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of the Periakulam, Dindigul, and Pulney seemed to receive a new impulse by the stations. On the 18th of April last he exercises. Six persons presented themwrote from the sanitariumn, at Kodikanal, selves as inquirers. in regard to these several stations, notic “We had a long discussion, or rather ing especially meetings with helpers, and conversation, at our monthly meeting, retheir reports. He states : -

specting a new consecration to the work “I have recently spent two days at Pe. of the Lord, and I was impressed with the riakulam, with the helpers of that station. remarks made by some on this subject. Their monthly meetings are seasons of Some are longing to see the power of great interest and profit to us.

God manifest as in revivals in America. ports and discussions bring out many de. They were struck with the statements fects in our work, and many things to made respecting such revivals. One pasencourage and stimulate us, so that all tor, in his remarks said, Is not Jesus, who feel it good to be present. The previous is thus triumphantly working by his Spirit month had been fruitful in securing extra there, able and ready to work here among contributions for benevolence. One pag He then, in the most simple and tor reported over twenty-four rupees to- fervent manner, ex borted all to consecrate wards his salary, another over seventeen, themselves anew to Christ. and a third over fourteen. It is now manifest that the three pastors in the valley “One young man was received to the will realize half of their salaries, an ad. church at Silukkuvapatti (in the Battavance may soon be made, and kept up un. lagundu field] in March. A most intertil the whole salary shall be raised by the esting incident took place a few weeks people. The pastors are in good heart. ago in that village. A member of the I urged to constant and patient effort to church was visiting a village in the Dinlead the people to give joyfully, and to digul station. While there he met one of lead all to give something.

the Christians in the village, and in the Temperance has required a sbare of course of their conversation they spoke of our attention. Nearly a year ago the the need of Christians being more active, helpers took up the subject, and resolved and doing more for the cause of Christ. that they would do all in their power to The Dindigul Christian said, Why not discountenance the use of intoxicating call a meeting for all the church-members, drinks among the people. This step was and let us discuss these points ? At all much needed, as the people are in great events, let us ask the missionary if he has danger from intemperance. Every vil- any objection. I told them that so far lage has its licensed toddy-shop; and in- from having objections to such a meeting temperance is greatly on the increase nothing would give me greater joy, and I among all classes of Hindoos. The pastor hoped the meeting would be called withat Kamban has been active in this reform, out delay. They had drawn up topics and at our meeting we were all very much for discussion, among which were – - The interested in his report respecting the as better observance of the Sabbath ; Better sistance he had received from the women Attendance at Church ; Increase of Be. of the congregation.

nevolence; and Efforts to reach the Hea“ The Spirit of God is working on the then.' The church at Silukkuvapatti, hearts of the people in various parts of the although without a pastor, is increasing in station. One of the pastors spoke of a influence and strength. most interesting communion season in “At the last communion season, helt connection with his churcb. He had by the pastor at Battalagundu, three prayed for God's blessing, and had held pupils from the boarding-school were preparatory meetings in several villages, received to the church. Two were conand at the time appointed the people nected with the girls' department. The came together in such numbers that not Lord has thus graciously blessed this demore than half could get into the church. partment, and it encourages us to labor They were deeply interested, and many for the education of the young.

