Stone Blossoms

iUniverse, 1 sep. 2006 - 102 sidor
"Stone Blossoms" is a collection of three books of poetry, each unique unto themselves. It represents a period in the life of the author, which he reflects upon in the introduction, of heightened emotion and the disastrous consequences, which resulted from this. One of the major themes of the book is youth and the intense romantic idealism of youth. This book, however, does not simply comment upon that phenomenon but offers the reader a glimpse of it from the inside. It allows an intimate look at the intensity of true love and the reflection upon its truth, having lost it. In addition to this, the poetic forms utilized are incredibly imaginative and innovative, exemplifying the spirit of Romanticism while embracing the daring period of the twentieth century. In the end, this book is timeless and unique.

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