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10. Joint resolution granting block No. 137, city of Lan

sing, to the city of Lansing for a public park, ap-
proved March 13......

392 11. Joint resolution asking Congress for an appropriation

of money to improve the harbor at tho mouth of
the Cheboygan river, on the Straits of Mackinaw,
approved March 13......

393 12. Joint resolution for the payment of the claim of Wil

liam Beard and others, approved March 13...... 394 13. Joint resolution asking the general Government for

a grant of land to aid in the construction of the

Mineral Range Railroad, approved March 13...... 395 14. Joint resolution for the relief of Charles Chandler,

administrator of the estate of James McDonald,
deceased, approved March 17.....

397 15. Joint resolution asking the Congress of the United

States to make an appropriation for the completion
of the harbor at the mouth of the Ontonagon
river, approved March 17....

... 398 16. Joint resolution instructing the Senators and Rep

resentatives of the State of Michigan, in Con-
gress, relative to the Indian Reservation, approved
March 22....

399 17. Joint resolution urging upon our Senators and Rep

resentatives in Congress, the importance of secur-
ing to certain Indians, and other persons, their
rights to Indian reservation lands in Muskegon
county, approved March 22...

... 400 18. Joint resolution requesting our Representatives in Con

gress to call the attention of the Indian Depart-
ment, to the necessity of having the Indians of this

State vaccinated, approved March 22....... ... 401 19. Joint resolution relative to the distribution of the

laws, journals, documents, and joint documents of
the session of the Legislature of the year A. D.
eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, approved March

... 402 20. Joint resolution for the relief of Alanson Holbrook, approved March 22....

402 21. Joint resolution relating to the navigation between

the United States and Canada, approved March 24, 403 22. Joint resolution for the relief of Mason Samson, approved March 24. .....

404 23. Joint resolution to authorize the Board of State Aud.

itors to audit and allow the account of Henry S.



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Clubb, for reporting for the Supreme Court of the
State of Michigan, the evidence in the case of the
State of Michigan ex rel. Frank H. White vs. Her-
manus Doesburg, approved March 26.....

405 24. Joint resolution to regulate the making up of reports

of claims examined and adjusted by the Board of
State Auditors, approved March 26....

406 25. Joint resolution relative to an outstanding treasury warrant, approved March 30.

407 26. Joint resolution asking Congress for an appropriation

of money, to improve Portage Lake and River, in
Houghton county, approved March 30...

407 27. Joint resolution asking an appropriation to aid the

geological survey of this state, approved March 30, 408 28. Joint resolution assenting to the transfer of title from

the State of Pennslvania to the United States, of
the Soldiers' National Cemetery, at. Gettysburgh,
Pennsylvania, approved March 30...

409 29. Joint resolution for the relief of Elmina Brainard, approved March 30...

410 30. Joint resolution to forfeit the lands granted to the

Marquette and Ontonagon Railroad Company, and
to confer the said grant of lands on some other
company, approved March 30...

.. 411 31. Joint resolution providing that the swamp land grants

for roads in the Upper Peninsula may be used for
the construction of road-beds for tram, train, or
railroads, approved March 30....

416 32. Joint resolution to legalize the action of certain Com

missioners in laying out a certain road in town two
south, and nine east, in the State of Michigan, as
provided by act No. 507, of the sossion laws of A.
D. 1867, approved March 30..

416 33. Joint resolution in relation to the claim of the State

against E. H. Hazelton & Co., approved March 30.. 417 34. Joint resolution to authorize the Governor to convey

certain State lands to Henry A. Shaw, of Eaton
county, as the grantee of Daniel J. Spencer, approved
April 2...

418 35. Joint resolution urging upon our Senators and Repre

sentatives in Congress the importance of securing a
land or money grant, to aid in the construction of a

railroad under the Detroit river, approved April 3.. 419 36. Joint resolution authorizing the Governor to release all

claims of the State of Michigan to the General




Government, that said State may have to the east
half of the south-east quarter of section twenty-
three, township fourteen porth, of range twelve
west, in said State, approved April 3..

