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MEETINGS IN KANSAS CITY. Unity Society of Practical Christianity has services in Athenæum Hall, Universtiy Bldg., gth and Locust Streets (rake elevator to 3d foor, gth Street entrance) every Surday at 11 A. M. Sunday School at 10 A, M.

Also at Unity Headquarters, 1315 McGee St., Healing service every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Mid-week meeting every Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Special private classes according to announcement. All are welcome.

Divine Science Society, Dr. D. L. Sullivan, speaker, has services every Sunday at II A. M., Warwick Hall, Eighth and Oak Streets.

New Thought Center, Judge H. H. Benson, speaker. Services every Sunday at 8:00 P. M., Unity Headquarters, 1315 McGee St.

New Thought Club, Prof. LeRoy Moore, speaker, has services every Sunday at 3 P. m. in the K, P. hall, 624 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kansas.

HOW TO SPREAD THE TRUTH. Everywhere are people who have been healed, or helped mentally and otherwise, by the New Thought, who ask how they shall spread the glad tidings. There are many ways to do this. Don't be afraid to tell of what has been done for you. Distribute literature. We have on our list a number of commercial travelers who make it a practice to carry literature wherever they gu, and they are not afraid to give it to their customers. They buy pooklets and tracts liberally and give them away. They are ministers of God, and are as truly in the church of Jesus Christ as any ordained minister in the land. We have several times proposed enlarging UNITY to standard magazine size, that we might publish more matter, but these representatives at large have protested, saying it was so handy to slip into their pockets

- that they carry it where a larger magazine would not be convenient.

THREE SUBSCRIPTIONS. $2.00. That is an offer for UNITY. Or, we will send it to you three years for $2.00, or five years for $3.00, if paid in advance.

K We call the attention of our readers to the withdrawal of the excellent book, “Spiritual Law in the Natural World,' by Eleve, from the market, as the author is now rewriting the book from a Christian Science standpoint, she having revised her faith.

Your booklet, “Seek Wisdom," is a perfect “gem" of suggestions. Not only from a literary standpoint, but the deep Inner Principle so clearly expressed. I needed it and was guided in sending for it.

- M. H. L.


Our Business Manager, Chas. Edgar Prather, took a trip to Chicago and Milwaukee, and found much interest manifested in Practical Christianity. Chicago has been known as the most progressive New Thought city in this country, but many changes have recently taken place in the work.

Mrs. Ursula Gestefeld, who has been at the head of the Church of the New Thought for years, is now teaching in London, but the Society has been holding regular sessions until the first of this month, when a vacation was taken for the summer.

The Prentice Mulford Club, after a continuous activity for three and a half years, has taken a vacation, with the expectation of reorganizing under broader lines in the Fall.

The Chicago Truth Students continue to hold interesting services in Handel Hall the ad and 4th Wednesdays of each month. They have a good attendance.

The Unity Society of Practical Christianity, Cassius A. Shafer, teacher and healer, holds services in Hall 511, Masonic Temple, every Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, and other services during the week. This Center is becoming one of the strongholds of Truth teaching in Chicago, and good work is being done. Mr. Shafer is ably assisted by Mrs. May Myers.

The Chicago Truth Center, 1157 N. Clark St., which was established by Annie Rix Militz, is under the direction of Mrs. Meroe C. Parmalee and Miss Mary E. Troyer, teachers and healers. Mrs. Parmalee is also an active worker in the Truth Students' meetings.

Daily noon services are held at the Sarah Wilder Pratt Rooms, 87 Washington St., various speakers being provided.

Chester Agnes See and Evelyn Arthur See instruct many classes in the New Life, at their beautiful home, 459 La Salle avenue, and are meeting with good success.

Mr. John D. Perrin, recent secretary of the New Thought Federation, is associated with Ennis & Stopanni, Brokers, members of the Chicago Board of Trade.

Mrs. Hannah More Kohaus returns from London next month for a short visit at home,

Dr. Alice B. Stockham is conducting an interesting summer school at Vrilia Hights, Williams Bay, Wisconsin. The Stockham Publishing Company, 70 Dearborn St., is ably conducted by Mr. E, B. Beckwith.

The Liberal Book Concern, 87 Washington St., under the control of Mrs. Anna C. Waterloo, is doing a good book business, as is also the Purdy Publishing Co., McVicker's Theatre Bldg., managed by Frances Dusenberry.

Mr. Prather made addresses at the Truth Students in Handel Hall, and at a talented musical entertainment given by the Unity

Society of Practical Christianity, also speaking for the latter Society on the succeeding Sunday morning.

