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fensive locality, with analogous Architecture in the
sea and river-walls of Tyrus and Copan. The last
event in the history of Tyrus, sculptured upon the
Chief Altar of the most ancient Ruin (Copan); and
from the character of that event, it would naturally
become the first subject of record in the country to
which they had emigrated,—every detail of that Altar
is essentially Tyrian. Painted sculpture, and the stuc-
coing of the walls of Tyrus and Palenque. The
Architecture, as to its square-columned style, identified
as Tyrian, and proved to be analogous from the
Temples of Jerusalem and Palenque : and from the
square Pillars, of Copan ;-while the pyramidal base
produced the compound term, Egypto-Tyrian.
These absolute analogies have been traced from
Holy-Writ, (and from that source others are to follow)
Histories, and Traditions,—from Sculpture, Coins, and
Architecture, and the entire range of the Arts;–Earth
and Ocean have rendered their records, to establish
that the same knowledge and customs were possessed
by both Nations,—nor will the proof of identity stop
there ;-their mutual knowledge was also found in
that science where Heaven itself was, and is, the illu-
minated map of study-where the Stars, as letters of
fire, form the language of the Skies, GoD HIMSELF
being the Alpha and the Omega
The sublime Science of ASTRONOMY claims both
Tyrus and Tyrian-America for her children and pupils,
—the latter viewed, and solved the problem of the
annual course of the glorious Sun (the chief worship),

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with as much accuracy (save a diurnal fraction) as the later, and more accomplished scholars and disciples, Italy, Germany, and England. In reference to historical evidence, and testimony, founded upon analogies and coincidences, the acute observer, Dr. Paley, says— “The undesignedness of coincidences is to be gathered from their latency, their minuteness, their obliquity:—the suitableness of the circumstances in which they consist to the places in which those circumstances occur, and the circuitous references by which they are traced out, demonstrate that they have not been produced by meditation or by fraudulent contrivance; but coincidences from which these causes are excluded, and which are too close and numerous to be accounted for by accidental concurrence of fiction,--must necessarily have Truth for their foundation.” As this History of Ancient America is founded upon the great principle of the Baconian philosophy, viz., Inductive reasoning-i. e. facts, accumulated to prove a theory;-it therefore, follows, that the novel secrets of this History, are discoveries, not inventions,—and they essentially are upheld, and supported, by the records of The Bible. We submit to the opinion even of a sceptical reader, whether hedoes not, with the foregoneproofs, believe our historical proposition, viz., That Tyrians were the first inhabitants of Ancient America, and the original builders of the now Ruined Cities and Temples?—but should he believe, or even waver, the subsequent Book of this Volume (exemplifying the cause and time) will confirm his thought, or remove his doubt. Following our Scriptural motto, and instruction, we shall still obey that voice of advice:— “For enquire, I pray thee, of the former Age, and prepare thyself to the search of their Fathers; shall not they teach thee, and tell thee, and utter words out of their heart?” [Book of Job, viii. 8 and 10.]



A SMALL space will be sufficient for this explanation. Any innovation upon a National custom, demonstrates an anterior existence of that custom; and that the innovation, as a necessity, must follow, or be posterior in date to the custom innovated upon.

In ancient Mexican America (at the Spanish Conquest) there were Religious customs and National usages not essentially of the Tyrian character—yet, through the vista of the innovations,—the “Daughter of Sidon" was still discernible, like the Statue of Minerva in her Temple of the Acropolis, even after the Sons of Rome had innovated upon the customs of Attica.

All the innovations upon the ancient Tyrian customs in Mexican America are traceable to an Event, about three centuries and four score years after the Tyrians first touched at Florida, an Event not to be investigated here, as it belongs essentially to the third Epoch, viz., the introduction of Christianity:—but, to that fact may be traced the immediate cause, of many inno

vations upon the Idolatrous customs of the Tyrians, in several parts of Ancient America, it led even to alterations of the ornaments on their Temples, as will be shewn in establishing the Event so full of Religious veneration, and,-as a learned divine justly said, in receiving our proof of the third Epoch,-so fraught with Christian Sublimity.


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