Public Documents of Massachusetts, Volym 2


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Sida 113 - As soon as may be after the receipt of said application the secretary of said Board shall cause public notice to be given of the time and place for...
Sida 109 - Said decision shall be binding upon the parties who join in said application for six months, or until either party has given the other notice in writing of his intention not to be bound by the same at the expiration of sixty days therefrom.
Sida 137 - ... to proceed, as soon as practicable, to the locality of such strike or lock-out, and put itself in communication with the parties to the controversy, and endeavor, by mediation, to effect an amicable settlement of such • controversy...
Sida 131 - Any two of the arbitrators shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and may hold meetings at any time or place within the State. Examinations or investigations ordered by the board may be held and taken by and before any one of their number, if so directed. But the...
Sida 135 - The decision shall be in duplicate, one copy of which shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the county and the other transmitted to the secretary of the State Board of Mediation and Arbitration, hereinafter mentioned, together with the testimony taken before said board.
Sida 130 - Said board shall have a clerk or secretary, who shall be appointed by the board, to serve three years, whose duty it shall be to keep a full and faithful record of the...
Sida 138 - That within thirty days after the passage of this act, the governor of the state, with the advice and consent of the senate, shall appoint three competent persons to serve as a state board of arbitration and conciliation in the manner hereinafter provided.
Sida 78 - A sheriff shall be elected in each county by the qualified electors thereof, who shall hold his office for the term of three years, unless sooner removed, and who shall not be eligible to serve either as principal or deputy for the three succeeding years.
Sida 111 - ... have arisen. Said expert assistants shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of their duty ; such oath to be administered by any member of the board, and a record thereof shall be preserved with the record of the proceedings in the case. They shall be entitled to receive from the treasury of the state such compensation as shall be allowed and certified by the board not exceeding dollars per day, together with all necessary traveling expenses.
Sida 106 - One of them shall be an employer or selected from some association representing employers of labor, one of them shall be selected from some labor organization and not an employer of labor, the third shall be appointed upon the recommendation of the other two...

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