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On motion of Mr. Sutherland,
Ordered, That the same do lie on the table for the present.

Mr. Shew renewed his mo'ion to add two more members totlie select commitico to winich bill No. 13 was commited.

The motion was not agreed 10.

The House ihen took up ilic unfinished business of Saturday, being bill No. 42, (Council nle,) cntitled " A bill to change the time of holding the district court in and for the county of Ra. cine."

On motion of Mr. Billings, Ordered, That the said bill be recommitted to the committee of the whole House now.

The House then went into committee of the whole on said billo Mr. Cruson in the chair.

After some time the committee rose and reported the bill to the House with amendments.

and noes being called for, on the question to agree to the amendments of the committee, there were ayes 16, noes 9.

Those who voted in the affirmative were, Messrs. Baldwin, Beardsley, Billings, Brunson, Conroe, Craig, Dewey, Hoyt, Jenkins, Longstreet, Newman, Ray, Street, Sutherland, Wells and Whiton, speaker.

Those who voted in the negative were, Messrs. Blackstone, Bracken, Chilas, Cruson, McGregor, Shackelford, Show, Sholes and Story

So the amendments were agreed to.

Mr. Shackelford moved to refer the bill, and the several pcii. tions and remonstrances relating to the same, to a select commit. tee of three, and that the committee be instructed 10 strike from said petitions and memorials the names of all those who are not qualified jurors and report the same to the House.

The ayes and noes being called for, on the motion to refer to a select committee, there were ayes 11, noes 14.

Those who voted in the affirmative were, Messrs. Bracken, Childs, Dewey, McGregor, Newman, Shackelford, Shew, Sboles, Story, Sutherland and Wells.

Those who voted in the negative were, Messrs. Baldwin, Beardsley, Billings, Blackstone, Brunson, Conroe, Cruig, Cruson, Hoyt, Jenkins, Longstreet, Ray, Street and Whilon, speaker.

So the motion was not agreed 10.

The question then recurred on ordering the bill to the third reading now, and he ages and noes being called, there were ayes 13, noes 12.

Those voting in the affirmative wore, Messrs. Baldwin), Bearls. ley, Brunson, Billings, Conroe, Craig. Dewey, Ulovi, Jenkins, Longstrect, Ray, Street and Whiton, speaker.

Those voting in the negative wore, Messrs. Blackstone, Bracken, Childs, Cruson, McGregor, Newman, Shackelford, Show, Sholes, Story, Sutherland and Wells, So the said bill was ordercd to be read a third time now.

On motion, A call of the House was made, and the serjeant-at-arins sont af. ter Mr. Stevens, the absent member.

After short time, the serjeant-at-arms returned and reported Mr. Stevens in atiendance.

The said bill was then read a third time, and the question being put, “ Shall this bill pass?" and the ayes and noes being called for, were as follows:

Ayes--Messrs. Baldwin, Beardsley, Billings, Brunson, Conroe, Craig, Dewey, Hoyt, Jenkins, Longstruct, Ray, Street and Whi. ton, speaker-13.

Noes-Messrs. Blackstone, Bracken, Childs, Cruson, McGre. gor, Newman, Shackelford, Shew, Sholes, Stevens, Story, Sutherland and Wells-13.

So the bill was lost.

Mr. Cruson gave notice that he should, on some future day; ask leave to bring in a bill to cstablish a Territorial road from Platteville to Sinipee, in Grant county.

The House then took up and considered the message from the Council, returning resolution No. 10 with amendments, entitled " Resolation relating to the appointment of Samuel B. Knapp fis. cal agent,” and bill No. 16, entitled " A bill to prevent the sale

of intoxicating liquors to Indians;" in which the Council refused to concur in the amendments made by the House.

The House concurred in the amendments of the Council to re. solution No. 10, and relused to recede from the amendmenis to bill No. 16.

On motion of 1:. Sholes, Orilereil, That a commilce of conference be appointed on the said bill.

The Speaker appointed Messrs. Sholes and Wells the said com. mittee.

Ordered, That the chief clerk acquaint the Council therewith, and request a conference.

Mr. Billings gave notice that he should, on a future day, ask {cave to introduce a bill to amend the act organizing the county of Dane.

And then the House adjourned.

TUESDAY, December 31, 1839. Mr. Beardsley presented petitions from the citizens of Rock county, relating to the removal of the seat of justice of said coun. ty.

Referred to the following select committee, viz:
Messrs. Beardsley, Story and Billings.

Mr. Beardsley presented a petition from citizens of Rock coun. ty, for a road to be laid out and established from Beloit 10 Mineral Point via New Mexico.

Ordered, That the same be referred to the committee on roads.

Mr. Sutherland presented a petition sigued by Reuben O. Brown, and four o:hers, praying that a spring term of court may bo al horized to be held in Danc county.

Ordered, Tliat the said portion do lie on the table for the prc. sent.

Mr. Billings presented the account of Wittiam T. Sterling, Territorial Librarian, for stationary furnished the Legislative As. sembly.

Ordered, That the same be referred to the committee on claims.

The Speaker laid before the House the following message from the Executive.


Madison, Dec. 31, 1839. To the Council and House of Representatives :

I herewith enclose a letter from the Governor of the State of New-York, to which I invite your attention : “ To authorize the arrest and detention of fugitives from justice from other States and Territories of the United States."

I am, very respectfully,

Your ob't serv't,


Also, a message transmitting a copy of a letter, dated March 16, 1839, from the Hon. the Secretary of War, in answer to a re. solution of the Legislative Assembly, asking for a supply of arms and the stationing of dragoons on the frontier, which was read and laid on the table.

(See Appendix, document I.)

Ordercd, That the communication from the Governor of the State of New.York, and the act accompanying the same, be referred to the committee on the judiciary.

Mr. Shackelford, from the select cominittee to which will No. 21, entitled " A bill relative to the seat of justice of Brown coun. 19;” was recommitted, reported the same back to the House wih. out amendment.

Mr. Childs, from a majority of the same committee, submitted the following report :

The select committee, to whom was referred the petition for, and the remonstrance against, the removal of the seat of justice of the county of Brown, have had the subject under consideration, and ask leave to report :

In the year 1837, in March, the question of the location of the scat of justice in the county of Brown, was, in accordance with an act of the Legislature, submitted to the qualified electors of said county. After much electioneering by the inhabitants of Green Bay, it was decided by a large majority of the electors, in said county, that the said location should be at Depere, the present seat of justice.

The county has since then crccted a large and convenient court-house and jail, at an expense of more than $8,000, which is situnted in a pleasant place in said town of Depere, and but five miles from Green Bay.

Since the question was submitted as aforesaid, the population bas decreased in the town of Green Bay, (where the greatest and we believe the only objection to the location at Depere was made,) to a great extent; and the population in the upper port has great. ly increased, by a class of persons who are permanent citizens, and your committee believe that the latter class are opposed to the removal of the seat of jusiice.

Those persons whose names are on the petition for removal are merchants and mechanics, or a large part of them, who pay no tases towards the support of the county government, as the land only, and not the improvements, are taxed for that purpose, and consequenily by thus voiing or petitioning, they do not increase their own taxes, but those persons whose names are on the re. monstrance are land-holders, and are taxed to defray the expenses of the county.

Your conmittee further report, that there is a majority of names before them of seventy against the removal, us prayed for in the petition, which fact, in connexion with those herctofore alluded to, have induced your committee to recommend that no legislation be had on the subject.

On motion of Mr. Shackelford, The bill was read a first and second time by its title, and the report made by Mr. Childs was also road.

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