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Now you see how the will of God can be brought into your lives in the little details. You think you are giving everything up to the Lord, and yet you are filling your bodies full of things that are not in line 'with Spirit. You must put into your appetite intelligence, so that you will know what is good for you, and all at once you will begin to relish your food; you will get stronger because you are conforming to the law of nature, and you can prove what it is to let the will of God be done in you.

Let us all now, with a sincere desire, hold the thought, I am willing that the will of God shall be done in me to the uttermost.

It is the will of this Universal Divine Mind that every one of us be successful and prosperous, and now, let us claim it. You can not be prosperous unless you claim it. Let us thank God. Let us say, " I know, Father, that all Thine is mine. I rejoice. I am thankful for the realization that I have plenty."

Wednesday Afternoon Meeting. Held at Unity Headquarters, 913 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. W. T. Alexander, leader. Subject: "Prosperity.”

Silent Thought: I am the prosperous child of God.

I am God's prosperous child. " Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.” I wish to talk to those who understand this law but seem to fail in the demonstration of it in the way of supply.

Do we pay enough attention to outward appear. ances? Are we careful to look prosperous, or are we, as a consequence, having the thoughts of outsiders to deny, as well as to put our own selves in right relation to the law? Some one remarked to me not long since that we New Thought people were all poor. I said, “No, we are not." The remark followed, “Well, you all look poor." It set me to thinking, and I decided that I, for one, would not look poor any longer, if I had to stand before the glass, as some do, and practice looking what I am, God's prosperous child.

The thought came to me that perhaps we were so in the habit of seeing ourselves and others spiritually, that we did not pay enough attention to externals. “Seek ye first the kingdom" — the Kingdom of Love, of Wisdom, of Understanding, and of Knowledge, and then give proper attention to the externals, the world's opinion of the fitness of things; for dress, good looks, happy, prosperous faces, all have a place in our perfect expression of the Divine Idea.

It has been said that there is neither health nor prosperity without harmony. There is no peace, no health, when there is lack, be it of material-supply, wisdom-supply or love-supply. Love, Truth and Plenty are all necessary to human well-being. Mind, body and estate must be cared for. If we seem not to have many dollars to express outward prosperity, let us think riches, talk riches, act riches, and look riches out of our eyes, out of every line of our faces, and then let us put on our clothes with new rich thoughts, no matter how many times we may have worn those garments before. We must so radiate the richness of God that it will be impossible for the more materially minded to mistake us for other than we are, the richest of people, for this is abiding riches.

There is nothing new that I can say about the spiritual side of this question of Prosperity. All has been said many times, but we can all think, act and talk out our own understanding of this great Truth. “There is a Spirit within us which arrays the things we dote upon with colorings richer than roses, brighter than the beams of the sun of the morning, when he fings his shower of wondrous light about." I know that we can so color our thoughts with this wondrous Spirit of Supply that we will take on richer color, brighter eyes, more beauty and richer garments as the outward expression of His Grace. The greatest riches in the world

is the happy faculty of being able to appreciate the good we already have. So, let us make good out of every experience.

In case of illness, we fly to the true Principle readily enough; so, let us go to the never-failing Source for our Prosperity, and sink so deep into the Spirit of Truth that we simply must express it; that there can be no lack, or appearance of lack, in any of the planes of our being. We are God's healthy, wealthy and wise children right here and now. . Ordinary external possessions are absolutely valueless when there is spiritual poverty. Our efforts are not to be directed toward physical luxury at the expense of spiritual growth, but it seems to me when we eliminate selfishness from our lives and work with the Spirit, our own will come to us. The gathering together of all things — spiritual, mental and physical — makes a perfect whole.

Mrs. H. R. Wamsley: It seems to me the demonstration of Prosperity is like everything else; we must be faithful, and everything will come to us. I find if we make the claim, even when things seem darkest, all will come right.

Miss Alice Tainter: I like the statement of Mrs. Alexander about our putting on our clothing with a new feeling. My grandmother had a great faculty of making over old clothes. There was a charm about it to us children, and they seemed like different garments when we put them on. So with this Truth, as we apply these new thoughts we are gradually making ourselves over.

Miss H. A. Lewis: I have not seemed to prosper as people think I should; but God knows my needs, and I have stopped striving, asking and praying for any certain thing to come. If He knows my needs, have not I faith enough to bring forth His supply? We must learn the law, have patience, and live in faith.

Mrs. H. H. Benson: In making over the old clothes we freshen them up and make them appear better. So do we in our thoughts and acts; if they

become stale, we make them fresh and cheery. regard to the faith, blessings are sometimes deferred in order to test our faith, but when it is tested and proves perfectly satisfactory, things will be made manifest to us.

Judge H. H. Benson: Jesus laid down that most wonderful rule of prosperity that was ever given, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Now, we have been preaching these things, but we have not believed that they were really meant for us. I have never known one who persisted in following this rule of Jesus' who did not find it to be true. Jesus did know what he was talking about when he said, “Seek ye first a right condition of mind, and all these things shall be added unto you." If we seek in earnest, if we bring ourselves into divine harmony with nature and the laws of God, then simply trust, these things shall be added unto us. What things? Why these clothes we are talking about. We ought to put a rich look upon ourselves, and if we continue in the work, if we are faithful, if we hang right on to the thought of wealth, of opulence, it will come; it will be added. In healing, we find the difficulty is to keep people persisting. If we persist in seeking this divine harmony, then just as sure as two and two bring four, it will bring plenty.

Mrs. W. Hay: I think the Lord meant for us all to look just as beautiful as we can. I think He wants us to look lovely, and I think we can if we try. I realize more and more every day what it means to be true to the Spirit.

Mrs. Martha Heller: Praise God, I am God's child. If I am God's child, I am in harmony and will radiate harmony. I do not think it makes much difference what we wear.

I had not seemed very prosperous, but when I came to love my work, and blessed God for what I had, I began to be prosperous.

Mrs. Myrtle Fillmore: This little text given today is a wonderful text. We must get the real substance

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of it, the kingdom of God and rightness. Now, where do we go for the kingdom of God? The kingdom of God is within you and within me, within all of us. Now, what are we asking for? Prosperity and joy? We know the King always stays in His kingdom; there is where He rules and reigos. If I put Him on the throne within, how can I be poor? Why need I be hunting for something I already have? If the king is within me, I want to get acquainted with Him, the Lord of all the earth, for "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." When I come to look closer I find that I am the substance of all things hoped for. There is never a sound until there is an ear to hear it; there is never a light until there is an eye to see it; there is never love until there is a heart to feel it. So there are no riches without a soul to possess them. Here comes all the power of God to serve us, for by the magic of our thought and word, we make visible our wasting riches. We must quit thinking of lack. We have no lack. We speak, and lo, it is done. I love beauty. If I talk about beauty and order, I must dress correctly. We send our word forth into His universe of inexhaustible resource, and it returns unto us the measure of our faith. This inexhaustible universe of mind. stuff awaits the shaping of our thought and word. “Without the word was not anything made which was made." Every word brings forth of its kind.

J. H. Rippe: “Be still and know that I am God.” If we keep still, all these burdens and sorrows will disappear. We call ourselves Divine Scientists. Let us be one with Divine Mind, and get the blessed knowledge that all is ours. We do not need to long for prosperity. It is in our hearts and minds. What is heaven? This blessed knowl. edge that God is all man wants.

Mrs. O. M. Lytle: I think the reason why a great many of us fail in temunstrating is because we do not have faith enough. It has been so with me. I

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