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the company is usually called: Provided, That no second qual- Proviso. ity salt shall be so marked.

Sec. 27. No inspector or deputy inspector shall inspect or Inspector pass any barrel, cask, box, or sack of salt which shall not be any barrels marked or branded in the manner prescribed in the last sec- marked. tion, and the inspector or deputy shall not affix his brand to any barrel of salt which shall not have been so branded by the mannfacturer offering the same for inspection: Provided, That Proviso. Done of the provisions of this section shall apply to second quality salt: And provided further, that the inspector may, by Ibid. regulations prescribed by him, provide that both the brand of the manufacturer and that of the inspector shall be put upon each package at the same time.

Sec. 28. Salt of an inferior quality-dirty, damaged or con- Inferior salt; demned—may be sold loose, or in bulk, by the manufacturer thereof, at the works, the inspector making bills of the same, designating the quantity by weight, as in ordinary cases, and distinguishing the same as "second quality;" or, such inferior salt may be packed in boxes, barrels, casks or sacks, and branded by the inspector with the words “second quality salt,” in plain letters not less than one inch in length, and such inspector shall add the initials of his name, and no other or different brand shall be placed thereon; and said second quality salt, subject to the provisions of this section, may be sold or exported by the owner as such.

Sec. 29. Every person who shall forge or counterfeit the name Counterfeit 80 required to be put on by the manufacturer, or shall cause, or turer's name. procure to be put on any barrel or cask in which salt shall be packed, the name of any person other than that which properly should be placed thereon according to the provisions of this act, shall, for every such barrel, cask or sack, forfeit the sum of Penalty. one hundred dollars, and shall also be liable for all damages to the party aggrieved. Sec. 30. The inspector shall, by regulation from time to time, Regulating

quantity in specify the quantity of salt that shall be contained in bags or suga, oc.



other packages which shall be offered for inspection. And it shall not be lawful for him to authorize the inspector's brand to be placed upon any package that does not correspond with

said regulation. Ground salt; Sec. 31. The inspector shall, by regulation, require that all how marked

ground salt manufactured and put up for market, shall be legibly marked on each keg, box, sack, bag, or other package containing the same, with the words "ground solar," or "ground

boiled,” or “ground steam,” or “ground Chapin," as the fact Size of let. may be. Such marking to be done in letters not less than

an inch in length.

Sec. 32. If the inspector shall consent to, connive at, aid or of inspector.

abet the smuggling of salt, or the transportation of the same away, so as to evade the inspection thereof, or shall accept of any bribe, or sum of money, or any gift, or reward whatsoever, upon any express, or secret or implied trust, or confidence that

he shall connive at, or consent to any evasion of the laws for Penalty

the inspection of salt, such inspector shall forfeit his office, and pay to the use of the people of this State the sum of

one thousand dollars. Connivanco Sec. 33. If any deputy inspector shall be guilty of the offenses of deputy.

specified in the last section, or any of them, the inspector

appointing such deputy shall forfeit to the use of the people of Penalty. this State the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, for the

recovery of which his bond shall be put in suit. Inspector

Sec. 34. The inspector and each of his deputies shall be and deputies exempt from exempt from serving on juries, and from all military service, jury service.

except in case of actual invasion or insurrection; and the commission or appointment in writing of any such officer or deputy

shall be evidence of the facts stated therein. Inspector Sec. 35. The inspector shall have power from time to time, rules, etc

to make and ordain such necessary rules and regulations as he may deem expedient, concerning

First. The manufacturing and inspection of salt not inconsistent with the provision of this act.

to ordajn


inspect salt

Second. The daily examination, and reporting by his deputies, of the operation and extent of the several salt manufactories, 80 as to determine whether the quantity of salt inspected at each manufactory, is equal to the quantity actually manufactured thereat.

Third. The districting of the salt-making territory in this State, and the duties of his deputies under this act, and he may alter and revoke such rules and regulations at his pleasure.

Sec. 36. The inspector shall have power to annex penalties, Inspector to not exceeding ten dollars in any case, to the violation of such alties for

violation. rules and regulations; such rules and regulations shall be printing printed and posted up in the office of the inspector, and in each manufactory, and published at least once in some newspaper in each county where salt is manufactured, and shall, after they have been posted and published as aforesaid for one week, be binding upon all persons concerned.

