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Literary Intelligence, 96, 192, 288.

I Remember thy Voice, 174. Lost Jager, 302.

The Adieu, by Lord Byron, 191.

Our Common Mother, 192. Martineau's, Miss, Manchester Strike, 378.

The Oudalisk's Song, 210. Maids, Old, 551.

The Exile's Farewell to Old England, 212.
Manchester Strike, 378.

The Lover of Music to the Piano, 224.
Magic, Natural, 456.
Martin's Illustrations of the Bible, 580.

Spring, 246.

Verses to the Poet Crabbe's Inkstand, 285. Mediterranean Sea and Bay of Biscay, 94.

O, Skylark, for thy Wing! 309. Mirabeau, Dumont's, Recollections of, 320.

Let her depart, 309. Montgomery, Robert, 257.

Where shall we make her Grave ? 309. Munster, Earl of, 126.

Summer Song, 309. Music of Nature, 430.

Ancient Norwegian War Song, 310. Narratives.

The Stream set free, 310. Skyrznecki's Escape from Warsaw, 122. May Song, for Emily, 320. Great Plague of the Fourteenth Century, 85. A Dirge, for Teresa, 365. The Prize Recaptured, 147.

Poet's Song to his Wife, 382. An Earthquake in Chili, 167.

The Spirit of Death, 383. Conversations with Lord Byron, 184. To Sir F. Burdett, 387. Adventure in La Vendee, 211.

Thanatopsis, 406. Napoleon, Memoirs of, by the Duchess of The Rivulet, 407. Abrantes, 229. See Abrantes.

I gazed upon the Glorious Sky, 407. Newfoundland, History of, 111.

A Summer's Day, 408. Niger, Lander's Discoveries on the, 340. A Winter Piece, 409. Nova Scotia, 117.

Ice-bound Forest, 409. Notes on America, 143, 220, 351.

The Ages, 410. on Illinois, 246.

The Home of Love, 438.

King Death, 470. Oaths, 151—Ancient Forms, ib.-Evil Ten

A Serenade, 470. dency of the Present Mode of Administer.

Life, 470. ing, 152–Paley's Observations on, 153. Invocation written near Abbotsford, 484. Ornithology, American, 310.

The Sky Lark, 533. Palmella, Marquis de, 61.

Gaieté du Caur, 53& Plague of the Fourteenth Century, 85—Me.

A Hymn, 538. teoric Phenomena, Earthquakes, &c., by

Moonlight of the Heart, 545. which it was preceded, ib.-Progress, Ex.

New Faces, 545. tent, and Ravages of the Plague, 86.

Fame, 546. Paskevitsch, Marshal, 285.

An Everyday Tale, 561. Pedro, Don, Ex-Emperor of Brazil, 60.

Rural Joys, 567. Perkins, Jacob, Steam Experiments, 387.

Courtship, 567.

Search after God, 574.
Priestley, Dr. 485.
Pizarro and Balbao, 494.

Respectability, 575.

Lady Jane Grey, 580.
The Exile, 13.

Poland, History, Present Wrongs and Claims
Sitti Maani, 37.

of, 24–Conduct of Napoleon contrasted
Mont Blanc, 51.

with that of the Congress of Vienna, 25—
Invalid Mother to her Child, 63.

Constitutional Charter, 26-Infractions of
The Lyre, 76.

Charter, 27-Accession of Nicholas, ib.-
To a Flower brought from the Field of

Diabolical Tyranny of Constantine, ib.-
Grutli, 82.

Revolution in Poland, 28-Skyrznecki, 30
To May, 89.

- Victory of the Russians, ib.-Perfidy of
The Hulan to his Charger, 125.

Prussia, 31-European Powers bound by
Meeting Again, 132.

the Treaty of Vienna, 32-Infractions of
The Wrecked Mariner, 133.

the Treaty by Russia, 34-Obligation of
Ode to Memory, 135.

France and England to enforce the Ob-
The Deserted Ilouse, 136.

servation of the Treaty, ib.Temporizing
A Dirge, 136.

Policy of Austria, 35-Italy, 36-Procla-
Isabel, 137.

mation of Nicholas, and Ambition of
Mariana, 137.

Russia, 37.
Adeline, 138.

Poles, 286.
The Sleeping Beauty, 139.

Prophet, Standard of, 288.
The Ballad of Oriana, 139.

Portugal, Pedro and Miguel, 529.
Recollections of the Arabian Nights, 140.

Pope and Nicholas, 536*
The Song of the Gifted, 146.

Prussia, Censorship in, 95.
To June, 150.

Quebec, Wolfe's Secret Instructions for the
To a Child in Prayer, 153.

Conquest of, 284.
Home of Happier Days, 167.
The Tomb of the Brave, 167.

Sir Walter Scott's Return to England, 174. Life and Times of Lord Burghley, 2.

