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459 La Salle

METAPHYSICAL PUBLICATIONS. UNITY. Edited by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Monthly. $1.00 a year.

913 Tracy Avenue, Kansas City, Mo. WEE WISDOM. (For children.) Edited by Myrtle Fillmore. Monthly.

50 cents a year. 913 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, Mo. DAS WORT. (German.) Edited by H H. Schroeder. Monthly. $1.00 a year.

2622 South 12th Street, St. Louis, Mo. HARMONY. Edited by C. L. and M. E. Cramer. Monthly

$1.00 a year. 3360 17th Street, San Francisco, Cal. With

UNITY, $1.50. EXPRESSION. Monthly $1.58 a year; 24 Lower Phillmore

Place, London, W., England. THE HIGHER THOUGHT. Edited by Evelyn Arthur See and

Agnes Chester See. Monthly.. $1.00 a year.

Ave , Chicago, Ill. With UNITY, $1.50. FULFILLMENT. Edited by Grace M Brown. Monthly. $1.00

a year. Box 445. Denver, Colo. With UNITY, $1.50. MIND. Edited by Charles Brodie Patterson. Monthly. $1.50.

a year. Oscawana-on-Hudson, New York. With UNITY, $2.10. NOW, a journal of affirmations. Edited by Henry Harrison Brown. Monthly. $1 oo a year.

105 Stenier St., San Francisc Cal With UNITY, $1.50. THE NAUTILUS. Edited by Elizabeth Towne. Monthly.

50 cents a year. Holyoke. Mass. With UNITY, $1.25. THE NEW WAY. Devoted to Unfoldment of the Higher Life.

Monthlv. $1 oo a year. Washington, D C. With UNITY. $1 50. THE PROPHET. Édited by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie. Monthly.

7 cents if paid in advance; otherwise, $1.00 a year. Lamott,

Penn. THE LIFE. A metaphysical monthly $100 a year, 10 cents

a copy. 3332 Troost Ave , Kansas City, Mo.

MEETINGS IN KANSAS CITY. The Unity Society of Practical Christianity holds services at Unity Headquarters, 913 Tracy Ave., every Surday at 11 A. M. Sunday School at 10 A, M.

Also at Unity Headquarters, 913 Tracy Ave., Healing service every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Mid-weer meeting every Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Special private classes according to announcement. All are welcome.

Divine Science Society. Dr D. L Sullivan, speaker, bas services every Sunday at 11 A. M., Warwick Hall, Eighth and Oak Streets.

New Thought Center, Judge H. H. Benson. speaker. Services every Sunday at 8:00 P. M, Unity Headquarters, 913 Tracy Ave.

New Thought Club, Prof. LeRov Moore, speaker, has services every Sunday at 3 P. m. in. the K. P. Hall, 624 Minnesota Ave., Kansa: City, Kansas.

An Opportunity. A new edition of "Lessons in Truth." by H. Emilie Cady. the easiest, simplest, and most practical course of lessons in Practical Christianity published anywhere, are now ready for delivery. These wonderfully inspiring lessons appear in one volume complete instead of in a series of three booklets as formerly. They are printed from new plates and bound in attractive style, and sell at 50 cents in paper binding. $1.00 in cloth. We nave a few copies of our regular $1.25 cloth-bound edition, which you may have for 75 cents a copy.

Home of Truth, 903 Tenth Street, Sacramento, Cal.
Home of Truth, 1327 Georgia St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Home of Truth, 1231 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal.
Home of Truth, 2527 Central Ave,, Alameda, Cal.
Home of Truth, 275 North Third St., San Jose, Cal.
New Thought Center, C. R. Wheelock in charge. 1245 Park

Street, Alameda, Calif.
Metaphysical Library and Reading Room, 611 Grant Building,

Los Angeles, Cal. College of Divine Science, 730 Seventeenth Ave., Denver, Colo. The Truth Center of Christian Living and Healing, 108 W. roth

Street, Pueblo, Colo. Divine Science Home, 1560 Race Street, Denver, Colo. Chicago Truth Center, 1157 N. Clark St., Flat 2, Chicago, Ill. Chicago Unity Society of Practical Christianity, 803 Masonic

Temple. Sarah Wilder Pratt Rooms, (Room 419), 87 Washington Street,

Chicago. Noon meetings every day from 12:00 to 12:30. The Ideal City Association, for all who are seeking the true way of living, meets Suodays, 3 P. M., at 803 Masonic Temple; Chicago, Ill. ircle of Light Temple of Truth. Mother Virtuzia, Williams