Sec. 37. It shall be the duty of the inspector and his Inspector to deputies, upon being applied to by any manufacturer to in- at once, on

application spect salt in his district, to inspect the same forthwith; and in no case shall the inspector, or any deputy, delay the inspection of salt beyond twelve hours of daylight, excluding Sundays, after such application, unless such manufacturer shall consent to the delay. For a violation of this section by the inspector, Penalty for or any one of his deputies, the inspector and his sureties shall be liable to the party aggrieved in the sum of fifty dollars over and beyond all actual damages sustained.

Sec. 38. Nothing contained in this act shall be construed so Billerns sold as to prevent the sale or exportation of the bitterns from any manufactory of salt, such bitterns to be sold or exported in bulk, or if in casks or barrels, to be branded as bitterns, and sold or exported as such.

Sec. 39. In case of any vacancy, from any cause, in the office Who to all of the inspector, the deputy for the district of East Saginaw inspector. shall possess the powers and perform the duties of inspector antil such vacancy shall be filled; and the bond of the inspector

as such.

Vacancy of

and his sureties shall continue to be liable for the acts of all the

deputies, until such vacancy shall be filled. Inspector's Sec. 40. The inspector shall annually, in the month of Dereport

cember, and on or before the fifteenth day thereof, make a report to the Governor of this State, which shall contain

First. The number of districts into which the salt-producing territory of this State may then be divided, with the name and locality of each, and the number and capacity of the works of each district;

Second. The quantity and quality of salt inspected in each district during the preceding year;

Third. The amount received, and expenses incurred under this act for the preceding year, in detail;

Fourth. Such suggestions and recommendations as he may think proper to make concerning the manufacture of salt, and the operation of the inspection laws upon the same, and as to

what further legislation upon the subject, if any, would be adPablication visable. A copy of such report shall be published immediately

after its date, in some newspaper in the Saginaw Valley. Fine salt; Sec. 41. The inspector shall establish a grade of " fine" salt, how marked

the grain of which shall be at least as fine as the average grain of salt made in kettles. He shall cause the word “ fine” to be marked on the packages containing such salt, in large letters, and the word “fine," with or without qualification, shall not, ander any circumstances, be placed on salt of coarse grain; but all other grades shall be designated on the packages by some truly descriptive mark or brand, and the inspector may mark salt "second quality,” for imperfect grain, as well as for any

other defect. fall in bulk.

Sec. 42. Nothing in this act contained shall be construed to prevent the sale or shipment of salt in bulk, after the same shall

have been duly inspected, and a certificate thereof given by said Private trade inspector, or any deputy; and nothing in this act shall be con

strued to prevent manufacturers from putting such private trade-mark or brand on their salt as they may see fit: Provided,

of name.


money; how

It contains no untruth, or statement calculated or intended to Proviso. deceive the purchaser.

Sec. 43. In case the inspector shall, at the time of making Surplus any annual report, have a surplus of money arising from the inspector to

disposo of inspection fees in this act provided for, in his hands, he shall apportion back and pay such surplus to the persons, firms, or corporations for whom salt has been inspected during the last preceding year, in proportion to the amounts paid by them respectively for inspection fees: Provided, That in case such sur-Proviso. plus does not equal the sum of one thousand dollars, no such apportionment shall be made: Provided, further, That in no Ibid. case shall the State be held liable for any obligation or expenditure in consequence of any of the provisions of this act.

Sec. 44. This act shall take immediate effects
Approved March 6, 1869.


[ No. 30. ] AN ACT to reorganize the second and to create the fifteenth

Judicial Circuit. SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That the Fifteenth

circuit counties of Branch and St. Joseph shall be formed into and be one judicial circuit, to be known and designated as the fifteenth judicial circuit.

Sec. 2. That the counties of Berrien and Cass shall be formed socond into and be one judicial circuit, to be known as the second judicial circuit.

Sec. 3. The qualified voters of the counties of Branch and Election of St. Joseph shall, on the first Monday in April, in the year of afteenth, for

partial torm. our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine, at the regular township meetings to be held in the respective townships of said counties at that time, elect a circuit judge, who shall bold his office, commencing on the first day of May, in the year eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, and ending on the first day of January, in the year eighteen hundred and seventy,

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