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“At the last monthly meeting at Dindi- recalling the cheering impressions, the gul many encouraging incidents came out bright anticipations, of his first months in the reports of the helpers. They feel on missionary ground; the chastening ef the necessity of faithfulness in the absence fects of more experience - of disappointof their missionary. The work is begin- ments and apparent failures — upon the ning favorably in the villages. Under the feelings (have not pastors at home the supervision of the pastor they had com same experience ?); changes in the mispleted one itineracy among the heathen, sion — deaths, returns to America, and in March, and were ready to commence other removals ; the smaller number of another in April. The helpers were in laborers now than then; the reduced good heart respecting their work, whether amount expended by the Board in Ceypertaining to labors among the heathen, lon; changes in the native churches and the instruction of Christian congrega- among native helpers, etc. He then tions, or the conducting of schools for the writes :young. Nearly every catechist reported “ The figures are suggestive, and that he had visited as many as thirty vil- rightly viewed they are not discouraging. lages, to preach to the heathen, during the They show progress in some directions. previous month; and beside the schools for And many changes have taken place children, they had conducted ten night which cannot be represented by figures. schools for the education of young men. There is more independence, and more Dindigul is far in advance of the other intelligent views of the object of the misstations under my care, in education. The sion. There is a more cordial coöperawork in the town itself is of great magni. tion with us in the work on the part of tude. A large and important dispensary, native Christians. There far less of a large and flourishing Anglo-vernacular the money inducement influencing peoschool for boys and young men, and other ple to profess Christianity. Our gains, if important schools for girls and boys, show apparently less, are more real and more the foundations which Mr. and Mrs. Ches- reliable. The churches are better organter have been laying for the glory and ized and less dependent upon the mission, honor of God. I trust they will soon be and the native pastorate has been fully enabled to return to carry on the work to and successfully inaugurated. With the completion."

increase of prosperity, worldliness has “I bave not been able to visit Pulney, greatly increased, and presents a formidbut do what I can for that station by a able obstacle to the growth of the church. correspondence with the pastor there. In But we look for better things. All that both Dindigul and Pulney there have we seem to need is the outpouring of the been additions to the churches, and to the Spirit, to realize an abundant barvest. congregations. God is thus bearing witness to the labors of our native brethren."

“ The present state of the work at this station is not discouraging. There are

evidences that we labor not in vain. The Ceylon fuissfon.

native pastor has reported his own work.

Mr. Hunt and myself are enabled freRETROSPECTION-THE WORK AT BATTICOTTA.

quently to supply his pulpit on the SabThe death of Mr. Sanders, and the bath, while he goes to the out-stations to sresent absence of Dr. Green, have preach. We have formed a plan to join t: rown much labor and care upon Mr. forces, and visit every part of this field Hastings, who has charge of the com- during the year. The plan contemplates mencing Jaffna College, and supervision spending at least a week, each month, in of the station work at Batticotta. The some distinct portion of the field, in labor15th of April last was the twenty-sixth ing from house to house and from village anniversary of his arrival in Jaffna. to village — the two native pastors and Writing on that day he was led, very catechists and colporters engaging in the naturally, to look back upon the past, work. • Last month a company, accompa


nied by Brother Smith, visited the most esting meeting of some of the educated fedistant islands. Since then, another com- males, held last Saturday, to arrange for pany has spent several days on another raising a fund among themselves, as a meisland, in laboring with the catecbist sta- morial of Mr. and Mrs. Spaulding's and tioned there. They seemed to enjoy the Miss Agnew's labors for female education. work, and returned encouraged. Early They propose to raise a sum the avails of next month a smaller company expect to which are to be used for the education go to two other islands, which bave been of girls in the Oodooville boarding school. very seldom visited. The native pastor at Next year (1874) is the Jubilee Year,' Navaly will join this company. I think it of the school, and it is intended to bave does the laborers good, thus to go together the fund ready to be presented on that to some other part of the field than that occasion. The movement is entirely their which they usually visit.”

own, and they take hold of it with a good

deal of interest. All such movements are TIIE COLLEGE - MANY CARES.

encouraging, and if this should open the “There was a good deal of religious way for making the school self-sustaining, interest in the college the latter part of we shall rejoice.” last term, and several expressed a hope that they had become Christians. Three, all of whom had been baptized in infancy,

Foochow Mission - Southeastern China. were received to the church at the beginning of this term. There are four others, from influential heathen families, wbo ex

THE Herald for June noticed the inpress a full determination to follow Christ,

tended sending of helpers, by this mission, but are now hindered by their relatives

to several places in the northwestern part from making a public profession of their of the province. Dr. Osgood wrote April faith. The lads are dependent upon these

1st: “We recently sent six helpers up relatives for the means to continue their studies, and threats of withdrawing sup- three important places. They succeeded

country, with the design of renting in port, and leaving them in the midst of in renting rooms at Yang Kau and Chutheir course, bave a good deal of influ


