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National New Thought Centre Mother Virtuzia. Circle of Light Loan and Trust Bldg., cor. F Williams Bay,

Wisconsin. and 9th Sts., Washington,

(Oct 05) D. C. Daily noon meetings. Mondays at Milly H. Esmond, 4:30 P. M., for questions. Circulating

25 Sherman Ave., library. Monthly asses. Sunday meetings at 4 P. M. at Rauscher's,

Glens Falls,

New York. 1032 Conn. Ave.

(July 05] Emma Gray and Geo. E. Ricker, Teachers and Healers.

Prof. LeRoy Moore. (Aug 05)

Teacher and Healer.

119 Park Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Lucile M. Cowles,

(Jan 04] An instrument for God's healing power. Personal and absent treatments Write me if you are in

Dr. Agnes V. Kelley, trouble of any kind.

Present and absent treatment for Twin Lakes. Santa Cruz, Calif. / health and prosperity. Founder of

Lincoln Grove Settlement, Ohio. (June 05]

Permanent address,

312 Randolph St., Meadville, Pa. Dr. William C. Gibbons,

(Feb 05] Teacher and Healer. Inwood-on-Hudson,

New York (June 05]

Metaphysical Teacher and Healer. Rev. Don G. Husted,

1415-416 87 Washington St., Chicago, III.

(Sept 05] Teacher and Demonstrator of Truth in the Church. Present and absent Healing. Special attention given to

Judge H. H. Benson, correspondence instruction.

Christian Teacher and Healer. The Huron Manse, Wolcott, N. Y.

Present and absent treatments;

ready to respond to calls in the city. June 05]

503 East 14th St., Kansas City, Mo.

(Dec 04] Mrs. Rose Howe,

Teacher and Healer. Health, Happiness and Prosperity, Was healed of half a lifetime of

How to attain through the power of invalidism through the mighty

thought is given in demonstration, by power of the living, loving Word.

Mrs. Katharine Hay, 203 West 81st Present and absent healing. Teach

Street, New York City. Amiant ing by correspondence.

treatments 9 to 10 P. M. Office ho 'S, Box 165,

Spring Valley, Minn. -12, 4-6.
July 06

(Dec 05]

For $1.15 we will send UNITY one year and “Wee Wisdom's Way," a booklet of sixty-four pages, by Myrtle Fillmore.

For $1.25 we will send UNITY one year and Wee Wisdom, a monthly paper especially designed for teaching Practical Christianity to children.

For $1.35 we will send UNITY one year and "Twelve Lessons in Truth," by H. Emilie Cady.

"Truth in Song: For Lovers of Truth Everywhere," by Clara H. Scott. A collection of beautiful songs and hymns for all New Thought gatherings, class rooms and Sunday Schools. Per copy. 30 cents; per dozen, $3.00. Published by Stockham Publishing Co., 70 Dearborn Street, Suite 51, Chicago, Ill.

Just Issued. Lessons in Truth.

By H. Emilie Cady. Twelve Lessons, written in fascinating manner, which appeal to every denomination of religion. The easy and logical steps with which she takes you along the road hunting your God are not only charming but glorious in their simplicity and clearness.

Paper binding, in ono volumo, 50 conts; cloth, stamped in gold, $1.00.

[No longer issued in three booklets.]

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Unity Tract Society,

1315 MoGoo St., Kansas City, Mo.

sep 2006



Ye shalknow the Truth and the Truth shall

make you free



NO. 3.



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The Fatherhood of God. ... 131

By Horatio W. Dresser.
True Prosperity. .... . 135

By Mary Brewerton de Witt
The Evolution of the Soul. . . 139

By Jane W. Yarnall.
Poem— “Miss Not a Chance." . . 140

By Harry T. Fee.
Bible Lessons. . . . . . . 141
Dan. 5: 17-30; Dan. 6:10-23; Ezra 1:1-11.

By C. F.
The Work in Kansas City. . . 150
Bible Reading — “Loving Kindness.” 160
Poem- “Overcoming." .... 161

By Margaret E. Sangster.
Society of Silent Unity. ...

