The Dramatick Works of John Dryden, Esq: Secret love: or, The maiden queen. Sir Martin Mar-all; or, The feign'd innocence. The tempest: or, The enchanted island. Evening's love: or, The mock astrologer. Tyrannick love: or, The royal martyr

J. Tonsor, 1725

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Sida 183 - But thy vile race, Though thou didst learn, had that in't which good natures Could not abide to be with ; therefore wast thou Deservedly confin'd into this rock, Who hadst deserv'd more than a prison.
Sida 167 - Latin proverb, were not always the least happy; and as his fancy was quick, so likewise were the products of it remote and new. He borrowed not of any other, and his imaginations were such as could not easily enter into any other man.
Sida 218 - Man's life is all a mist ! and in the dark, Our fortunes meet us. If fate be not, then what can we foresee ? Or how can we avoid it, if it be ? If by free will in our own paths we move, How are we bounded by decrees above ? Whether we drive, or whether we are driven, If ill, 'tis ours : if good, the act of heaven.
Sida 265 - ... and chimerical. The one causes laughter in those who can judge of men and manners, by the lively representation of their folly or corruption : The other produces the same effect in those who can judge of neither, and that only by its extravagances.
Sida 227 - That's but a fond conceit : you are made for one, And one for you. Hip. You cannot tell me, Sir, I know I'm made for twenty hundred Women. (I mean if there so many be i' th' World) So that if once I see her, I shall love her.
Sida 185 - I confess you pose me. Dor . How did he come to be our Father too ? Mir. I think he found us when we both were little, and grew within the ground. Dor. Why could he not find more of us ? Pray...
Sida 143 - I'll play in the next room in the dark, and consequently your mistress, who will come to her balcony over against you, will think it to be you ; and at the end of every tune, I'll ring the bell that hangs, between your chamber and mine, that you may know when to have done.
Sida 229 - If thou wert a Monster of parts, I would make thee My Master of Ceremonies, to conduct 'em in. The Devil take all Dunces, thou hast lost a brave Employment by not being a Linguist, and for want Of behaviour.
Sida 185 - Sister, let you and I look up and down one day, to find some little ones for us to play with. Mir. Agreed ; but now we must go in. This is the hour Wherein my Father's Charm will work, Which seizes all who are in open air : Th" effect of his great Art I long to see, Which will perform as much as Magick can.
Sida 267 - I do not admire him blindly, and without looking into his imperfections.

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