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stone, apparently hurled down from the top; perhaps the altar on which human victims were extended for sacrifice. The owner of the ground, a Mestitzo, whose house was near by, and who accompanied us to the ruins, told us that he had bought the land from Indians, and that, for some time after his purchase, he was annoyed by their periodical visits to celebrate some of their ancient rites on the top of this structure. This annoyance continued until he whipped two or three of the principal men and drove them away. At the foot of the structure was a vault, faced with cut stone, in which were found a collection of bones and a terra cotta vase, then in his possession. The vault was not long enough for the body of a man extended, and the bones must have been separated before they were placed there. The owner believed that these structures contained interior apartments with hidden treasures; and there were several mounds, supposed to be sepulchres of the ancient inhabitants, which also, he had no doubt, contained treasure. The situation of the place was magnificent. We had never before enjoyed so good an opportunity of working, and agreed with him to come the next day and make excavations, promising to give him all the treasure, and taking for my share only the sculls, vases, and other curiosities. The next morning, before we were up, the door was thrown open, and to our surprise we received a saluta. tion in English. The costume of the stranger was of the country; his beard was long, and he looked as if already he had made a hard morning's ride. To my great surprise and pleasure I recognised Pawling, whom the reader will perhaps remember I had seen as

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