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Fragments of Voyages and Travels, 13. School Boys, The, 159.
Thoughts on the Present State of Foreign Song Writers, English, 469.
Affairs, 24.

Smoking, Oriental, 468.
History of Poland, 24.

Shuttleworth's Consistency of Revelation with Memoires sur la Pologne, 24.

Itself and with Reason, 522. Constitutional Charter of the Kingdom of Skyrznecki, Narrative of his Escape from Poland, 24.

Warsaw, 122.
Native Life in India, 38.
Waverly Novels, 52.

Zoology of the Northern Parts of British Snowing up of Strath Lugas, 63.
America, 69.

A Story of the Heart, 126.
Altrine Tales, by the

Ettrick Shepherd, 97. Rencontres on the Road, 154. British America, 107.

Justine Peyron, 156. Tennyson's Poems, 132.

Lost Jager, 302. Currie, Dr., Memoir of the Life, Writings, Manchester Strike, 378. and Correspondence of, 177.

Thunderstruck, 389. Remains of the Rev. Edmund D. Griffin, Boxer, 392. 189.

The Settlers, 533. Griffith's Animal Kingdom--Insects, 212. Carl Bluven, 538. Memoirs of the Duchess of Abrantes, 225. Jack Shaddock, 546. Hinton's History and Topography of the Old Maids, 551. United States, 248.

The Vacant Chair, 555. Ousely's Remarks on the Statistics and Po. Giulietta, 562.

litical Institutions of the U. States, 248. Cromwell House, 567. A Letter to a Noble Lord, &c., 258.

Seven and Seventeen, 575. Prospects of England, 258.

Tennyson's Poems, 132-Poetasters, ib. Addresses to all Classes and Conditions of The Wrecked Mariner, 133—Character of Englishmen, 258.

Mr. Tennyson's Poetry, 134-Ode to Me. The Extraordinary Black Book, 278. mory, 135~The Deserted House, 136A The Rights of Nations, 278.

Dirge, ib.Isabel, 137—Mariana, ib. A Test for Parliamentary Candidates, 278. Adeline, 138-The Sleeping Beauty, ib.Reform, Stages of, 259.

The Ballad of Oriana, ib.

Recollections of Prospects of, 278.

the Arabian Nights, 140-Advice to Mr. Revelation consistent with Itself and with Tennyson, 142. Reason, 522.

Tiger Hunting, 219. Refugee in America, 531.

Towns in Great Britain, 388. Respectability, 575.

Toads enclosed in Stone and Wood, 506. Road, Rencontres on the, 154.

Thorsvalden, 518.

Trollope's Refugee in America, 531. Strath Lugas, Snowing up of, 63.

Thunderstruck, 389. Saturday, 154,

Useful Knowledge, Society for Diffusing, 490. Standard of the Prophet, 288.

United States, Dissolution of the, 535*
Spain in 1830, by H. D. Inglis, 355-Ferdi-
nand, VII, 357-Life in Madrid, 357- Varieties, 95, 287, 383, 387, 536*.
Education, Finance, Agriculture, 359— Vacant Chair, 555.

Present State and Prospects, 361. Veteran, A, 95.
Saxe-Meinungen, Court of, 366.

Villa Flor, Marquis of, 62. Sarrans' La Fayette, &c., 470.

Voyages and Travels. Shaddock, Jack, 546.

Fragments of Voyages and Travels, 13Seamen, American, 287.

Naval and Military Literature, 13--Style Steam, Perkins' Experiments, 387.

of Captain Hall, 14-A Man Overboard ! Carriage, Ogle & Summer's, 388. 15--The Life Buoy, 15-A Calm at Sea, Settlers, The, 533.

17—Flying Fish, ib.The Dolphin, 18 Search after God, 574.

-The Porpoise, 19~The Shark, 20.Seven and Seventeen, 575.

Impressment of Seamen, 21--Character Sidney, Sir Philip, 284.

of the Work, 22. Sierra Leone, 489.

Rambles in Germany, 89. Scott, Sir Walter, 52-Extensive Popularity, Narrative of Skyrznecki's Escape from

ib.-Influence on the Literature of his Age, Warsaw, 123. 53— Skill in the Delineation of Human Notes on America, 143. Character, 54–Success in the Description An Incident of the Last American War, 147. of Natural Scenery, 55-Costume, Equip. Native Life in India, 38. ments, Furniture, &c. &c., 56~Writings Constantinople in 1831, 79. Favourable to Morality, 57-Comparison West Indies, History of, 95. with Byron, 58–Impartiality in his De. Wilson's Ornithology, 310. scriptions of Historical Events, ib.-Style, Wolfe, General, Secret Instructions to, for 59-Influence of his Writings, 30—Lines the Conquest of Quebec, 284. on his Return to England, 174His Death. Wood Grouse, or Capercailzie, Introduced 482.

into Scotland, 478.

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