Bay, Wisconsin. 'he St. Louis Unity Society of Practical Christianity, 724 N. Compton Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. Services: Sunday, II A. M.; Wednesday, 8 P. M. Mrs. T. B H. Brown, leader. 1. H. Schroeder, 2622 S. 12th Street, St. Louis, Mo. some of Truth, May D. Wolzak, teacher. 2312 Wabash Ave., Kansas City, Mo. ew Thought Center, 10 The Zenobia, Toledo, Ohio. lew Thought Temple, 7:45 Sunday evenings, Gorman Hall, 131%2 South Jefferson St., Dayton, Ohio. ew Thought Temple, services Sundays 10:00 A. M. and 8:00 P.

McMillan St and Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. ircle of Divine Ministry, 318 Main St., East Orange, N. J. rooklyn Truth Center, 313a Quincy Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Classes. Monday at 8:15 P. m., and Wednesday at 10:00 a. M. Mrs. P. E. Sayre in charge. rcle of Divine Ministry, 34 West 20th Street, New York City. rooklyn Circle of Divine Ministry, 76 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. J. E. Lambert, Librarian. igher Thought Center, 10 Cheniston Gardens, W., London, Eng.


New Thought books on sale at 724 N. Compton Avenue, St. puis, Mo. Correspondence promptly attended to when stamp enclosed. Lessons in Truth and Healing. both present and sent.

THERESA B. H. Brown,

Spocial. We are making a speciál rate of three subscrip. os to Unity for $2.00. This is but 66 cents per year each. ley must all be sent in at the same time; only one renewal, the ier two being to two new names not now subscribers to UNITY. Begin with

To Unity Tract Society,

913 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, Mo., U. S. A. Enclosed find $.

for subscripions to UNITY as follows:






Practical Gift.

Send your friends the beautiful booklet by Pauline E Sayre, of Brooklyn (N. Y.) Circle of Divine Ministry, för Christmas and holiday presents.

It is “Practical Application of Divine Principle in Our Every-Day Life," being a series of three talks on the subject. Attractively bound in white and gold, and contiins 75 pages. Read the review of this book on page 307.

Practical, Sensible, Applicable.

25 cents per copy, postpaid.

• 513a Quincy Street, Brooklyn, Naw York.


A magazine of helpfulness. $1.00 a year. Sample copy free.

GRACE M. BROWN, Box 445,

Denver, Colo.

Writings by Annie Rix Militz.

Primary Lessons in Christian Living
and Healing.

.$1.00 Primary I wissen The Sermon on the Mount..

.50 Christian Living

All Things are Possible to Them that and eating

None of these Things Move Me..

.05 For sale by UNITY TRACT SOCIETY.

913 Tracy Ave., Kansas City, Mo., Or sent, postpaid, on receipt of price, by THE ABSOLUTE 'RESS, Box 155, Brooklyn, New York.


Meatless Dishes.

A cook book which tells how to prepare healthful and nutrious dishes without meats or animal fats. Gives tested recipes and menus. Contains an interesting sermon on Salads, by an expert Cook. Gives useful hints on How to Set the Table, Hygiene, Kitchen Economy, Care of Kitchen Utensils, etc. Sent prepaid on receipt of 10 cents; dozen copies, $1.00. Vegetarian Magazine one year, $1.00; three months, 25 cents. Address,

VEGETARIAN CO., 167 Dearborn Street, Chicago.

The Washington News-Letter.

Exponont of Christology. Oliver C. Sabin, Editor. Every number replete with Essays, Lectures, and Editorials on Metaphysical Healing, especially the methods taught by Jesus and his disciples. .

Subscription Rates: $1.00 a year; foreign, $1.25. 1329 M ST., WASHINGTON, D. C., U. S. A.

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This journal, published by Evelyn Arthur See and Agnes Chester See, is now giving the message of

The Delivered Life in terms so simple that any person who wishes to come into the life of Truth may fully understand the teaching.

A SOCIAL LIFE is being organized in Chicago which is Truth made applicable to associate affairs, and is the demonstration of an actual deliverance in the practical life.

THE HIGHER THOUGHT reveals the way of ascension into the life and makes the details of common experience come under the administration of Truth; all things are done by Truth and the creature is free, as scripture has announced.

THE HIGHER THOUGHT' will be sent three months for twenty-five cents. One year, one dollar.

Address, THE HIGHER THOUGHT, 459 La Salle Av., Chicago.

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