Sidor som bilder

No doubt I've been off in a technical doze,
To Self I was just on the point to propose
A tour on the surface; * I purposed to roam
First of all to the Louvre, thence onward to Rome;
In Shiraz I hoped to regale ears and noze

With the song of the bulbul, the scent of the rose,—
In the palm-groves of India I meant to repose;
The great in-walled Empire I thought to survey,
And the great enchained Settlement-Botany Bay;
Thence to glance at the New World I purposed to go,
To look at the Andes, where nature of snow
Forms" avalanche-thunderbolts!" thence to survey
Brother Jonathan's States †-see Niagara's spray;

* Time was, when enamoured of tropical waterscapes, the writer ignorantly penned the following lines


Sunrise and sunset! ye are glorious things

All round the world, here exquisitely so;
To watch the earliest pearly gleam that springs
From out the deep, till all the heavens glow

With "magic tints,"- -to watch when darkness flings

Shade after shade on glory,—you must go

To sea to see it

But it is not so-Science can introduce an Atlantic dawn into a back attick in Lower Fogbury, or anywhere, at the very noon of night!

† And visit, for mesmeric research, the philosopher mentioned in the unpublished Life and Adventures of Jack Tar ;

He knew a Pennsylvania-man,
Whose tongue so very smoothly ran,
He could, in languages diverse,
With three men all at once converse!

All this was involved in my plan, and some more,
But in lieu of a glimpse of the classical shore
Of Egypt, or Attica-up in my attick,

Common places, and things any thing but emphatic,*
Bespeak my attention-I'll double the doze!
And I'll have the trip yet, for 'twere weak to suppose
That Mesmer was either a knave or a fool,

Or a hybrid between them-a bi-footed mule;
If the Coma at Deptford so clearly makes known
All that Madame Tussaud hides in Marylebone,
(A fact so notorious 'tis question'd by none,)
It were facile by ergo in logic to show,

By the same mode of transit, that others might go
And look over the Sultan's Seraglio,

Or Her Majesty's Palace at Pimlico!

(Not as did the Boy Jones,

Who went in flesh and bones;

For the personal vagabond, missing his way,
Was nabb'd, and for peeping made dearly to pay!)

There's one disadvantage, a little drawback,
Attending such journies-you carry no sack,
You never can bring any specimens back;
But Science omnific will fill up the lack—

For-in its normal state

"There's very little landscape in a garret."

Peter Pindar.

Aerial coaches will shortly be out,
Aerial wagons will follow, no doubt,
Io! Triumphe! all join in the shout!

What an age do we live in for going a-head!

The ancients

-Nil nisi

-'Tis well they are dead.


"Such a deal of wonder is broken out within this hour, that ballad

makers cannot be able to express it."

Winter's Tale.

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