The Battle That Shook Europe: Poltava and the Birth of the Russian Empire

I. B. Tauris, 1992 - 287 sidor
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The Battle of Poltava, 1709, marks the birth of Peter the Great’s vast Russian Empire. In 1700, the Tsar combined with Denmark, Saxony, and Poland to attack Swedish hegemony in the North. When the forces finally defeated King Charles XII of Sweden in 1708 at Poltava, in the Ukraine, it proved the turning-point of the Great Northern War, heralding the collapse of the Swedish Empire and the rise of Russia, the effects of which would be felt for almost three hundred years. Swedish historian Peter Englund’s vivid account of the three violent days of battle is an internationally acclaimed classic of military history.

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Review: The Battle that Shook Europe: Poltava and the Birth of the Russian Empire

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Fantastic vivid and informative about a watershed in Europe, when Sweden lost power to Russia in an epic battle. Läs hela recensionen

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Om författaren (1992)

Peter Englund is a Professor at Uppsala University.

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