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Judge H. H. Benson: I would just simply emphasize this one remark. It struck me with greater force than it had ever done before.

"If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me." If I be "lifted up” into the altitudes where these people are who have been speaking are lifted up, I will be lifted up indeed. These friends all live more than they say.

Mrs. H. H. Benson: One thing this Truth has done for me. It has made me able to stand

up and say a word. I was never able to do that before. I have much to say, for the Truth has done so much for me in every way. I am lifted above worry. I am not able to worry any more.

Mrs. W. T. Alexander: The greatest thing this Truth has done for me is my realization that there is nothing but Good. There is nothing but Good. The healing I am grateful for, but to be lifted above the seeing of evil as a reality, I am more than grateful for.

Mrs. John M. Orr: My health was such that I had to give up house-keeping, but through this Truth I have become strong again. I am growing in strength, and growing spiritually, and am house-keeping.

Mr. Dunn: I am happy and thankful to have the opportunity of confessing this Truth that has done so much for me.

I find there is nothing to compare with it. In it I find satisfaction and perfect liberty, peace with God and good will toward men.

Mrs. O. M. Lytle: I have been healed by this Truth, and some of my family have been healed also. It is the grandest thing I have ever learned.

Mrs. Herriott: I love everybody and everybody loves me. I am so happy in this Truth.

I praise God every day that I ever learned this way.

Mrs. LaCrosse: This Truth brought me out of a " horrible pit" a year ago last winter. I could not tell all this Truth has done for me.

The little girl I was treating is now entirely well.

Mrs. Yancy: This Truth has strengthened me

in every way.

It has loosened my tongue, too, so I can talk anywhere. This Truth does make us free when we live it.

Mrs. Stroeh: 6. The Lord is my Shepherd,” but I never really realized it until I came into this Truth. Last week I accidentally ran a pin into my knee. Later on I was speaking of it to a lady in the house, and she said I ought to see a doctor, that she had a friend who lost her life in such an accident. Soon after I talked with her, my knee began to swell and become inflamed, and the next day it looked terrible. My husband said, “You must have a doctor." So I telephoned to the Fillmores, and in the afternoon I came down to see them. The pain left, and the next day it was all right. · I have had no trouble with it since.

Mrs. Myrtle Fillmore: The point to be made in Mrs. Stroeh's experience is this: We should be very careful of our word, to always speak it on the right side. The poison of suggestion is the only poison there can possibly be, for, “Without the word was nothing made which was made."

Miss Alice Tainter: We read that “ His testimony is pure, making wise the simple.” From the Divine pure Wisdom comes. The most ignorant can learn true Wisdom from the inner testimony.

Sunday morning, October ist, T. G. Northrup, of Chicago, speaker, at Unity Headquarters.

To meet with the co-workers of Kansas City, is an unexpected pleasure. I have heard of your work and have often wished to be with you, but when I left Chicago I did not expect to be with you, and when my friend, Mr. Prather, invited me to speak to you, the thought came to me, What can I say to Unity people that will be in any way helpful?

In thinking the matter over, I thought perhaps I might present the Truth from a different standpoint than you have been accustomed to receiving it. The Truth can be presented from different standpoints,

and the Truth can always be proven as Truth when it is properly understood and correctly presented.

So this morning I am not going to draw upon your imagination; I am not going to draw upon your beliefs; I am not going to ask you to accept some. thing that some one has told you; I am not going to ask you to accept even the Bible. I am going to present this Truth from what you know. I am going to start with that as a foundation, and I want everyone to start with me on the basis of what he knows, and see if we can not reach the same conclusion.

There are some things that we know; we do not have to accept what some one has told us. We simply know.

Now you know that you are here. You know that there are others about you. These things you know. And here is another thing that you know – that you did not create yourself - you will have to grant me this. You did not create yourself, therefore you are an effect. If you are an effect, there must be a cause. As we have not a better name at this time, we will call it First Cause.

Another thing: You know that you have a degree of intelligence, and as the effect can not be greater than the cause, this First Cause must be Intelligence. You also know that you have a degree of life, and as you are an effect, Cause must have life — must be Life. Again, you know that you have a certain degree of power, and as you are an effect, that Cause must be Power. You are love; you must love something, if it is nothing more than a dog or a gun - you must love something; then as you are an effect, that first cause must be Love.

And again: you have the power to think (now I am taking you on what you know), you have the power to think; then the First Cause must be a Thinker, as effect can not be greater than the cause. You determine your own action, therefore First Cause must determine its action.

Now the combination of these qualities that I

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have spoken of, is what makes up what we call the Universal, Infinnite Spirit, or God. If effect is self-conscious and determines its action, as effect can not be greater than cause, First Cause must be self-conscious.

First Cause (it can not be First Cause if it depends on anything outside of Itself) in creation, imparts Itself into the creation because there is nothing else for it to impart; therefore, this First Cause, Infinite Spirit, or God, is Substance, the one Substance in the creation. There is nothing else, and as all of these qualities are mind or spirit, then all substance and all creation is Mind or Spirit, as it is all from the one Substance the one Substance in different manifestations. Different combinations of the one Substance produce different manifestations.

Love, intelligence, life, power, require form for manifestation. Can intelligence manifest itself upon this plane except through what we call brain? Can life manifest itself upon this plane except through some form man, plant, or some form to manifest itself through? The more perfect the form, the more perfect the manifestation. It requires a perfect body to manifest perfect health. It requires a perfect brain to manifest perfect intelligence. So the more perfect the form, the more perfect the manifestation. Now, the form may be perfect or imperfect, but the real behind it, is always perfect. So, if the manifestation is imperfect, there is the power behind it that can manifest perfection.

You can not see the power in the block of ice, but it is there, and you have only to change the form to see the power. It must change to steam.

You can not see the oak tree in the acorn, but it is there. You may leave the acorn upon the shelf one year or five years, but when you take it down and give it the right conditions, it begins to manifest the oak tree.

Now here is the point I want you to get clear: the First Cause, we have attempted to prove, is Intelli

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gence, and that Intelligence has imparted itself into creation, and every part of this creation has a degree of in elligence, according as this First Cause has manifested or imparted intelligence into it.

We all say man is the highest intelligence, and man, also, imparts himself into his creations. Man imparts himself into his own signature. A bank teller recognizes it right away. Each one of us impart ourselves into our work, into our creations. Man, being the highest, has dominion over the lower; the higher always controls the lower, and when man understands what his powers are, then he understands that conditions are subject to his spoken word.

Every part of this body has a degree of intelligence. You can direct that intelligence and command it.

Man's mind is a focusing power, and you speak to that intelligence and it responds. This is simply

If your conditions are not what you want, then speak into the Universal, but if you make a mistake in speaking the Word, you get the result, so you must know that the words you speak are right, since you must take the consequences. Then, if what we speak for comes into manifestation, we realize that life is someting that carries responsibility. What you are thinking today, you will have to face tomorrow or next week.

You manifest power and you can not help it. We are responsible for that which comes into manifestation through us.

Man, being the highest, has power to build (not create, see the difference?), he has power to use that which has been created; then in his building he must use that which has been created. He must build from God's standpoint. He must build from the Truth.

You have power to connect yourself with this Universal Power, and get all the power you need. Now, a man with money can bring material from all over the world and concentrate at a given point, and build a beautiful structure, with the knowledge of this Truth. You have power to bring the necessary

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