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IN completing the First Volume of the "PENNY POST," we have to express our thanks to our numerous friends and readers, who, from the beginning, have continued to take a lively interest in it. We trust that, notwithstanding all its defects, it has supplied a body of sound and useful reading to those persons for whose especial benefit it was designed. We believe too, that its teaching has been in entire agreement with that of Holy Scripture and the Church. Our hope is that the arrangements in progress for the ensuing year are such as may render the Magazine still more interesting and more extensively useful.


London, Advent, 1851.

Aboo-Simbool, account of; 326.

Be contented; 81.

Bedesman, the; 292.

Bennee Hassan, account of; 329.

Beveridge, Bishop, his experiment; 186.

Bird and the Feather, the; 25.

Bishops, the Australasian; 140.

Bishop of Ossioot, interview with; 130.

Bishop of New Zealand, speech of; 161.

Bishops, benefits of the increase of; 168.

"Blacksmith, the Village;" 129.

Boyle, Robert, on knowledge; 296.

Books for use; 28, 56, 84, 224, 280, 332.

Bramhall, Archbp., on ceremonies; 229.

Brazil, the emigrants to, 44, 99, 210, 233.

Bull, Bishop, on Church of England; 205.
Burke, on self-sufficiency; 14: on Reve-

lation; 306: on a useful long life; 330.

Cairo, account of; 20, 48.

California, a voyage from; 197.

Canada, the cold of; 250.

Carter, John; 240.

"Cathedrals, what is the use of our?" 120.

Caution given two hundred years ago; 28.

Census of Great Britain in 1851; 176.

Ceremonies, the use of; 229.

"Ceremonies, why don't you give up
those which people dislike?" 68.

Charity, the object of; 50.

Charity, the House of, in London; 205.

Charity, a House of, in Paris; 265.

Chinese Maxims; 128.

"Christ Church Meadow, Oxford;" 244.

"Christ in His Church;" 129.

Christian, the probity of a; 237.

Church History, Notes on; 1, 29, 60, 87,
114, 169, 197, 225, 281, 309.
"Church Principles,' what do they mean
by it;" 7.

Church in Australia, the; 145.

Clergy in Australasia, number of; 160.

Common Questions answered; 6, 34, 64,
93, 120, 205, 230, 253, 287.

Convicts, colonization of Australia by ; 143.
Correspondents, Notices to; 56, 79, 109,
125, 192, 224, 252, 258, 308, 330.

Creeds, the safeguard against heresy; 90.

"Crown, ought it to judge in spiritual

causes?" 64.

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"I believe in the Holy Ghost;" 269.

John, St., and the Robber; 285.
Jones of Nayland, saying of; 133
Joseph, the Emperor, anecdote of; 46.

Old Richard and little James; 260.

Old News better than none; 1, 29, 57,

85, 113, 169, 197, 225, 257, 281, 309.

On seeing a Cross almost concealed by
Ivy and Roses; 325.
Ossioot, account of; 105, 130.

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The Penny Post.



No. I.

"CHURCH History!-What is that?”


Why, the History of the Church, to be sure."

"Do you mean the history of this Church of ours, by the road side, with its roof and windows, its epire and porches, its clock and bells, and weathercock and all? Well, I should like to know all about that 'tis such a curious old antient place: and besides, one loves it because one has always been used to it, and because so many things have happened there to one's self and one's friends-baptisms, marriages, confirmations, burials, and what


"And besides all that, the Church is the place where God is especially found, where He so often calls us to meet Him. I don't wonder that you want to know about its history. But it is not that which we mean when we talk of Church History. We are thinking, then, of something which had a beginning long before this our village church, old as it is, and which will last long after that has come to an end."

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"I should like to know, for certain, what you mean. “Well, think over the Belief, and tell me whether you find the word Church,' any where in it.”

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"To be sure, the Holy Catholic Church;' and I believe one Catholic and Apostolic Church.'

“Very well; but can that mean the Church yonder, where wo go every Sunday?"


Why should it not?"

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