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Holman's Self-Pronouncing Bible.

Ideal Bourgeois Type Edition.

Printed on Fine White Paper from the sharpest,

cleanest and clearest Large Bourgeois Type

Plates made. Contains new copyrighted helps to the study of

the Bible, as follows: Teachers' New Ready-Reference Hand Book. A New Practical, Comparative Concordance with

nearly 50,000 references, A New Illustrated Self-Pronouncing Bible Dic

tionary, on nearly 5,000 subjects. Four Thousand Questions and Answers on the

Old and New Testadients.
Fifteen New Maps Printed in Colors.

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Bound in French Seal Divinity Circuit, Linen

Lining and Fly Leaves, Silk Head Band, and Purple Silk Marker, Round Corners, Red under Gold Edges. List Price $3.70.

To the person sending in the most money for subscriptions to our magazines between now and July 15th, we will give one of these Bibles absolutely free. This offer includes yearly subscriptions for either or both UNITY and Wee Wisdom, also the three months trial subscriptions for 15 cents, on all of which we allow the regular agents' commission of 25 per cent in addition to the Bible. When sending in your orders, the remittance for subscriptions must accompany same in each instance. Address,

Unity Tract Society,

1315 McGoo Street, Kansas City, Mo.

A cook book which tells how to prepare healthful and nutrious dishes without meats or animal fats. Gives tested recipes and menus. Contains an interesting sermon on Salads, by an expert Cook. Gives useful hints on How to Set the Table, Hygiene, Kitchen Economy, Care of Kitchen Utensils, etc. Sent prepaid on receipt of 10 cents; dozen copies, $1.00. Vegetarian Magazine one year, $1.00; three months, 25 cents. Address, VEGETARIAN CO., 408 Adams Express Bldg., Chicago.

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The Washington News-Letter.

Exponont of Christology. Olivor C. Sabin, Editor. Every number replete with Essays, Lectures, and Editorials on Metaphysical Healing, especially the methods taught by Jesus and his disciples.

Subscription Rates: $1.00 a year; foreign, $1.25. 1329 M ST., WASHINGTON, D. C., U. S. A.

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This journal, published by Evelyn Arthur See and Agnes Chester See, is now giving the message of

The Delivered Life in terms so simple that any person who wishes to come into the life of Truth may fully understand the teaching.

A SOCIAL LIFE is being organized in Chicago which is Truth made applicable to associate affairs, and is the demonstration of an actual deliverance in the practical life.

THE HIGHER THOUGHT reveals the way of ascension into the life and makes the details of common experience come under the administration of Truth; all things are done by Truth and the creature is free, as scripture has announced.

THE HIGHER THOUGHT will be sent three months for twenty-five cents. One year, one dollar.

Address, THE HIGHER THOUGHT, 459 La Salle Av., Chicago. minimum

THE NAUTILUS is a unique monthly magazine, (standard size, now in its seventh year), edited by Elizabeth Towne and William E. Towne. Devoted to the realization of Health and Success through spiritual, mental and physical self-development. Advocates DEEP BREATHING, RATIONAL DIET, etc., as well as high thinking. Gives practical help in the everyday problems of life. It is distinctly a magazine of OPTIMISM. Will cheer and strengthen you to read it. Is crisp, fresh, original and inspiring each month. Thousands of its readers testify to the wonderful uplift and help they receive from reading THE NAUTILUS.


HENRY WOOD says in a letter to Mrs. Towne: “I am more and more impressed by the splendid work that you and your good husband are doing.

New and helpful features are being planned for the magazine during the coming year. Subscription, 500 per year.

SPECIAL OFFER.- Send 10c NOW and receive NAUTILUS four months on trial. Address the editor,



The Blind Healed.

“Healing Currents from the Battery of Life," by Walter De Voe, is becoming famous for the remarkable cures wrought in those who have applied the living truth that it teaches. The author is an experienced Healer and Teacher. .

John Martin, of New York City, blind for 14 years; the substitute who received treatments in place of Rouss the blind millionaire, recently had his sight restored by the process which this book teaches.

Dr. E. H. Pratt, a noted surgeon of Chicago, prescribes this book for many of his patients. It is filled with vitalizing and soul-stirring thoughts that brighten the mind and heal the flesh.

For a frontispiece there is a reproduction of Hoffman's beautiful painting of The Christ, which is an aid to soulinspiration. Price, $2.00; postpaid.

Send direct to publishers,
College of Freedom,
Woodlawn, u,

Chicago, Ill.



Mrs. S. A. McMahon.

Dr. John D. Miles, 2118 N. Robey St., Chicago, I11.

Divine Healing.

Present or absent treatments. Per. Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Murray,

sons at a distance who desire absent

treatment can write or telegraph for Present or absent treatments; advice fuller particulars. and teaching by correspondence.

2414 Penn. Ave., N. W... 90 S. Union St.

Washington, D. C. Rochester, N. Y.

(May 06) (Jan 04

When writing mention UNITY. Cassius A. Shafer,

Florence C. Gilbert and Maud
Teacher and Healer.

Evalynn Aldrich.
Students and patients received in
the Home, 539 La Salle Ave.., and

Healing by the spiritual influence of 511 Masonic Temple,

God as it operates through Infinite Chicago, Ill.

