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(Held daily at 9:00 P. M.)

Class Thought. November 20th to December 20th, 1905.
The Living Christ now casts
out all demons of fear and
evil, and restores the peace
that passeth understanding.

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Inspired by the Spirit of Truth. It is found that when many people hold the same thought there is unity, though they may be separated by thousands of miles, and that all who are connected with that unity are in touch with higher spiritual states, even Jesus Christ.

So there has gradually grown up this Society of Silent Unity, in which thousands in all parts of the world join every night at 9:00 o'clock, in thinking for a few moments one thought, which is given each month in the magazine Unity. This we call the "Class Thought," and every member is expected to hold it at least five minutes at the beginning of the silence, in order to make the unity connectinn; after which, "Ask what ye will in my name, and it shall be done unto you."

Certificates of membership are issued without charge to those who make personal written application for them. To meet expenses, we ask members to send us free-will offerings, as do charge is made for any service we render.'

This society has been in existence about fifteen years, and has over 11,000 registered members. Through its ministry thousands have been healed mentally and physically, and its power grows stronger day by day. The silent hour is 9:00 P, M., your local time. Geographical difference in time is not a factor in spiritual unity.

Beginners usually have a great many questions to ask, and they require a course of lessons and reading. To such we recommend the "Lessons in Truth," by H. Emilie Cady: price, $1.25.

UNITY is published monthly, and contains a large amount of instruction. The price of it is $1.00 per year. Where members take UNITY and the "Cady Lessons" together, we make a rate of $2 oo for both.

The simple written request to be enrolled a member of the Silent Unity Society is all that is required to join with us.

Special Notice – If for any reason, members cannot observe the Silence at the regular hour, they should notify us what hour they can observe, and we will arrange it satisfactorily.


913 Tracy Avenue, Kansas City, No.

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The Society of Silent Unity is the Twentieth Century fulfillment of the promise of Jesus Christ :

"Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where wo or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.- Matt. 18:19, 20.

To The Society of Silent UNITY,

913 TRACY AVENUE, KANSAS City, Mo. Dear FRIENDS — I desire your spiritual assistance in demonstrating the points mentioned in my letter enclosed herewith.





Notice to Applicants: We can help you in matters pertaining to health, finances, spiritual understanding, and, in fact, everything that is desirable and for your highest good. "Ask whatsoever ye will in my name and it shall be done unto you," covers every human need. We put no limit upon the power of the Holy Spirit, through which the work is done. Write us freely just what you most desire. All correspondence is strictly confidential.

If this is your first application, please say so. If you are already on our list for treatment please mention it when you renew your application, which should be done every 30 days.

Before writing please read instructions and suggestions under head of “Society of Silent Unity," on the preceeding page.

If you desire membership in the Society, a written request to be enrolled is all that is required.

There is no specific charge for membership or treatments. Our expenses are met by the free-will-offerings of those who ask our assistance.

Society of Silent Unity,

913 Tracy Avenuo, Kansas City, Mo.


de Practical Christianity.

Entered in the postoffice at Kansas City, Mo., as second-class matter.

Published on the 15th of every month by UNITY TRACT SOCIETY, Kansas City, Mo.

Publishers' Department. TO UNITY . The date when your subscripSUBSCRIBERS.

tion expires is on the pink label

with your address. At the end of your year, as a special reminder, we enclose a loose subscription blank in the last UNITY due you, which you will please use in remitting. We do not discontinue at expiration of subscription, If you want your magazine stopped, notify us.

Terms of Subscription. Per year, $1.00; six months 50 cents; three months trial (including WEE WISDOM), 15 cents. To foreign countries. $1.25 per year.

SPECIAL TERMS. Two new yearly subscriptions and one renewal, or three new yearly subscriptions, sentat one time, $2.00.

One three years' subscription to one name for $2.00, if paid fully in advance; you must be paid up to date before you can get benefit of this rate.

One five years' subscription to one name for $3 oo on same conditions. If you are in arrears even a month, you must enclose enough to pay your subscription to date before this rate can apply.