The gentry made some trouble at ence upon them. Mr. Hunt preaches reg. Yang Kau, which resulted in the helpers ularly every Sunday evening in Tamil to leaving the village for a time and rethe students, while I hold meetings with

turning to Foochow. Brother Woodin re. them on Saturday evening and Sabbath

ferred the case to the U. S. Consul bere, afternoon. Prayers are attended daily,

who succeeded in getting the Chinese offimorning and evening. “Since Dr. Green left, the care of the there to observe the treaty and see that

cers in Foocbow to direct the magistrate medical department has devolved upon me. A week or two since, a class gradu. this connection I may remark, that we are

our helpers were not molested. And in ated. Mr. Howland and Mr. Smith at

highly favored in Foochow in having a tended the final examination with me, faithful, efficient consul, who cares alike and two or three of the former graduates for the interests of all American citizens. came in to assist. This is an addition to

“ Yesterday three helpers started for my cares, but I hope to be able to manage Kenning city, which is about one bunmatters through the native superintendent,

dred and fifty miles from here, and is the with only occasional visits to Manepy. principal prefectural city in the interior of Taking up such a variety of work makes this province. They hope to be able to it quite impossible for me to accomplish rent premises there, and should they sucanything as satisfactorily to myself as I

ceed, Brother Woodin and myself will could wish."

probably go up and spend some two or MOVEMENT OF EDU., three months. Two men from Kenning CATED FEMALES.

came to my hospital, and offered to return Writing again on the 23d of April, Mr. with us and rent us a house. Tbey said Hastings states: " There was a very inter- that, last year, they came to the dispen


sary and got well. We deemed it best to my donkey, and another carried me ou his send native agents with them, as they will naked and oily shoulders. So we came to excite less opposition at first than foreign- this Pisgah station of our mission. It is ers would.”

coming down to come to China, our mounOn the 7th of April he wrote again: tain location notwithstanding. Why, the

“We have tried again to make an en money that built my father's barn would trance into Kenning-fu, but could not find build twenty houses like the one we live any one who dared to rent to us, as the in so comfortably. The grand part of our gentry, some three years ago, posted a house is built of brick, and the more comnotice threatening any one who rented to mon part — the every-day part — of mud. foreigners with being driven out of the These things, however, I scarcely need to city, and having his house demolished. think or write about, any more than about Brother Woodin and myself expect to go the pointers to a clock – only they are an in person and try again in the autumn. index, on this great dial-plate, pointing to We have secured chapels at two stations, heathenism. one hundred and fifty miles in th inte

“I do wish that good men at home who rior, and hope to make a beginning in the imagine, forsooth, that the Bible of China up-river work."

The Four Books - holds equal rank with The Bible, could understand that the

difference between beathenism and Chris. North China Mission.

tianity is the difference between having

Confucius and The Four Books, and havA SPRIGHTLY LETTER.

ing Jesus and the Bible.

It is the sun, On the 14th of March last Mr. Good- not the moon, that takes the frost out of rich wrote from Yücho, 120 miles west of the earth, and death out of the air, and Peking. The letter was received at Bos- makes the world a place where men can ton June 17, having been three months live. God bless Prot. Sewell for his tract on the way:

on the Bible. When shall China have a “I was to write yoų at San Francisco, loving faith in the dear Book ? Then, and, except a scrap, I haven't written you and not before, will she put off her baby yet. What can I do — the months will clothes ? Why, your own little daughter not roll back — but kotow, and make a is far in advance of any Chinese scholar most humble apology ?

I bave met, in her knowledge of moral “For the love that brought us safely, truths. But I did not write all this to we did not forget to set up our memo- you of purpose; I ran over. Out of the rial heap, only we have not written you. abundance of the heart, you know That God should bring us, dry shod, over “I have written you that we arrived. I watery larger than all the continents, must tell you what we found. 1. A beauseemeth as worthy an object of devout tiful Mason and Hamlin cabinet-organ. thanksgiving as when he took the Israel It arrived in Peking before us, and, by ites safely over the Jordan.

