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NHLOE found Amyntas, lying;

All in tears, upon the plain ;
Sighing to himself, and crying,

Wretched I, to love in vain!
Kiss me, dear, before my dying; is

Kiss me once, and ease my pain!


Sighing to himfelf, and crying,

Wretched I, to love in vain ! Ever scorning and denying

To reward your faithful fwain; Kiss me, dear, before my dying;.

Kiss me once, and ease my pain!


Ever scorning, and denying

Co reward your faithful swain.
Chloe, laughing at his crying,

Told him, that he lov'd in vain :
Kiss me, dear, before my dying ;
Kiss me once, and ease my pain !

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IV. Chloe, laughing at his crying,

Told him, that he lov'd in, yain: But repenting, and complying,

When he kiss'd, she kiss'd again : Kiss’d him up before his dying;

Kiss’d him up, and eas'd his pain.

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O tell Amynta, gentle swain,

I would not die, nor dare complain :
Thy tuneful voice with numbers join,
Thy words will more prevail than mine.
To fouls oppress’d, and dumb with grief,
The gods ordain this kind relief;,
That music should in sounds convey,
What dying lovers dare not say.

A sigh or tear, perhaps, The'll give,
But love on pity cannot live.

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Tell her that hearts for hearts were made,
And love with love is only paid.
Tell her my pains so fast increase,
That soon they will be past redress ;
But ah! the wretch, that speechless lies,
Attends but death to clofe his eyes.

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Fair Young LADY, going out of the Town in

the Spring


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ASK not the cause, why fullen Spring

So long delays her flowers to bear
Why warbling birds forget to sing,

And winter storms invert the year :
Chloris is gone, and fate provides
To make it Spring, where she resides.

II. Chloris is gone, the cruel fair ;

She cast not back a pitying eye:
But left her lover in despair,

To figh, to languish, and to die :
Ah, how can those fair eyes endure
To give the wounds they will not cure !

Great god of love, why haft thou made

A face that can all hearts command,
That all religions can invade,

And change the laws of ev'ry land ?,, Where thou hadît plac'd such power before, Thou shouldst have made her mercy more.

When Chloris to the temple comes,

Adoring crowds before her fall ;
She can restore the dead from tombs,

And every life but mine recal.
I only am by Love defign'd
To be the victim for mankind.

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In Honor of St. CECILIA’s Day.


WA'S at the royal feast, for Perfia won

By: Philip's warlike son:
Aloft in awful state
The godlike hero fate

On his imperial throne :

His valiant peers were plac'd around ;
Their brows with rofes and with myrtles bound.

(So should defert in arms be crown'd :)
The lovely Thais, by his fide,
Sate like a blooming Eastern bride
In flower of youth and beauty's pride.

Happy, happy, happy pair !
None but the brave,
None but the brave,
None but the brave deserves the fair.

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