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Statue of the Tyrian Deity, he styled himself the Founder of Tyrus / From thence he continued his march towards Judaea, to punish the Jews for a supposed assistance to the Tyrians; but, being flattered by his reception as he approached the Capital, he at once spared the city. He then received the celebrated Prophecy of DANIEL concerning the “King of Grecia,” from Jaddus, the High Priest of Jerusalem, upon whose suggestion he offered a sacrifice in The Temple to the LIVING GoD ! From the Holy-House of Judaea he entered Egypt, and worshipped Jupiter-Ammon both as Father and Deity | Such were the Religious inconsistencies of the “Macedonian Madman,” and nothing but actual Insanity can reconcile such contrarieties, and cruelties, in human character. In the Nation of the Nile he was truly the Founder of Alexandria (the name and site preserved to this day), which city in progress of time outrivalled in commercial prosperity the antecedent Capitals of Sidon, Tyrus, and Carthage, the triple and ill-fated sisters from the Parent house of Canaan. After his invasions and victories in India Alexander was so much the victim of flattery, that he could even deceive himself—for it is recorded that he sighed or wept for another world to conquer!—yet his torch and war-spear were never thrown into the land of Italy,– and the gates of Rome remained unseen and untouched by the Macedonian Phalanx l From that Circean goblet,_flattery, when presented by Cassander, the Conqueror little dreamed that it could contain the subtle and his deadly poison;–but the agony of his own death-struggle was but the emblem of that which he had caused millions of human beings to endure, and whose only crime in the eyes of the invader was, that they had defended their native lands ! Why should Historians condemn an Attila or a Cortez, and yet applaud their great Original? They pass by the Tyrian Hiram or Azelmic unhonoured, yet style an Alexander-" the Great!" One Mediator for Peace must be, in the eyes of GoD,-upon His great principle of love and good-will to all,—more acceptable at the Final Day, than all the Legions of unrepenting Conquerors of the past, the present, or the future. The false same of Alexander, or of Cortez will not, in the estimation of posterity, be even compared in true value with the practical disciples of Peace; who, like an Ashburton and Daniel Webster, have created a new aera in policy and civilization, and that too without tarnishing their radiant National honour, but rather increasing its already dazzling splendour, and with it—elevating the Religious and moral dignity of humanity In the sacred words of CHRIST, “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of GOD !” For the continued glory and character of the Bri. tish Throne, and the Curule Chair of the Anglo-Saxon Republic;-as an enviable example to posterity;-and for the increasing Amity between the two great Nations represented by the Treaty of Washington, may that Document, founded in the highest principles of Christianity, be sealed and mottoed by the hand of GoD Himself—ESTO PERPETUA |

Treaties of amity between nations
Should be regarded as living fountains,
Pure and purifying from their very source;—
From whence flow many streams, in each of which
The present age (the ancestral of the future),
And its many million human atoms,
Have a direct property; and founded
In humanity,+forbearance and faith alone,
Can sustain them as blessings to posterity
Tragedy of “Tecumseh.” (MS.)

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(332 B. c.)



THE FIVE ADDITIONAL AND NEWLY-APPLIED TYRIAN PROPHECIES OF ISAIAH I N W E S T I G. A. T E D A N D E S T A B L IS H E D : (Making, with the Two generally acknowledged,—Seven in all :)


THAT we may be distinctly understood in the numbering of the Sacred Prophecies by ISAIAH, having reference to Tyrus, we will briefly review them: and at the same time we repeat, that they are not required to sustain the present History, they are, however, the

seals to the Document.

This we understand to be the same as foretold by EZEKIEL and JEREMIAH,-viz., the destruction of the old metropolis on the mainland by Nebuchadnezzar. This event was accomplished at the end of the thirteen years' siege, 485–472 B. c.


This was that the “Daughter of Sidon,” as a Nation, should be forgotten seventy years, and then be restored to memory and power. This was fulfilled, reckoning from the commencement of the Babylonian investment (for she then ceased to be free) to the De. dication of the Second Temple at Jerusalem, in the rebuilding of which the Tyrians again assisted, as in the days of Hiram and Solomon.


The third (and with those that follow now originally applied) had reference to a second destruction,the prediction stated that “the land should be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled.” This fearful prediction was consummated by Alexander, in taking the IslandCapital, and by his massacre of the population.


This enumerates the several classes of the inhabit

ants at Tyrus during the last siege, and that all (save

the exception in the next Prophecy) should be slain or

made captive, found within the walls, but the King

he is the solitary exception, and that this was fulfilled

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