some mistake, had come over twelve miles “What a change from America to Chic of stone-road in a carl. Such a cart, and na — and Yücho. From spendid palace- such a road! The road was level once, cars and a grand steamer, to a little canal- very long ago, among the antiquities of boat — from Tientsin almost to Peking China, but now, with its fearful jolt.

a boat drawn by two men (sometimes ings, it shakes a man quite out of tune to three, when I went on shore and hitched ride over it. The Chinese say of it, . Ten in), and, afterwards, to a mule litter, years of joy, and ten thousand years of which sister' rode, and a donkey, which grief. With trembling I unpacked the I bestrode, except when I preferred to instrument, and found it — perfect. Two walk. When we came to a river, six men or three keys needed a speck blown from on either side of the litter steadied that them, and that was all. The organ has in crossing, and as for me, one man led been a great blessing to us this winter.



It has brought a thousand persons to our you over the Boston fire. And yet we do house, to wbom it has preached the gos- not expect the missionary work will sufpel. It has, also, so wrought upon the fer. Isn't it through suffering and losses (unmusical) instincts of our large-lunged, that God opens the hearts and the coffers loud-voiced belper, that he can actually of his people ? I doubt not there are sing three or four hymns almost in tune. Christian coffers deep enougb, and ChrisMany thanks to Mason and Hamlin for tian hearts large enough and warm enough, their noble gift. I am glad they are to supply our wants. My own dear church preaching a musical gospel round the - God bless her — always stands in the world.

gap in times of emergency. On this side “ 2. We found three large boxes of we will try to be economical with our Jayne's valuable medicines, a very gen- means, and generous in our offers of a erous gift from the proprietor. Some of free gospel. them we have found invaluable, especially "I am wondering if the windows of his carminative balsam. Diarrhea and beaven shall be opened this year. A few dysentery fear it as heathen civilization drops bave fallen here, and we are lookfears the gospel. It has proved a great ing up.” blessing to us and to the Chinese. “And 3. I found my boy, my Timothy,

Mr. Blodget reports the baptism of five an opium-taker! Alas, my poor boy! But I'll not try to write you about that. God persons in February, during a week's ab

sence in the country. Four of these were grant you may never have a friend who is in one town, where others are reading the a slave to opium. But the fetters seem to Scriptures, and are favorably inclined to. be broken, and I rejoice over him trem

wards the gospel. On the 27th of Februblingly. A good evidence that my boy


be wrote: Everlasting Blessedness' - has reformed, is that he is giving his tithes. So do most native church this week.

“We expect to choose a deacon in our of the church in Yücho at present — following his example. They seem happy buildings, covered with glazing so very

“ The yellow-tiled roofs of the Imperial in doing it, but they will need a good deal

hard, and so utterly impervious to rain of grace to continue such a liberal con

and moisture, present a surface appatribution. This weekly titbing makes us rently impossible to all vegetation. But

. very happy and hopeful just now.

wbat do we see? The wind scatters over "I wish I were a painter, so I could it the light dust. Then come seeds, floatdraw for you a picture. It would repre- ing in the air, or borne thither by the sent three interesting scenes, and these birds. The heat and the moisture vivify scenes would show you that a missionary them. Despite of every obstacle, the grass cannot always be preaching and teaching from morning till night. We are just now

grows, and even trees, rooting themselves in the midst of a little episode in mission- cestral balls, and live there during long

on the roofs of lofty pagodas, or of anary life. [Special events in the families

seasons of drought, when the fields, even, of servants had prevented their rendering the usual assistance for a few days.

are a barren waste. So is the imperishEd.]

able seed of God's word in this difficult Our helper, meanwhile, is off on a preach- soil — the hearts of the Chinese.” ing tour. For two days, therefore, being entirely without help, I have had the re- Mr. Smith reports (April 5) some labor sponsibility and the work of preparing all among English-speaking sailors at Tientthe meals for ourselves and our beloved sin, specially by bimself and Mr. Porter brother Pierson. Think of your mission- while they are engaged in the study of the ary cooking! Ah, I have learned the mys- Chinese language; as the apparent retery of many things I never thought to sult of which twelve sailors have united know, since I became a missionary. with the little church, most of whom give

“One word more. We sympathize with excellent evidence of a change of heart.”

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