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What One Woman Thinks About the Nautilus.

Mary Herring Hudson says: "The Nautilus is such a joy to me! Unless I give it away I read every number until it is worn out!"

And she is only one of thousands of women, and men, too, who enjoy The Nautilus' bright helpfulness.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Eleanor Kirk, Floyd B. Wilson, William E. Towne and Elizabeth Towne are the regular writers for The Nautilus.

Then there are other contributors who are greatly enjoyed. In November and December numbers will appear two timely papers by Charlotte Martindell, on “Child Development." And with the December number begins a series of articles of vital importance to every student of life; by Ella Adelia Fletcher, author of The Woman Beautiful. Miss Fletcher's articles deal with the subject of “Breath and Life," which she has investigated for years, both in study and in personal experiment.

The subscription price of The Nautilus is only 50 cents a year; and if you order NOW the publisher will send you the rest of this year's numbers and all of 1906– 15 months for 50 cents. Or you can have a four months' trial subscription for 10 cents. Send direct to ELIZABETH TOWNE, Dept. U, Holyoke, Muss.

The Blind Healed.

Healing Currents from the Battery of Life," by Walter De Voe, is becoming famous for the remarkable cures wrought in those who have applied the living truth that it teaches. The author is an experienced Healer and Teacher.

John Martin, of New York City, blind for 14 years, the substitute who received treatments in place of Rouss the blind millionaire, recently had his sight restored by the process which this book teaches.

Dr. E. H. Pratt, a noted surgeon of Chicago, prescribe this book for many of his patients. It is filled with vitaliz ing and soul-stirring thoughts that brighten the mind and heal the flesh.

For a frontispiece there is a reproduction of Hoffman's beautiful painting of The Christ, which is an aid to soulinspiration. Price, $2.00; postpaid.

Send orders direct to UNITY TRACT SOCIETY, 913 Tracy Ave.,

Kansas City, Mo.

Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Murray, Dr. John D. Miles,
Present or absent treatments; advice

Divine Healing and teaching by correspondence. Present or absent treatments. Per90 S. Union St.

Rochester, N. Y. sons at a distance who desire absent (Jan 04

treatment can write or telegraph for

fuller particulars. Cassius A. Shafer,

2414 Penn. Ave., N. W.,

Washington, D. C. Teacher and Healer.

(May 06) Students and patients received in

When wr ting menton UNITY. the Home, 539 La Salle Ave. 803 Masonic Temple, Chicago, I11. Florence C. Gilbert and Maud (Jan 06)

Evalynn Aldrich. Lilian Thompson,

Healing by the spiritual influence of Teacher and Healer.

God as it operates through Infinite

Understanding and Truth. Influence
Waco, Texas.
Jan 05

is the operative force of all law, and

understanding gives one power to Walter DeVoe,

call it into action. Teaching by cor

respondence. Address, Teacher and Healer at the College

1350 Marengo Ave. of freedom.

Pasadena, Cal.

Station 6027 Drexel Ave., Chicago, Ill.

[Feb 06) (Jan 06-d)

E. P. C. Webster, R. C. Douglass,

A very successful Divine or Mental Teacher and Healer.

Science Healer and Teacher. Please

mention UNITY when writing to him, A student of the Divine Science for sixteen years.

3523 Mozart St.,

Chicago, 1773 Sedgwick Ave., New York City.

[Novo5] (Apr 05)

Chicago Truth Center. Josephine Adams,

Established by Mrs. Annie Rix Militz Talks on Truth.

Classes, private lessons, treatment Truell inn.

and advice in Christian Living and Plainfield,

N. J.

Healing. Appointments by telo phone Mrs. Meroe C. Parmelee

Miss Mary E. Troyer, and Mrs. Mrs. A. E Lothrop,

Chas. H. Besley.
Christian Teacher and Healer.

1157 N. Clark St., 2nd Flat.,
Prezent and absent treatments,

Chicago, I. Tel., Belmont
Circulating Libary.

(Sept 05)
Home on Paxinosa Ave.
East Paxinosa Ave. Easton, Penn. Mrs. Elizabeth D. King,
(Dec 06)

Metaphyscian, Teacher and Heal::

Argyle Hotel, 234 McAllister st.. The Circle of Divine Ministry. San Francisco, C. B. Fairchild, Healer.