.. 420 37. Joint resolution asking the General Government for

the substitution of any vacant or unappropriated
sections for odd sections, in the appropriation of
lands to aid in the construction of wagon roads,
to extend the time of construction, and to authorize

the State to sell the same, approved April 3....... 421 38. Joint resolution for the appointment of a commission to

examine the discipline and general management of
the penal, reformatory, and charitable iustitutions of
the State, and report plans and recommendations

for their improvement, approved April 3......... 422 39. Joint resolution autborizing the Board of Control of

St. Mary's Falls Ship Canal to transfer said Canal
to the United States, approved April 3.....

423 40. Joint resolution making an appropriation of one thou

sand dollars, for engrossing a Roll of Honor on
parchment, and for binding the same for State
Library, and the original for Adjutant General's

office, approved April 3..
41. Joint resolution proposing an amendment to section

nine, article ten, of the Constitution of this State,
relative to allowing the board of supervisors of
counties, to raise two thousand dollars a year, for
the purpose of repairing and constructing public

buildings, highways or bridges, approved April 5.. 424 42. Joint resolution proposing amendments to sections

three and four, article four, section one, article seven,
and section one, article seventeen, of the Constitu-
tion of Michigan, in relation respectively to the
apportionment of Representatives, to the qualifica-

tion of electors, and to the militia, approved April 5.. 425 43. Joint resolution confirming the sale of certain primary

school lands, and authorizing a patent to be issued

for the same to L. Jud Macomber, approved April 5, 428 44. Joint resolution authorizing the Governor to issue a

patent of certain lands to John Dowling, approved
April 5.......

.. 429 45. Joint resolution asking Senators and Representatives

in Congress, from Michigan, to urge an appropri-
ation for the speedy erection of a light-house at

.. 424




the mouth of the Pere Marquette river, in the
county of Mason, approved April 5....

430 46. Joint resolution asking Congress for an appropriation

of money for the improvement of Mackinaw Harbor,
on the Island of Mackinaw, in the straits of Michi-
limackinac, approved April 5...

430 47. Joint resolution proposing an amendment to section

one, article nine, of the Constitution of this State,
relative to the salaries of State officers and judges
of the circuit court, approved April 5...






1. Concurrent resolution requesting the Governor to make

& requisition on the Auditor General for the sum
of four thousand dollars, and transmit the same
to the treasurer of the Antietam National Cemetery,
approved February 17.....

433 2 Concurrent resolution requesting the Governor to em

ploy a competent mechanic to visit the Michigan
Institution for the Education of the Deaf, Dumb,
and Blind, to report the cost of finishing the same,
approved March 8..

433 3. Concurrent resolution relative to the survey of a route

between the river Raisin and St. Joseph river, for
ascertaining the feasibility of a ship canal between

lakes Erie and Michigan, approved March 17...... 433 4 Concurrent resolution relative to pensions for the

surviving soldiers of the war of 1812, approved
March 17...





5. Concurrent resolution tendering a vote of thanks to the

members of the Soldiers' Permanent Home Com-
mission, approved April 3...

... 434 6. Concurrent resolution authorizing the Secretary of the

Senate and the Clerk of the House of Repre-
sentatives to compile, index, and superintend the
publication of the journals and documents of the

Legislature of 1869, approved April 3...... ... 435 7. Concurrent resolution requesting the Board of Regents

to carry into effect certain recommendations of the
President of the University, relative to the education

of women in said institution, approved April 5.... 436 8. Concurrent resolution tendering a vote of thanks to

General F. Palmer, Quartermaster General, for ser-
vices in procuring the allowance of a certain claim
of the State against the General Government,
approved April 5....

... 436 9. Concurrent resolution relative to the publication of the

laws of eighteen hundred and sixty-nine in two
volumes, approved April 5...


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