Plays: The maid of honour. The picture. The Emperor of the East. The fatal dowry. A new way to pay old debts


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Sida 502 - Set all things right, or, as my name is Order, And by this staff of office that commands you, This chain and double ruff, symbols of power, Whoever misses in his function, For one whole week makes forfeiture of his breakfast, And privilege in the wine - cellar.
Sida 572 - But note what miracles the payment of A little trash, and a rich suit of clothes, Can work upon these rascals ! I shall be, I think, Prince Wellborn. MAR. When your worship's married, You may be — I know what I hope to see you. WELL. Then look thou for advancement. MAR. To be known Your worship's bailiff, is the mark I shoot at. WELL. And thou shalt hit it. MAR. Pray you, sir, despatch These needy followers, and for my admittance...
Sida 328 - I should make very forges of my cheeks, That would to cinders burn up modesty, Did I but speak thy deeds. What committed! Heaven stops the nose at it and the moon winks, The bawdy wind that kisses all it meets Is...
Sida 520 - I'll have her well attended ; there are ladies Of errant knights decay'd, and brought so low, That, for cast clothes and meat, will gladly serve her; And 'tis my glory, though I come from the city, To have their issue, whom I have undone, To kneel to mine, as bond-slaves.
Sida 589 - Arm'd with his cutthroat practices to guard him The right that I bring with me will defend me, And punish his extortion.
Sida 545 - ... him roast it With a Norfolk dumpling in the belly of it ; And, sir, we wise men know, without the dumpling 'Tis not worth three-pence.
Sida 507 - I much hope it. These were your father's words : " If e'er my son Follow the war, tell him it is a school Where all the principles tending to honour Are taught, if truly followed...
Sida 529 - On9 a suit of fourteen groats, bought of the hangman, To grow rich, and then purchase, is too common : But this sir Giles feeds high, keeps many servants, Who must at his command do any outrage; Rich in his habit, vast in his expenses; Yet he to admiration still increases In wealth, and lordships. Ord. He frights men out of their estates, And breaks through all law-nets, made to curb ill men, As they were cobwebs. No man dares reprove him.
Sida 519 - I would have thee seek him out, and, if thou canst, Persuade him that 'tis better steal than beg; Then, if I prove he has but robb'da henroost, Not all the world shall save him from the gallows.
Sida 538 - Pray you, pardon the comparison. Lov. I allow it ; And to give you assurance I am pleased in't, My carriage and demeanour to your mistress, Fair Margaret, shall truly witness for me, I can command my passions.

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