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ste stok aksh

[blocks in formation]

H No Beauty could disturb my rent's

APPY and free, securely blest;

No beauty could disturb my
My amorous heart was in despair,
To find a new victorious fair.

· II.
Till you descending on our plains,
With foreign force renew my chains ;
Where now you rule without controul
The mighty sovereign of my



Your smiles have more of conqu’ring charms,
Than all native country arms:
Their troops we can expel with ease,
Who vanquish only when we please.

your native

But in your eyes, oh! there's the spell,,

Who can see them, and not rebel :
You make us captives by your stay,
Yet kill us if you go away.





CLARENDON had law and fenfe

LARENDON had law and senfe,

Clifford was fierce and brave; Bennet's


look was a pretence, And Danby's matchless impudence

Help'd to support the kņave. But Sunderland, Godolphin, Lory, These will appear fuch chits in fory,

'Twill turn all politics to jefts To be repeated like John Dory,

When fidlers fing at feasts. Protect us, mighty Providence,

What wou'd these madmen have? First, they would bribe us without pence, Deceive us without common sense,

And without pow'r enllave.

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Shall free-born men, in humble awe,

Submit to servile shame;
Who from consent and custom draw
The same right to be rul'd by law,

Which kings pretend to reign? The duke shall wield his conq'ring sword,

The chancellor make a fpeech, The king shall pass his honest word, The pawn'd revenue sums afford,

And then, come kiss my breech.

So have I seen a king on chefs

(His rooks and knights withdrawn, His queen and bishops in distress) Shifting about, grow less and less,

With here and there a pawn.

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