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Ir is well known, that several learned comments, and other tracts, have been already written on the creed, commonly called the apostles: The names of the great men, who have exercised their wits and pens on this subject, are so obvious, that the mentioning of them will be needless; so that at first view, the following essay will run the risk of being censured as superfluous and unnecessary: but whoever will consider what hath been written of this kind, will find, that most part of the writers who have gone before, have only handled the creed in a theological manner, explaining and confirming its several articles according to the various senses and interpretations deducible from holy writ; which is in no sort the design of the author in the ensuing treatise. The reader is not to expect here a perfect and complete explication of the creed, or of its several articles in their latitude and extent, according as they may be inferred, or proved from the holy scriptures; this hath been al

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