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459 La Salle

UNITY. Edited by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Monthly.

$1.00 a year. 1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo. WEE WISDOM. (For children.) Edited by Myrtle Fillmore.

Monthly. 50 cents a year. 1315 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo. DAS WORT. (German.) Edited by H. H. Schroeder. Monthly. $1.00 a year.

2622 South 12th Street, St. Louis, Mo. HARMONY. Edited by C. L. and M. E. Cramer. Monthly.

$1.00 a year. 3360 17th Street, San Francisco, Cal. With

UNITY, $1.50. EXPRESSION. Monthly. $1.58 a year; 24 Lower Phillmore

Place London, W., England. THE HIGHER THOUGHT. Edited by Evelyn Arthur See and Agnes Chester See. Monthly.

$1.00 a year. Ave., Chicago, Ill. With UNITY, $1.50. FULFILLMENT. Edited by Grace M. Brown. Monthly. $1.00 a year.

1756 Champa Street, Denver, Colo. With UNITY, $1.50. MIND. Edited by Charles Brodie Patterson and John Wilton

Scott. Monthly. $2.50 a year. 2040 Seventh Ave., New

York City. With UNITY, $2.50. NOW, a journal of affirmations. Edited by Henry Harrison Brown. Monthly. $1.00 a year.

1437 Market St., San Francisco, Cal. With UNITY, $1.50. THE NAUTILUS. Edited by Elizabeth Towne. Monthly.

50 cents a year. Holyoke, Mass. With Unity, $1.25. THE NEW WAY. Devoted to Unfoldment of the Higher Life.

Monthly. $1.00 a year. Washington, D. C. With UNITY, $1:50. ETERNAL PROGRESS. Dayton, Ohio. Edited by C. D.

Larson. Monthly. 25 cents a year.

15 Cents For Three Months.

Both UNITY and WEE Wisdom will be sent to trial subscribers three months for 15 cents - stamps or coin.


1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo. UNITY is $1.00 per year, Wee Wisdom is 50 cents per year.

Special Notice. Address all orders for books, subscriptions, or business, to the Unity Tract Society; or, if writing to the Society of Silent Unity, or individuals, be sure and write on a separate sheet your orders for subscriptions, books, etc., and all matters pertaining to the literature department of our work. It will save time and insure accuracy and dispatch in filling your orders, besides keeping private matters that do not concern the business department. Put our full address on this separate sheet and write on back, • For Unity Tract Society, 1315 McGee St., Kansas City, U. S. A.

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HOMES AND CENTERS OF TRUTH. Home of Truth, 903 Tenth Street, Sacramento, Cal. Home of Truth, 1327 Georgia St., Los Angeles, Cal. Home of Truth, 1231 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. Home of Truth, 2527 Central Ave,, Alameda, Cal. Home of Truth, 275 North Third St., San Jose, Cal. New Thought Center, C. R. Wheelock in charge. 1245 Park

Street, Alameda, Calif. College of Divine Science, 730 Seventeenth Ave., Denver, Colo. The Truth Center of Christian Living and Healing, 108 W. 10th

Street, Pueblo, Colo. Divine Science Home, 1560 Race Street, Denver, Colo. Chicago Truth Center, 1157 N. Clark St., Flat 2, Chicago, Ill. Chicago Silent Unity Circle, 511 Masonic Temple, Chicago, Ill. Chicago Unity Society of Practical Christianity, 511 Masonic

Temple. Sarah Wilder Pratt Rooms, (Room 419), 87 Washington Street,

Chicago. Noon meetings every day from 12:00 to 12:30. The Ideal City Association, for all who are seeking the true way

of living, meets Sundays, 3 P. M., at 511 Masonic Temple;

Chicago, Ill. Circle of Light Temple of Truth. Mother Virtuzia, Williams

Bay, Wisconsin. West End Church of Practical Christianity, West Belle and

Vandeventer Avenues, St. Louis, Mo. Services: Sunday, 11 A. m.; Wednesday, 8 P. M.; Friday, 4 P. M. Mrs. T. B. H.

Brown, leader. H. H. Schroeder, 2622 S. 12th Street, St. Louis, Mo. Home of Truth, Marion Austin Drake, teacher. 1221 East 8th

Street, Kansas City, Mo. Home of Truth, May D. Wolzak, teacher. 2312 Wabash Ave.,

Kansas City, Mo. New Thought Center, 10 The Zenobia, Toledo, Ohio. New Thought Temple, 7:45 Sunday evenings, Gorman Hall,

13172 South Jefferson St., Dayton, Ohio. New Thought Temple, services Sundays 10:00 A. M. and 8:00 P.

M. McMillan St. and Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. New Thought Reading Room. J. H. Taylor in charge, Sana

tarium Green Springs, Ohio. Circle of Divine Ministry, 318 Main St., East Orange, N. J. Brooklyn Truth Center, 313a Quincy Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Classes Wednesday at 10:00 A. M. Mrs. P. E. Sayre in charge. Circle of Divine Ministry, 34 West 20th Street, New York City. Higher Thought Center, 10 Cheniston Gardens, W., London, Eng.

New Thought books on sale at 3907 West Bell Place, St. Louis, Mo. Correspondence promptly attended to when stamp is enclosed. Lessons in Truth and Healing, both present and absent.


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Three yearly subscriptions to Unity for $2.00, one of which may be a renewal.

Begin with


To Unity Tract Society,
: 1315 McGee Street, Kansas City, U. S. A.
En closed find $ – for subscripions to UNITY as follows:





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The Society of Silent Unity is the Twentieth Centur fulfillment of the promise of Jesus Christ.

"Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.-- Matt. 18:19, 20. TO THE SOCIETY OF SILENT UNITY,

1315 McGEE STREET, KANSAS City, Mo. DEAR FRIENDS — I desire your spiritual assistance in demonstrating the points mentioned in my letter enclosed herewith.





Notice to Applicants: We can help you in matters pertaining to health, finances, spiritual understanding, and, in fact, everything that is desirable and for your highest good. “Ask whatsoever ye will in my name and it shall be done unto you," covers every human need. We put no limit upon the power of the Holy Spirit, through which the work is done. Write us freely just what you most desire. All correspondence is strictly confidential.

If this is your first application, please say so. If you are already on our list for treatment, please mention it when you renew your application, which should be done every 30 days.

Before writing please read instructions and suggestions in the department in another part of this magazine, under head of "Society of Silent Unity."

There is no specific charge for membership or treatments. Our expenses are met by the free-will-offerings of those who ask our assistance. Address all communications to

Society of Silent Unity,

1315 McGee S.reet, Kansas City, Mo.

Origin, History and Principles
of the Movement



Author, Lecturer and Teacher of wide repute.

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A magazine of helpfulness. $1.00 a year. Sample copy free.

Box 445,


Denver, Colo.



Writin s by Annie Rix Militz.

Primary Lessons in Christian Living
and Healing....

Primary I essons
The Sermon on the Mount..

.50 Christian sing and reading

All Things are Possible to Them that

None of these Things Move Me..

For sale by

1315 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo., Or sent, postpaid, on receipt of price, by THE ABSOLUTE PRESS, Box 155, Brooklyn, New York.

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