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–proof of fulfilment, viz., The eldest Brother of Ca-. naan was Cush, the founder of the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Kingdoms, these conquered and enslaved, or made vassal all the Nations of Phoenicia, —these latter countries were descended from Canaan. 3d. GoD should enlarge Japheth;-proof of fulfilment, viz., Japheth is regarded as the founder of Europe-branches of that family now overspread not only Europe, but Asia, Africa, and the Continent of America,-every part of the Christianized world is occupied by the descendants of Noah's eldest Son! 4th. Japheth shall dwell in the tents of Shem proofs of fulfilment,-viz., the great family of Israel descended from Shem. When the Judaean branch was made captive by the Babylonian, the Jews returned to Jerusalem after 70 years, according to ISAIAH's prophecy; therefore, they may be regarded as only being absent from their Country. When again stationary, and in their “tents” they were subdued by the Romans in Judaea, who actually “dwelt in their tents" or habitations; and even upon the site of the Jewish Temple, in the following century, Hadrian built one to Jupiter. The Romans were descended from Japheth. At the Revolt of the Ten Tribes under Jeroboam, that great branch of Israel retired to Samaria. They were finally captured by the Assyrians and taken into Media and Assyria. A small portion, however, were suffered to remain at Samaria. Eventually a great majority of the Ten Tribes reached the Northern por

tion of the Western Hemisphere. The “tents” or dwelling-places of these Israelites were, and are, at this day occupied by the Anglo-Saxon and Norman races, and these are of the family of Japheth. 5th and lastly. Canaan shall also be the Servant of Japheth:—proofs of fulfilment, viz., Canaan's eldest Son was Sidon, who founded the kingdom of that name; from Sidon descended Tyrus;–both were subdued, destroyed, or enslaved by the Macedonians, who were of the Japheth family. From Canaan (through the branches of Sidon and Tyrus) sprung Carthage. This nation was compelled to be the enslaved “Servant" of Rome, who, like the Conqueror of Tyrus, was descended from Noah's first-born. From Canaan (Tyrus and Sidon) descended the Guanches of the Fortunate Isles, these were conquered by the Sons of Spain, also of the European or Japheth family. From the Canaan Fugitives of Tyrus was founded the Tyrian family in Ancient America, -these were also massacred and enslaved by the Spaniard, the descendant from Japheth ! Thus on the Western Hemisphere, by the Cortezian and Anglo-Saxon Conquests, was accomplished the finality of NoAH's Prophecy and Malediction upon the last of the house of Canaan! The most discordant mind must perceive, even in this brief review of Noah's Prophecy, the most perfect harmony of Truth founded upon History;-and what is the Bible if it will not bear this test ? It consequently demands the investigation of direct historic facts, and WOL. I. 2 G

thence becomes the diapason of harmonious Truth, the Messiah of Language, truly “The Sent of God” for man's instruction here, and his only hope of a beatific blessing hereafter!

Man thinks not, that when his Soul shall from hence,
It will speed a Spirit from star to star:—
World after world,—each deified,—shall receive it,-
Thence bounding, from our earthly sin redeem’d,
And sanctified through each celestial sphere,
And gloried by the Creator's diadem,-
"Twill be enthroned in the breast of God!—
There to remain, pure, brilliant, and immortal!"

While the collective contents of this chapter will confirm the true belief in the Christian's mind, sincerely do we hope that those who may have entertained wavering doubts, will cast them from their stranded hearts; and in future let those citadels of nature become the confiding homes of refuge amid all the storms of earthly life; may they feel in sorrow or misfortune, that the Two Testaments, like the Saviour of Life, will pass over the wild waves of apparent despair, and that the ocean of thought will be tranquil!—but to the sceptic, the God-denying atheist, and the labyrinth-lost materialist,--we have presented the full language of irrefragable argument, have encountered them with uncompromising resolution, and upon the Ezraic ground of their own selection; and from which they cannot retreat, they must there remain confounded and defeated; and to the following undeniable, unanswerable conclusion they must be dumb-orif they speak, be it in humility and repentance: viz

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No sophistry or empty volubility, adorned with all the inthralling powers of language or eloquence, can controvert, or overthrow, established and historic facts; they are the essentials to the proofs, and are the only, and the conclusive proofs themselves, that Prophecies have been fulfilled : when, therefore, incontrovertible truths are brought from the archives of acknowledged History, and they substantiate—and undeniably,–the actual accomplishment of Prophecies, then those inspired Visions of an unapproached future, upon being so proven to have become the now stern realities of the past, or of the present, they must-they can be only viewed and received, as the Divine pre-ordinances of ALMIGHTY GOD,-promulgated to a wondering world, from the hallowed lips of His chosen Prophets and Mediators!—Such sacred messengers to Mankind, were Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel ;-and the last Prophet upon Earth, fulfilling by His presence the Truth of Holy-Writ—was The Son of God, The Messiah—


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