A compendium of the English and foreign funds, and the principal joint stock companies

Wilson, 1874
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Sida 465 - ... shall be exempt from all taxes or duties of the United States, as well as from taxation in any form by or under State, municipal, or local authority...
Sida 69 - That from and after the passing of this act it shall not be lawful for any banker to draw, accept, make or issue, in England or Wales, any bill of exchange or promissory note or engagement for the payment of money payable to bearer on demand...
Sida 68 - ... empower the said governor and company to increase the amount of securities in the said issue department beyond the total sum or value of fourteen million pounds, and thereupon to issue additional Bank of England notes to an amount not exceeding such increased amount of securities specified in such order in council, and so from time to time : Provided always, that such increased amount of securities specified in such order in council shall in no case exceed the proportion of...
Sida 60 - Board, that it is indispensably necessary for the Public service, that the Directors of the Bank of England should forbear issuing any Cash in payment, until the sense of Parliament can be taken on that subject...
Sida 57 - England) or for any other persons whatsoever, united or to be united in covenants or partnerships, exceeding the number of six persons, in that part of Great Britain called England, to borrow, owe...
Sida 72 - Memorandum as aforesaid kept, contained, or entered therein, every such Banker or other Person so offending shall for every such Offence forfeit the Sum of One Hundred Pounds ; Provided always, that the said Commissioners shall not exercise the Powers aforesaid without the Consent of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury.

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