[Feb 06] 34 W 20th St., New York City. Marion Austin Drake. (March 06)

Fayette M. Drake.
John H. Rippe,

Teaching and Healing.
Christian Teacher and Healer.

Absent treatments a speciality. Als

teaching by correspondence. English and German correspondenec.

1341 E. 9th St.,

Kansas City 1620 Madison Ave, Kansas City, Mo.

(May 05) Spet 04

Miss Harriet C. Hulick, B.S., B. Mrs. Lizzie F. Hall,

Metaphysical Teacher and Healer Write me if you feel I can help you. 402 Colinsville Ave., East St. Louis Gouveneur, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. Send 15 cents for her New Though Lock Box 178


June об
July 06

Mrs. S. A. McMahon, Society of Practical Christianity, 2118 N. Robey St., Chicago, 1912 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia,

Edith A. Martin,
Teacher and Healer.

(Sept 05)


wer. ents

ional New Thought Centre, Mother Virtuzia. Circle of Light. pan and Trust Bldg., cor. F Williams Bay,

Wisconsin. and 9th Sts., Washington,

(Oct 05) D. C.

Milly H. Esmond, aily noon meetings. Mondays at O P. M., for questions. Circulating

25 Sherman Ave.,

Glens Falls, rary. Monthly asses. Sunday

New York. etings at 4 P. M. at Rauscher's,

(July 05) 32 Conn. Ave. imma Gray and Geo. E. Ricker, Prof. LeRoy Moore. Teachers ar Healers.

Teacher and Healer. (Aug 06)

1341 East 9th St., Kansas City, Mo.

(Jan 04] ile M. Cowles,

Dr. Agnes V. Kelley,
I instrument for God's healing
Personal and absent treat-

Present and absent treatment for
Write me if you are in

health and prosperity. Founder of vuble of


Lincoln Grove Settlement, Ohio.

Permanent address, 1 Lakes. Santa Cruz, Calif.

312 Randolph St., Meadville, Pa. [June 05]

[Feb 05] William C. Gibbons, Harriet W. Coolidge, Teacher and Healer.

Metaphysical Teacher and Healer. sod-on-Hudson,

New York 415-416. 87 Washington St., Chicago, Ill. (June 05)

(Sept 05] i. Rose Howe,

Judge H. H. Benson,

Christian Teacher and Healer.
Teacher and Healer.

Present and absent treatments; as healed of half a lifetime of ready to respond to calls in the city. validism through the mighty 1218 Eas: o:h St., Kansa City, Mo. wer of the living, loving Word.

(Dec 04] esent and absent healing. Teachgby correspondence. 165, Spring Valley, Minn. Health, Happiness and Prosperity, July 06

How to attain through the power of thought is given in demonstration, by Mrs. Katharine Hay, 203 West 81st

Street, New York City. Absent A. Beverly, A. M. M. D.

treatments 9 to 10 P. M. Office hours, years, an M. D., More Death, 10-2, 4-6. years, M. L., More Life. Ob

(Dec 05] ure and difficult cases, solicited. ial Telepathic treatments, $1.00 Mrs. C. A. Bartholomew, I month.

Chicago, III. Absent treatments. It costs you

nothing if not restored to health,
Hector, Pa.

(Sept 05)
IR. Penick, Jr.,
Eleven years experience as a Men. Mrs. Ella F. Woodward,

Science Healer. Trust Love's traction, and write for earnest,

Metaphysical Healer. dividual service.

806 Simpson St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Francis St., St. Joseph, Mo.

Telephone 1624. (Sept 05)

[Oct 05]

zist St,

You can be healed, and taught to heal others in your own bes, through the understanding of the Science of Being. For ticulars address, Mrs. S. A. MCMAHON, 2118 N. Robey St., icago, Ill.

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"Truth in Song: For Lovers of Truth Everywhere," by Clara Scott. A collection of beautiful songs and hymns for all New ought gatherings, class rooms and nday Schools. cents; per dozen, $3.00. Published by Stockham Publishing 70 Dearborn Street, Suite 51, Chicago, III.

Per copy,

Just Issued.

Lessons in Truth.

By H. Emilie Cady. Twelve Lessons, written in fascinating manner, which appeal to every denomination of religion. The easy and logical steps with which she takes you along the road hunting your God are not only charming but glorious in their simplicity and clearness.

Paper binding, in ono volume, 50 conts; cloth, stamped in gold, $1.00.

[No longer issued in three booklets. ]

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