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The novel Ulysses is a masterpiece of world literature. It is an epic and immersive read that will make you want to tear through the pages like Homer's windswept Odysseus. This book has been lauded by many critics as one of the best novels in English, and we couldn't agree more! James Joyce set out to write "a work in which every word spoken would be important" and succeeded brilliantly. He employs a variety of styles throughout this piece, including stream-of-consciousness writing, parody, humor, dialogue, poetry and puns.

The protagonist Leopold Bloom encounters many interesting characters in his day-long journey through Dublin on June 16th. One such character is Stephen Dedalus who shares his thoughts about the Irish language with us along the way. What makes this story so unique is how Joyce uses stream of consciousness to tell the reader what each character is thinking at any given moment in time. We see things from both Bloom's perspective as well as those around him - which gives readers an inside look at what was going on during this era in history!

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