The Class Thought. ..... 163
Prosperity Thought...... 163
Answers to Questions.... . 164

By Jennie H. Croft.
The New Unity Headquarters. 167

Publishers' Department. . . . 173


UNITY is a hand-book of Practical Christianity and Christian Healing. It sets forth the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ direct from the fountain-head, "The Holy Spirit, who will lead you into all Truth." It is not the organ of any sect, but stands independent as an exponent of Practical Christianity, teaching the practical application in all the affairs of life of the doctrine of Jesus Christ; explaining the action of mind, and how it is the connecting link between God and man; how mind action affects the body, producing discord or harmony, sickness or health, and brings man into the understanding of Divine Law, harmony, health and peace, here and now.

Subscribers who fail to recieve UNITY by the 20th of the month, should so notify this office.

If you have subscribed for any other magazine in connection with UNITY, and should miss any number of that magazine, do not write us about it, but write directly to its publisher.

DISCONTINUANCES.-All subscriptions are continued until requested stopped, when all arrears should be paid in full. The label shows date of expiration.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS. — In changing address the exact postoffice address where you have been receiving UNITY must always be given as well as the new address, before the roth of the month.

REMITTANCES.— Send all money by postoffice order, express order or registered letter; or bills will carry safely if carefully wrapped. Postage stamps received for only sums less than $1.00.

In sending checks or Canadian bills, add 10 cents for collection. We cannot accept Canadian stamps or Canadian silver money of any denomination. UNITY TRACT SOCIETY, 913 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, Mo.,


Unity publications are on sale by or may be ordered at the following places among others::

New York: The Alliance Pub. Co., Oscawana-on-Hudson, N Y.; Brentano's, Union Square, New York City; Metaphysical Publishing Co., 500 Fifth Ave.

Boston: The Metaphysical Club, 30 Huntington Avenue.
HARTFORD, Conn.: E. M. Sill, 89 Trumble Street.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Woodward & Lothrop, roth, rith & F.,NW.;
and Temple of Truth, 1220 H Street, N. W.
CLEVELAND, Ohio: J. H. Taylor, 18-21 Pythian Temple.
TOLEDO, Ohio: Mrs. Frances Wilson, 10 The Zenobia.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.: New Thought Reading Room, Woman's Club Bldg., E. Duval St.

St. Paul, Minn.: W. L. Beekman, 55 East 5th Street.

Chicago: Liberal Book Concern, 87 Washington St.; Purdy Pub. Co., McVicker's Theater Bldg.; A. C. McClurg & Co., 215 Wabash Ave.; Marie J. Petersen, 4000 Cottage Grove Ave , Room 6.

St. Louis: H. H. Schroeder, 2622 South 12th Street.
DENVER: Colorado College Divine Science, 730 17th Ave.

SAN FRANCISCO: Home of Truth, 1231 Pine St.; Metaphysical
Library, 1519 Polk St.; Harmony Pub. Co. 3360 17th St.; Phil-
osophical Pub. Co., 1429 Market St.
Los ANGELES: Home of Truth, 1327 Georgia St.
SAN JOSE: Wm. Farwell, 275 North Third St.

LONDON, ENGLAND: Power Book Co., Wimbledon, W.; Higher Thought Center, 1o Cheniston Gardens, W.

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EW words in Christian thought and life

have more meaning than the inspiring word, “Father.” The word was by no means new in the sense in which Jesus

used it. It is a universal term, and has been used in all ages and among many peoples to signify the highest conception of God. But it receives a new spirit in the life and teachings of Jesus. The whole life and meaning of the Christ is summed up when Jesus lifts his eyes to heaven and speaks “ as no man spake,” addressing God as the Father. Hence in a peculiar sense it is a Christian word. In those memorable passages in which the human side of Jesus is most clearly seen, Jesus is always reported as addressing the Father, either in a spirit of thankfulness, or in momentary despair lest the human shall not be equal to the task set by the divine. On the other hand, the idea of the divine fatherhood is central in the entire gospel teaching, in the conception of the kingdom of God as already “at hand.” Thus the word has a special meaning for the struggling soul, alone in its anguish; and a meaning for every moment of social conduct, inasmuch as it implies the supremacy of love and the brotherhood of man.

For each one of us, however humble, however learned, it is the word "Father," with all that it implies, which keeps the thought of God from becoming vague, mystical or pantheistic. When we try to define what we mean by the idea of God, it is easy to yield to the thought that God is beyond all

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