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She did it. Now, as the brother said, all she needed was encouragement and affirmations of confidence and fearlessness.

Mr. Fillmore: We had a case of that (treating children in school work). A boy we know studied Latin, and kept affirming all last term how hard his Latin was. Mrs. Fillmore and I quietly treated him for this during vacation, and last night he said, “It is the funniest thing, I have no trouble with my Latin, and I seem to know that I might just as well have had it easy last term."

Mrs. Marion Drake: There is one thing I always tell my students; it is, to be fearlers and free, and to use this power that God has given us; to affirm, I am fearless and free. God is Love, and the consciousness of that love casteth out fear. I have many times been instrumental in helping students out of their fears when they were going through their examinations at school and were afraid they would fail. I said to them, “God is your success. That higher Intelligence will lead you into success. Perfect love casteth out fear."

Mr. Fillmore: Now, I said we wanted a state of consciousness that would give us perfect confidence, and Mrs. Drake has given us the key, Perfect love casteth out fear.If our hearts and minds are filled with love all fear departs. We know that no evil can come to anyone who has the love of God at heart.

Miss Laura A. Gregg, of Garnett, Kansas: Just two months ago I was in Guthrie, and was packing my trunk to go to Portland to the National Woman's Suffrage Convention, when I received word that my mother had fallen and broken her leg. When I arrived home I found that my mother had been in the hands of two surgeons, and the leg was splinted tightly. She was suffering much pain and appealed to us to do something to relieve her, but we could do nothing. I felt, that as my sister had called the surgeons, we must work with conditions, and not against them, so I said, I will do nothing until I am guided in the light. I spent the time in the Silence until I realized that I had the light, and that conditions would be changed. It came to me very strongly that the splints must be taken off. I called my sister and she asked, “What do you think we ought to do?"

I said, “I think we ought to take the splints off."

She said she was willing, and we removed them, but I soon found she was entertaining fear, and that this fear was reflected upon my mother, who still suffered greatly. I then wired Mr. Fillmore. Mother was soon asleep and resting, and within three days the pain was all gone.

Experience Meeting. Held at Unity Headquarters, 913 Tracy Avenue, Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. Marion Drake, leader.

Reading of the eighth chapter of Romans.
We are debtors not to the flesh.

How good this statement is; not to live for the flesh, but for the Spirit, which has raised us up into the realization that we are the children of God. It is fully twenty years since I was born again, since I came into the realization that I am Spirit, and that Spirit is my Father. We have our earth father, but how much greater is the Spirit that dwells within us, that is around us, and how glad I am to be able to stand before you today and testify to the wonderful beauties of this glorious life; this Life that is worth the living. The old life that led us through the dark valleys and shadows of sense was not worth the living. But today I can testify that I am heartily glad that Spirit is my Father, and that you are every one of you, my sisters, my brothers. It is glorious to know the Truth that sets you free.

“My words are spirit and health to all that find them.” Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you," and you will know and realize supremely that “I, if I be lifted up, will

for me.

draw all men unto me.” What a beautiful statement, lifting up the Christ-man, which is the lifting up into consciousness the most beautiful things from day to day.

Now, my dear ones, I wish that we might hear from each and every one of you, that you may testify as to the quickening of the Spirit; that you are being raised from the dead, for, “ As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Could you have looked into my face twenty years ago, when I first came to this city, you could not realize that I, who stand before you today, am the same woman. I was a sickly little body, and physicians said there was no hope

I soon found this glorious Truth, and since that time have been seeking and finding the Way that is freeing me from the bondage of pain and disease. Now let us be still and pray to the Father in secret, and let us realize that we shall gain the reward. Peace, Trust, Health are mine.

Mrs. Chas. Weick: Dear friends, this Truth has brought much good to my family. For two years or more, my husband was almost a physical wreck. He was wholly unable to work. Physicians told me that he would never get well. A friend suggested that we see Mr. Fillmore for treatment. We followed this advice, and there was a remarkable change for the better from the very first treatment. He had not been able to take much food, but was soon eating almost everything on the table, and with no ill results. He is now in excellent health; works, and eats whatever he likes. Our house had been full of medicine, so to speak. You could call for almost anything in that line, and we could supply it, but from the day we first saw Mr. Fillmore, there has never a drop of medicine passed our lips, and we are all well. We feel very grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore, and to Mrs. Wolzak, who recommended them.

Miss H. A. Lewis: I think that I can safely say that I have been strengthened by the Christ within. Instead of following the flesh, I follow the Christ. I have better health, and am growing in knowledge every day. The family, too, has been greatly benefited, and the way is joy, happiness and peace. Christ is the Life and the Truth. Just think, I AM the Wisdom; I am the Knowledge; I Am all that there really is. When you let this Truth come into your mind the Spirit takes hold of your body, you see yourself rising up, you feel too free for this earth. What a joy, what a pleasure it is that I have this up-listing!

Mrs. W. G. Haseltine: Dr. Sullivan says, the women usually begin the week this way: Well, this is Monday, what a large washing I shall have today. Monday night they think: What a large washing I have done. Tuesday, they begin to think: What a big washing I shall have next week. Wednesday they have the same thought, and so on each day until the power of thought so accumulates that when Monday does come, they do have a big washing. Well, so it was with me. I used to think of everything there was to do. It is now five years since I took my first lesson, and I learned in those lessons that the Kingdom was within myself; that the All-good was within myself, and that I must find the Good within myself. I searched for a year and a half with all my soul. I worked too hard. I did not let the thoughts come to me. But, one day I learned to relax; I learned what realization was. I learned the Kingdom of All-good was within, and that I could never be satisfied with anything without. You may read all the books, but you will never find it in those. You must look within yourself. You must know for yourself that there is a 'real Wisdom, and you find it in the Silence. Infinite Wisdom guides me. If we go within ourselves and speak to that Life which is the great ocean of Infinite Spirit, these material things no longer have control over us. We are masters of every condition in life. We know, absolutely know, what to do. This Truth has done so much for me. It is life, prosperity, peace, joy and love.

Mrs. H. R. Walmsley: It would take a life-time to tell all this Truth has done for me. My husband had diabetes, and he had been told he could live but a few months. I did not think much of this kind of healing; I thought it was all nonsense until my husband came and was healed in the lessons. After that I attended the class, and since that time the Truth has helped me in all my troubles.

Mrs. S. Preston: I have been healed in a great many ways, in body and in mind. I am growing stronger every day. I have been given strength in every way.

Mr. Haddock: I searched earnestly for a number of years for the Truth, but I failed to find it until a few months ago. I read much, but nothing filled the bill until I read UNITY. Then found what satisfied me better. When Christ enters your heart, you love everybody and everything. I praise the Lord that I have found more of Truth under these teachers.

Mrs. Emma Harper: God is my strength.

Mrs. Myrtle Fillmore: Mrs. Harper is one of our oldest and most faithful members.

She is always with us in the Silence. She prefers to testify silently.

Mrs. May D. Wolzak: I feel that “None of those things move me," those conditions of mind that we call sickness and death, sorrow, poverty. I was healed from lung trouble, and I feel in the last two weeks I have made another step. But, why should we speak of these things that have no Truth in them. Why should we give them any place, because so long as we do they will come back and stand up before us, and we shall have to deny them again and again. Through the power of God we have made them nothing, let us leave them so. I am God's child; strong, pure and healthy. I never had darkness and sickness only as I made it for myself. God did not create it for me.

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