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Göteborgs etnografiska museum., 1956
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Sida 82 - ... chambira string, the hunter carries a pendant made of a short section of the lower jaw of the piranha or scissorfish (Salmonidae). This piece of jawbone usually has from four to six triangular teeth and is used for cutting a ring around the darts close to the tip. This is done to assure that the dart, if broken by the animal, will snap off at the ring, thus leaving the poisoned end in the wound. This device is especially important in hunting monkeys who, when hit, immediately try to extract the...
Sida 23 - NATIVE PEOPLES OF SOUTH AMERICA By JULIAN H. STEWARD and Louis C. FARON, both of the University of Illinois.
Sida 80 - tripod vessels of various sizes and shapes, supported by looped ribbons of clay, are characteristic of Veraguas and of no other region
Sida 85 - ... Kropfforschung im 19. Jahrhundert (unt. bes. Berücks, der Schweiz). — Aarau : Sauerländer 1951. 173 S. = Veröffentl. d. Schweiz. Ges. f. Gesch. d. Med. ud Naturwiss., 19. 3923. Fischler, Franz: Die Kropf prophylaxe durch Vollsalz; Hans Eggenberger zum Gedenken. Med. Klin. 44 (1949), 339-340.+ 3924. Greenwald, Isidor: The history of goiter in Africa. Bull. Hist. Med. 23 (1949), 155-185 + 3925.

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