Understanding and Truth. Influence (Jan 06)

is the operative force of all law, and

understanding gives one power to Lilian Thompson,

call it into action. Teaching by cor.

respondence. Address,
Teacher and Healer.
Box 185,
Waco, Texas.

1350 Marengo Ave.
Jan 05
Pasadena, Cal.

Station A.

(Feb 06] Walter De Voe, Teacher and Healer at the College

E. P. C. Webster, of Freedom.

A very successful Divine or Mental

Science Healer and Teacher. Please 6027 Drexel Ave.,

mention UNITY when writing to him. (Jan 06-d) 2325 Dearborn St.,

Chicago, Ill

[Novo5] R. C. Douglass,

Teacher and Healer. Mrs. Vivia A. Leeman, A student of the Divine Science for Divine Truth Healer and Teacher sixteen years.

1717 Kansas Ave., Holton, Kan. 54 W 37th St., New York City.

[Jan 06] (Apr 05)

Chicago Truth Center. Josephine Adams,

Established by Mrs. Annie Rix Militz. Talks on Truth.

Classes, private lessons, treatments

and advice in Christian Living and Hours: 8 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. Healing. Appointments by tele149 South State St., Painesville, Ohio. phone Mrs. Meroe C. Parmelee,

and Miss Mary E. Troyer. Mrs. A. E Lothrop,

1157 N. Clark St., 2nd Flat.,

Chicago, Ill. Tel., Belmont 2463 Christian Teacher and Healer.

(Sept 05)
Prezent and absent treatments.
Circulating Libary.

Mrs. Elizabeth D. King,
Home on Paxinosa Ave.
Box 19

Easton, Penn. Metaphyscian, Teacher and Healer.
(Dec 05)
| Argyle Hotel, 234 McAllister st.,

Calif. The Circle of Divine Ministry. I

San Francisco, C. B. Fairchild, Healer. 34 W 20th St., New York City, Marion Austin Drake. (March 06)

Fayette M. Drake. John H. Rippe,

Teaching and Healing.

Absent treatments a speciality. Also Christian Teacher and Healer. teaching by correspondence. Weekly English and German Correspondence. I meetings Fridays 3:00 P. M. All are

invited. Rooms in the Home, and 1620 Madison ave., Kansas City, Mo.

boarding next door. Sept 04

225 W 18th St., Kansas City, Mo.

(May 05) Mother Virtuzia. Circle of Light Williams Bay,

Wisconsin (Oct 05)

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(Church of Practical Christianity.) Higher Thought Reading Room and

25 Sherman Ave., office Metaphysical College.

Glens Falls,

New York. Room 53, 715 Locust St., St. Louis, Mo.

(July 05] [Dec 05]

Prof. LeRoy Moore. National New Thought Centre Teach and Healer. Loan and Trust Bldg., cor. F 119 Park Ave., Kansas City, Mo. and 9th Sts., Washington,

(Jan 04] D. C. Daily noon meetings. Mondays at Dr. Agnes V. Kelley, 4:30 P. M., for questions. Circulating

Present and absent treatment for library. Monthly asses. Sunday

health and prosperity. Founder of meetings at 4 P. M. at Rauscher's,

Lincoln Grove settlement, Ohio. 1032 Conn. Ave.

Permanent address,
Emma Gray and Geo. E. Ricker,

312 Randolph St., Meadville, Pa.
Teachers and Healers.
(Aug 05)

(Feb 05)

Lucile M. Cowles,

Harriet W. Coolidge, An instrument for God's healing

| Metaphysical Teacher and Healer. power. Personal and absent treat 1415-416, 87 Washington St., Chicago, Illi. ments. Write me if you are in

(Sept 05] trouble of any kind. Twin Lakes. Santa Cruz, Calif. (June 05]

Judge H. H. Benson,

Christian Teacher and Healer.

Present and absent treatments; Dr. William C. Gibbons,

ready to respond to calls in the city. Teacher and Healer. 1503 East 14th St., Kansas City, Mo. Inwood-on-Hudson, New York.]

[Dec 04) (June 05] Rev. Don G. Husted,

Health, Happiness and Prosperity, Teacher and Demonstrator of Truth

How to attain through the power of in the Church. Present and absent

thought is given in demonstration, by

Mrs. Katharine Hay, 203 West 81st Healing. Special attention given to

Street, New York City. Absent correspondence instruction.

reatments 9 to 10 P. M. Office hours The Huron Manse, Wolcott, N. Y. -12, 4-6. June 05]

(Dec 05]

For $1.15 we will send UNITY one year and “Wee Wisdom's Way," a booklet of sixty-four pages, by Myrtle Fillmore.

For $1.25 we will send UNITY one year and WIE WIsdom, a monthly paper especially designed for teaching Practical Christianity to children.

For $1.35 we will send UNITY one year and "Twelve Lessons in Truth," by H. Emilie Cady.

"Truth in Song: For Lovers of Truth Everywhere," by Clara H. Scott. A collection of beautiful songs and hymns for all New Thought gatherings, class rooms and Sunday Schools. Per copy, 30 cents; per dozen, $3.00. Published by Stockham Publishing Co., 70 Dearborn Street, Suite 51, Chicago, Ill.

If you change your address and do not notify us until you fail to receive that month's UNITY, you should enclose 10 cents when writing for that copy, and not expect us to furnish duplicate free through no fault of ours,

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