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Entered according to act of congress, in the year 1841, by

THEODORE ABBOT, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts,

¥n the following Pages,

It is our design to present a pleasing and interesting miscellany, which will serve to beguile the leisure hour, and will at the same time couple instruction with amusement. We have used but little method in the arrangement: Choosing rather to furnish the reader with a rich profusion of nartives and anecdotes, all tending to illustrate the

FEMALE CHARACTER, to display its delicacy, its sweetness, its gentle or sometimes heroic virtues, its amiable weaknesses, and strange defects—than to attempt an accurate analysis of the hardest subject man ever attempted to master, viz - WOMAN.

It will be seen that we do not set down Woman as a cipher in the account of human beings. We accord to her her full share of importance in the world, and we have not attempted to relieve her from a sense of her responsibility as an accountable being. Above all, we have not failed to impress upon her the obligations she is under to Chris TIANITY, whose benign influences have raised her to be the companion and bosom-friend of man,

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