Sidor som bilder

No doubt I've been off in a technical doze,
To Self I was just on the point to propose
A tour on the surface; * I purposed to roam
First of all to the Louvre, thence onward to Rome;
In Shiraz I hoped to régale ears and noze
With the song of the bulbul, the scent of the rose, —
In the palm-groves of India I meant to repose;
The great in-walled Empire I thought to survey,
And the great enchained Settlement—Botany Bay ;
Thence to glance at the New World I purposed to go,
To look at the Andes, where nature of snow
Forms “ avalanche-thunderbolts ! " thence to survey
Brother Jonathan's States —see Niagara's spray ;

* Time was, when enamoured of tropical waterscapes, the writer ignorantly penned the following lines ;

Sunrise and sunset ! ye are glorious things

All round the world, here exquisitely so;
To watch the earliest pearly gleam that springs

From out the deep, till all the heavens glow
With“ magic tints,”-

"_to watch when darkness flings
Shade after shade on glory,—you must go

To sea to see it But it is not so-Science can introduce an Atlantic dawn into a back attick in Lower Fogbury, or anywhere, at the very noon of night!

† And visit, for mesmeric research, the philosopher mentioned in the unpublished Life and Adventures of Jack Tar ;

He knew a Pennsylvania-man,
Whose tongue so very smoothly ran,
He could, in languages diverse,
With three men all at once converse !

All this was involved in my plan, and some more,
But in lieu of a glimpse of the classical shore
Of Egypt, or Attica—up in my attick,
Common places, and things any thing but emphatic, *
Bespeak my attention—I'll double the doze!
And I'll have the trip yet, for 'twere weak to suppose
That Mesmer was either a knave or a fool,
Or a hybrid between them—a bi-footed mule;
If the Coma at Deptford so clearly makes known
All that Madame Tussaud hides in Marylebone,
(A fact so notorious 'tis question`d by none,)
It were facile by ergo in logic to show,
By the same mode of transit, that others might go
And look over the Sultan's Seraglio,
Or Her Majesty's Palace at Pimlico !

(Not as did the Boy Jones,

Who went in flesh and bones;
For the personal vagabond, missing his way,
Was nabb'd, and for peeping made dearly to pay !)

There's one disadvantage, a little drawback,
Attending such journies—you carry no sack,
You never can bring any specimens back ;
But Science omnific will fill


the lack

* For-in its normal state

“ There's very little landscape in a garret."

Peter Pindar.

Aerial coaches will shortly be out,
Aerial wagons will follow, no doubt,

Io! Triumphel all join in the shout!
What an age do we live in for going a-head !
The ancients -Nil nisi'Tis well they are dead.


“ Such a deal of wonder is broken out within this hour, that balladmakers cannot be able to express it.”

Winter's Tale.

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