The Mystery of the Woods and the Man Who Missed It


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Sida 130 - To one who was accidentally listening, the gambler's performance would have been most entertaining, for he whistled with great accuracy of time and liquidness of tone; and the silent air of the evening received the notes as only the still air can, — as if delighted to be ministered unto by so sweet a sound. It was evident that the man who trusted in luck was naturally gifted in the direction in which he was now exercising himself, and as is generally the case, enjoyed the exercise of his gifts,...
Sida 114 - asked the half-breed. " I advised him to go home," replied the gambler, laughing. " It was the only time my advice was ever taken, I think," he continued, with a tone of goodnatured satire in his voice. " He wanted to divide, but I laughed at him. I actually pushed him aboard of the cars. The last I saw of him he was standing on the platform with his hands full of bills and tears in his eyes. Yes, the fool was actually blubbering. I made it up the next night, and a little over. I was escorted to...

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