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harmony and gladness will be open unto us, and we will be overshadowed with divine harmony until there is no room for discord or inharmony. Gladness will be our portion, God's hand guiding us into the possession of these things. It will always guide and direct us if we are willing to trust that guiding hand; always willing and ready to give us joy and gladness.

We are sending this love to everyone; no one is too far away to receive this love. There is no separation in Love. All are of the same spirit, and when I look into your faces I see the good which I know lives in your lives. How blessed it is that we have lived to this time when we know that God has come into the earth. We have wandered in the valley of the shadow of discord, and such deep sorrow has been ours, but the sun was shining all the time; and now we have come into the knowledge that it is God's hand that guides us, that God is our life, is our strength, is our success. God is our supply, and there is no lack of any good thing. It is all ours to possess and use for our benefit, and we can use it for every living creature. We can send out the life and health and strength, and it brings back the same to us in great abundance, and we can feel the kindly leading of God's hand, and never again will we be weary or discouraged. The seeming may come to cast a shadow, but how quickly that will pass away, and the radiance of Living Love within us reach and save every one.

God's divine plan would not be complete without each one being in this unity. All are equal in God's kingdom.

Let us remember, for it is true, that God the Good is the only power and presence, and we are, each one of us, in that presence.

There is nothing to condemn in anybody or anything. See the good in the heart of man, for it is there. Everybody is doing the best he can if he is living to his highest conception of Truth. The real Christ is within each and every one of us awaiting recognition, and will lead each one out of the shadow into the sunlight of joy and gladness of love, God's Love, and every way we go it is God's hand leading us.

Mrs. May Wolzak: I want to give my experience of God's Hand. We are looking for some great thing or event as God's hand, and so we often overlook the little things which are God's hand just the same. With me it was two little baby hands, or two little babies' hands. In our neighborhood there was a lady very ill, given up by seven doctors, who said they could do no more for her, and there was no need for them to visit her again. This lady had a little daughter who met in the grocery store, one day, a little girl acquaintance who said to her, “I know of a lady who can cure your mother; she can cure everybody, let us go and tell your papa. They did this, and told the grandmother where this lady lived. The father came to see me, and not finding me in, left word for me to call to see his wife, which I did. I found the friends expecting death at any time, burial clothes all ready, and all arrangements made. The lady could not swallow food or drink. I said, “ You have sent for me; do just as you would if you had sent for an M. D.” They all left the room but the mother, the husband and myself. Soon the lady could drink a little water, then she went to sleep. In two days she could eat food, and now is completely restored to health through the power of God's hand in the hands of these two little children. Inspiration, or God's hand, sent the little girl to the right place where she could get help. Little things are often great powers beyond our knowledge. God directs even the little things for our good. Those hands were God's hands; your hands are God's hands; there are so many of God's hands right in this room. Let us take others by the hand and lead them into the Truth, let us hand the message of God's love on and on.

Mrs. Myrtle Fillmore: It came into my mind that God's hand was the hand of the great musician who tries the instrument to see if it is tuned enough. The musician carefully tries every string, and tunes until the proper pitch is reached. When in tune, perfect tune, then comes the harmony. We are being tuned, and these experiences are the hand of the great Master tightening and loosening the strings of our hearts and lives. So, when we look upon it this way, it is the hand of God which is bringing out the true in us. We should be patient, and bless the hand that is changing us about that we may be in perfect accord. The hand of the Great Musician touches the instrument and brings out harmony. Sometimes there is discord, but when the harmony is restored, then all is well.

Judge H. H. Benson: God's hand works in harmony and beauty. Flowers are God's hand. God weaves the sunlight, the air, the water, into the flowers. God's hand reaches us in devious ways. God's band leads us through the Red Sea of trials, the wilderness of doubts and fears, for our good. We, like the children of Israel, are not ready for the promised land, and every way God leads us is the best way. If we can go direct, it is only a short way, but they were not ready, nor are we ready, so we take a long time to do what might be done in a short time if we were wise enough. If we look through the vista of love, we see that everything prepares us for the way in which we are to go. Every one is a manifestation of love. The mother rocking the cradle is the hand of God. Mother's hand is always God's hand. Let us see that the manifestation of God's hand through your hand and my hand is only in blessing. The best teaching is by illustration like that of Mrs. Wolzak's. Mrs. Benson saw a little child on the street that could get about only with great difficulty, and she went home with him, and now, after some treatments, h, is getting well. Thus we may go all along this journey of life, strewing the flowers of service, doing good and blessing.

Mrs. Yancey: God is here and there and every, where with His strong arms. He bears our burdens. We think we are one thing and that God is another, but our whole self is God's Self. God's hand made us in His image and likeness. You are God's life, God's health, God's strength. We think we know it all, but often a little child knows more than we do. A little child shall lead them.” We put ourselves first, but Jesus Christ put the children first. He said, “Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” God's hand is over us, and we are learning to know what we need, and to know that God's hand will lead us aright.

Mrs. Marion Drake, leader.

Thought for the Silence: “I trust in Thee, Christ, my Saviour."

Mrs. Drake read a portion of the 103d Psalm, which was followed by singing number 29 from “ Truth in Song."

In the statement of Being we say: God is Life, God is Love, God is Wisdom, and so on, but how much of this do we realize? Do we realize this indwelling Presence? Do we know the presence of God? The Christ has been knocking and knocking at the door of our hearts, but we, through our lack of knowledge, have been wandering in the by-ways and hedges of material sense. Now, through our way of seeking we are finding this indwelling presence of Peace, and we are finding health more abundant. “I came that ye might have life more abundant." Oh, let us today number our hours that we may realize more fully this sweet peace. Let us not bar the door, for we have the key that will unlock and let It in, that sweet Presence, that healing Presence. Then will Christ be formed in you.

If we are seeking wisdom and understanding of this beautiful law of Love, then Christ is being formed in us, our hope of more glorious things

than we are conscious of today. “Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you." More and more and more, always more to find.

Each of us has a conception of God. Let us desire inspiration, let us first aspire that we may have this beautiful inspiration of what God is. God is Love, God is Life, God is Intelligence, but is this God that we are seeking, that power which will cause us to walk in the true way and no longer walk in the world's way? We are no longer bond servants sold under sin. Sin has been the master of the world, but you and I must be free from every thought of sin. We are the servants of God; every one of us is a radiating center of Love. Send out the message to the children of men who are walking in darkness. Let us, every one, send out a message of freedom to those who are in bondage to false beliefs, to those who are here for treatments, to all who are weak in purpose or in any way. “Keep thine eye single and thy whole body shall be full of light.” Is our eye single? or do we in one moment say, I am a child of God, and well and strong etc., and in the next minute say, I am weak and sick? Then our eye is not single, then we are holding to God from an intellectual standpoint. Our word is our only burden, and our word passes through the nerve cells into every part of this temple.

How I do want to impress this truth upon your subconscious mind that you may go away taking one word which will be a blessing to you, and will open your eyes to the things which have been given to you by these dear teachers here, Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore, and the other good workers associated with them, all doing everything possible for the dear souls who are drawn to them. I want to speak a word that you may realize more fully the Truth which has been given you.

Follow thou me, says Christ. Keep looking up, keep thine eye single, dwell in the thought and consciousness that God is Love, and you will attract to

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