One of the most enjoyable events was the Annual Picnic and Gymkana by the Church of the New Thought, its Sunday School and the Ursula Club, at Jackson Park, on June 24th. A sumptuous dinner, refreshments, automobile rides, Gymkana games, boating on the lagoon, etc., were the features of the day. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Soden were especially untiring in their courteous entertainment and hospitality.

THE SIGNS THAT FOLLOW. I saw notice in UNITY about a new paper to be issued on food, etc. I will subscribe for five copies to start on. I will also contribute towards the $100,000 you asked for a little later on. I am enjoying your lessons in UNITY. The one explaining the difference between your teaching and other teachings was very timely and satisfactory. I thought your teaching was more like Christian Science than any thing else, and yet it was different in many respects.

It seems to me that tithing is a good thing to teach in regard to giving. I have practiced it about three or four years, and have always something on hand to give. Also my income has increased. Of course, tithing alone will not do, but as a system of giving it seems ideal. I do not limit myself to ten per cent., but will give no less.

-0. F. B.

Enclosed please find $1.00 for another years's subscription to the helpful, good magazine UNITY. I have gained so much by reading it; my realization of the Truth is clearer and better than ever, and I am claiming and making its teachings my own, and it bas certainly brought to me a sweet joy and peace, such as I have never before experienced.

- MRS. F. W. P.

The latter part of February I wrote you asking for treatment, and at that time my husband was out of employment and appearances indeed gloomy. Since then we have moved to this town, my husband has plenty of work, and everything has changed from gloom to gladness, and my health is surely improving also.

-L. V.

I have felt for some time like writing to you, and thanking you for the great love and Divide wisdom I have gotten from the blessed little UNITY. It always contained that which I just needed, and in the right time; praise be to you, the blessed servant of the living God, and to Him the giver of all. I feel like Paul when he said, “I have fought the good fight;"yes, and a hard

fight it has been, but the bright morning star was always shining in the distance, fixed and firm. I could not read nor write when I came into this beautiful Truth, but the blessed, sweet Spirit is helping me. I have worked day and night to know more of God's love in the last six years, and each day proves to me that my efforts have not been in vain. I am your sister in the great ocean of God's Truth and Love.


My subscription to Unity expires in August, and when renewing I will send the price of Diet with it. I am so glad you decided to publish the lessons on “The Science of Being and Christian Healing," which now appear in each number of UNITY. They are such a help to an understanding of the true nature of the principle of Being. Your exposition of Practical Christianity and its relation to other cults, in the June number of Unity, is a masterly article, and will do much to elucidate the true principles of the practical Christian life, which may be termed the Life Beautiful. With many good wishes for your continued prosperity, I remain, very sincerely yours,

- N. A. M.

Before joining the Society of Silent Unity I was a hard drinker; since then I have not taken anything. Kindly continue to help me.

- G. A. Y.

One of the reprentatives-at-large of Jesus Christ, a travelling commercial man, subscribes for eighteen copies of Unity per year, and sends us $1.00 per month. His territory is Southern California. In a recent letter he says, “I am placing UNITYS in the hands of every one whom I think is likely to become interested, and in this way preaching Practical Christianity to them. This is my way of spreading the gospel, and it is surprising how many people have become interested in the last few years through my efforts. I travel over most of Southern California, and come in contact with many people to whom I have an opportunity now and then to mention this beautiful teaching. In unfolding the Christ consciousness myself, I find that in this way I am able to keep up my business, and at the same time feed His lambs. I shall have a statement to give you in a short time in regard to the remarkable healing of one of your subscribers."

-L. D.

I enclose $1.00 to help along the good work, and show my appreciation to you all for the loving, beautiful influences which surround your paper. I get so much joy and help from every page that it has become a great possession to me. - H. M.



The Society of Silent Unity is the Twentieth Centur fulfillment of the promise of Jesus Christ.

"Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.- Matt. 18:19,20. TO THE SOCIETY OF SILENT UNITY,

1315 McGEE STREET, Kansas City, Mo. Dear Friends—I desire your spiritual assistance in demonstrating the points mentioned in my letter enclosed herewith.





Notice to Applicants: We can help you in matters pertaining to health, finances, spiritual understanding, and, in fact, everything that is desirable and for your highest good. “Ask whatsoever ye will in my name and it shall be done unto you," covers every human need. We put no limit upon the power of the Holy Spirit, through which the work is done. Write us freely just what you most desire. All correspondence is strictly confidential.

If this is your first application, please say so. If you are already on our list for treatment, please mention it when you renew your application, which should be done every 30 days.

Before writing please read instructions and suggestions in the department in another part of this magazine, under head of "Society of Silent Unity."

There is no specific charge for membership or treatments. Our expenses are met by the free-will-offerings of those who ask our assistance. Address all communications to Society of Silent Unity,

1315 MoGoo Stroot, Kansas City, Mo.

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