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With shouting and hooting we pierce thro

the sky,

AndEcchoturnshunter and doubles thecry. Choi of all. With Mouting and booting we pierce

thro the sky, And Eccho turns hunter, and doubles the cry. Janus. Then our age was in in't's prime : Chronos. Free from rage : Diana. And free from crime. Momus. A very merry, dancing, drinking,

Laughing, quaffing, and unthinking time. Cho. of all. Then our age was in't's prime,

Free from rage, and free from crime,
A very merry, dancing, drinking,

Laughing, quaffing, and unthinking time. [Dance of Diana's attendants.]

Enter Mars.
Mars. Inspire the vocal brass, inspire ;

The world is past its infant age:

Arms and honor,

Arms and honor,
Set the martial mind on fire,
And kindle manly rage.
Mars has look'd the sky to red;
And Peace, the lazy good, is fled.

Plenty, peace, and pleasure fly;

The sprightly green,
In woodland-walks, no more is seen ;
The sprightly green has drunk the Tyrian

Cho. of all. Plenty, peace, &c.
Mars. Sound the trumpet, beat the drum;

Thro all the world around,
Sound a reveille, found, found,

The warrior god is come.
Cho. of all. Sound the trumpet, &c.
Momus. Thy sword within the scabbard keep,

And let mankind agree;
Better the world were fast alleep,
Than kept awake by thee.
The fools are only thinner,

With all our coft and care ;
But neither side a winner,

For things are as they were.
Cho. of all. The fools are only, &c.



Enter Venus.
Venus. Calms

when storms are past;
Love will have his hour at laft:
Nature is my kindly care;
Mars destroys, and I repair ;


while you may,



- Venus comes not ev'ry day.
Cho. of all. Take her, take her, &c.
Chronos. The world was then so light,

I fcarcely felt the weight;
Joy ruld the day, and Love the night.
But, since the queen of pleasure left the

I faint, I lag,

And feebly drag

The pondrous orb around.
Momus. All, all of a piece throughout ;
ing to Thy chace had a beast in view;
[To Mars] Thy wars brought nothing about;
[ToVenus] Thy lovers were all untrue.
Janus. 'Tis well an old age is out,
Chronos. And time to begin a new.
Cho. of all. All, all of a piece throughout ;

Tby chace bad a beasi in view :
Tby wars brought nothing about ;
Thy lovers were all untrue.
'Tis well an old age is out,

And time to begin a new.
Dance of huntsmen, nymphs, warriors, and lovers.

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Who being cross'd by their Friends, fell mad for

one another; and now first meet in BEDLAM.

[ Music within. ] The Lovers enter at oppofite doors, each held by a


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OOK, look, I see-I see my love


'Tis he 'Tis he alone;
For, like him, there is none :

'Tis the dear, dear man, 'tis thee, dear. Amyntas. Hark! the winds war ;

The foamy waves roar ;
I see a ship afar :
Tossing and toffing, and making to the

Thore :
But what's that I view,

So radiant of hue,
St. Hermo, St. Hermo, that fits upon the

fails ?


Ah! No, no, no. St. Hermo, never, never shone so bright; 'Tis Phillis, only Phillis, can shoot so fair

a light; 'Tis Phillis, 'tis Phillis, that saves the

ship alone, For all the winds are hush'd, and the

storm is overblown. Phillis. Letmego, let merun, let me fly tohisarms. Amyntas. If all the fates combine,

And all the furies join,
I'll force my way to Phillis, and break

thro the charm.
[Here they break from their keepers,

run to each other, and embrace.] Phillis. Shall I marry the man I love?

And shall I conclude my pains ? Now bless'd be the


I feel the blood bound in


With a lively leap it began to move,



brains. Amyntas. Body join'd to body, and heart join'd to

heart, To make sure of the cure, Go call the man in black, to mumble o'er



And the vapors

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