Under above terms we cannot send UNITY to a friend and credit your subscription for two years for $2.00, our object being to enable you to send UNITY a year to two friends for the price of one.

Because of the many demands upon his time Mr. Fillmore has been unable to prepare his lesson for this issue. But there is no lack; three splendid productions are in its place— "Every Man a Moses," by Geraldine D. Robinson, "Soul Culture," by Jennie H. Croft, and the lecture by T. G. Northrup. The lesson by Mrs Robinson was sent to us sometime ago in manuscript by some kind friend, whose name we have lost, and we have kept it on hand waiting this opportunity to publish it. We think it appeared several years ago in Universal Truth. If the one who sent it to us will please drop us a line we will return the manuscript to her, also send extra copies of UNITY of this issue.

Since the last issue of UNITY our Charles Edgar Prather has gone and taken unto himself a wife. The event took place on the evening of October 18th at the home of the bride, Miss Roxane Filkin, one of Kansas City's Truth girls The usual happy accessories were not wanting and ihe occasion was a very pleasant one Our Brnther D. L. Sullivan tied the knot, and we know it was done gond and strong, and will never slip out. Unity folk were out in full force. All kinds of pretty and useful gifts were laid at the altar of the new home with the best and chociest blessings from friends present and absent. May the love that never faileth be the love that has consumated this union,


The Spirit that drew us to Chicago made no mistake. We were warmly received by inany friends, and generously provided for, and our lessons atteni ed by a much larger number of students than we anticipated. We gave twelve lectures in Mr. Shafer s hall in the Masonic Temple that comfortably seated one hundred, and it was always filled, sometimes to overflowing. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Shafer had prepared the way, and we were very much-at home among their people. In the closing lessons many testimonials were given, some of which were taken down in shorthand by Miss Emma Buck, with the intention of publishing them in UNITY. However, upon examination we find that they are so extremely personal that it is not our pleasure to do so. We found Chicago the nosi prolific field for a large spiritual work that we have ever met, and her people are alive and appreciative We shall hereafter have a much warmer feeling in our hearts for them, and it any of the Truth seekers from any of her many schools come this way we want them to call and see us. They will be welcomed by all the UNITY workers.

DEAR UNITY – The New Thought library, reading and lecture rooms have removed from 3907 West Bell Avenue to 724 N. Compton Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. We are nearer our old Center here. We opened in our new quarters last Sunday at 10:00 A. M, and lectured at 11:00 A. M. upon the “Seventh Sense." We are steadily and pe severingly sowing the Truih. "In your patience possess ye your souls.,' is our motto

We have changed the name of our little band from, " West End Church of Practical Christianity" to "The St. Louis Unity Society of New Thought.” In the common understanding of the word is Church," this term applied to us is misleading, as we have neither crred. forms nor ceremonies. We meet to worship, as we believe Christ taught, in the simplest manner possible. We meer to practice Divine Healing in ourselves and others. We meet to study the spiritual interpretation of the Bible in order to unfold the highest understanding. We welcome all who come, and bid God-speed to all who go from us. We have had some wonderful demonstrations. We use the UNITY Thoughts and Bible Lessons. Send out vour blessings, friends of Unity from the every where to this little band in St Louis. that stands for freedom in unity, simplicity in truth, live in all living, and the highest unfoldment of Divine Mind. — THERESA B. H BROWN

A "sweet" reception was tendered by the Unity Society of Practical Christianity on October 27th to Mr and Mrs. Fillmore upon their return from Chicago. and Mr and Mrs. Prather upon their return from their honeymoon trip in Southern Kansas. Forty pounds of delicious home-made candies were used.

Mr. and Mrs. Towne, of Holyoke, Mass., spent two hours in Kansas City on their return from the Portland Fair. and were given an informal, but delightful, reception at Unity Head. quarters. Nautilus, of which these good people are the editors, is alwavs like its authors — bright and sparkling. and it was a joy, indeed, to become personally acquainted with them.

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