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waters of everlasting life from the lowest depths. May we see now how blessed it is to endure with meekness, to cherish an unfaltering faith in God, and to give ourselves up entirely to thee, saying, from our hearts, “Do with us and with ours as seemeth to thy perfect wisdom best. Thy will be done.”'

We thank thee, O Father, for the many kind friends still spared to us, and for the rich consolation of their sympathy. Bless all their offices of love; and as one after another goes from our circle to return no more, may we, whose day on earth is prolonged, be knit more and more closely together. Do thou form amongst us those ties which death cannot destroy. We would not mourn, O God, as without hope. All are in thy holy keeping, the living and the dead. The friends whom we love depart, but still thy providence is around them. The dust returns to the earth as it was, but the spirit ascends to God who gave it, to pursue, if attaining to the resurrection of the just, that higher life into which death is but a new birth. Let this faith spring up like a fountain to gladden our souls. Let it rise upon us like a light of heaven, and scatter every

cloud. Give us strength to return to the duties of life with increased diligence and with purer aims. May our walk henceforth be more thoughtful, now that the shadow of the grave lies upon our path. Of that mysterious change, through which one has now passed, and which, in thy time, awaits us also, may we

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cherish no appalling thoughts. May we regard it as a step in our immortal progress which will no longer seem gloomy and dark when the lights of eternity have fallen upon it. And when we are called to follow our departed friend, may we be found in the way of righteousness, and with a hope within that shall triumph over the grave. Lead us into that world where all tears are wiped from all eyes ; and, joined to the glorious assembly of the just made perfect, may we look back upon the tribulations of this world as the instrument of thy choicest grace. And to thee shall be ascribed praise and glory everlasting Amen.



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O GOD, who seest in secret, and searchest the hearts of the children of men, behold me thy child as I bow before thee in this private and solemn act. Thou hast been my Guardian and Guide in all times past, giving me all that I have, and all that I hope for. Amid thy bounties and mercies have I lived, with one painful thought on my soul. 0 Lord, it is the thought that I am not thine; that I have not given myself to thee; that I have not purposely chosen and consciously taken thee for my master, and offered and consecrated my heart, will and strength, to thy service. Thou knowest how often I have thought to do this, and have said, I will make haste and delay not to pay unto the Lord my vows, and bind myself to him in an everlasting covenant, that shall not be broken. But thou knowest likewise, O merciful and compassionate God, how often the cares of the world, and the sin that is here

on my heart, have prevented me, and I have not made my peace with God.

Gracious and blessed Father, me thy frail creature, me thy guilty child, wilt thou now behold and bless. And while I pour out before thee confessions of my past neglect, help me to prove the sincerity of my soul in this solemn hour. In a

In a duty I have so long postponed, by an offer free and unreserved, I do now present myself unto thee, O God, avouching thee to be my God and my portion forever. Accept this consecration to thee. Take me, O God, thy creature and child, to do with me as seemeth to thee to be right. To thee I give myself, and bind myself by these solemn vows. Come by thy Holy Spirit, and take possession, and make my soul thy temple. Dwell in me from this time forth, moulding my will to thine, forming my affections after the pattern of thy dear Son; and hereafter may neither death nor life, nor things present nor things to come, be able to separate me from thy love.

And now, O God, let this solemn act be sealed and registered in heaven. Over all the sins of my heart, and the temptations of the world, may this be my triumphant song - I can do all things through him who strengtheneth me. And, thine here on earth, may

I be found thine when thou shalt come with thy holy angels; may thy mark be on my forehead, and the spirit of thy son Jesus be in my heart, when the Lord shall receive them that are his. Amen.


for the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

FATHER of Infinite Love, I thank thee for all thy wonderful and most merciful gifts, but above all for the gift of thine own Holy Spirit. Thou art willing to descend into the heart of man, and make that unworthy place thy constant dwelling. Thou art, this moment, offering even to me, thy sinning servant, this blessed privilege, this boundless good. I am very weak, and ignorant, and erring, and disobedient. But thou, O my God, art, ever willing, and ever waiting, to strengthen, to enlighten, to guide, to pardon me. And the assurance of this divine coudescension and deliverance I have in my Saviour. It is by him, and and by him alone, who is my gracious Redeemer and ever-living Lord, that the Comforter cometh into the world.

Blessed be thy holy name, Othou who art his Father and my Father, that his promise is thus fulfilled, which he gave to his first disciples, when he declared that he would come to his own and abide with them forever. And even as that Eternal Word which was with thee in the beginning came forth into our corrupted and enfeebled race to restore it, was made flesh and dwelt among us, and suffers us to behold thy glory, full of grace and truth, in the face of Jesus Christ, so when he ascended up from the

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