicate; 22 a, 31 a and 31 b

Roads between N. York & Albany, the Northern & are additional pages. Includes Fairfield County, Conn.

Western Canals, etc., etc. Albany: W. CamAtlas of New York and vicinity from actual sur

meyer, Jr., 1829. Size: 45 x 4/4 inches. Scale: veys by...F. W. Beers...& others... New York:

4 miles to inch. Engraved on copper. Plain. Beers, Ellis & Soule, 1868. 72 ff., 3 pl. fo. Wade & Croome's Panorama of the Hudson Includes Westchester County, N. Y.

River from New York to Albany, drawn from Asher & Adams' new topographical map of the

| nature. New York: J. Disturnell, 1846. Size: state of New York... New York: Asher & Adams,

143 x 5%8 inches. Scale: i mile=ı inch. Engraved [c. 1869.] 2 p.l., 28 p. fo.

on copper by William Wade. Plain. Asher & Adams' new topographical atlas and gaz

New map of the Hudson River, 1847. [With etteer of New York, comprising a topographical

text.] Troy: J. C. Kneeland & Co.'s steam press view of the several counties of the state, together

(1847). 107/2 inches x 2 feet 4 inches. with a railroad map... including... map of the Map of the Hudson River Rail Road from New U. S. and territories... New York: Asher See York to Albany. W. C. Moore del. Engraved Adams (c. 1871). 56, 60–80 p. fo.

by Robt. Haering, N. Y. Litho. of G. Snyder,

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