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in France, and became a protestant hermit in England, with the motives for his conversion

106 43 The hermit's observations on Cardinal Bel

larmine's notes of the church, shewing them not to be at all applicable to the

church of Rome - - 107 44 7. An abstract of Dr. Chandler's observa

tions on Bellarmine's sixth note of the church

109 45 Remarks on the Abbé Le Blanc, and on his

letters on the English nation, with some strictures on Voltaire, and a defence of

the English reformation - 115 46 (9. Some account of the character and writ

ings of Mons. Bouhier, president of the French academy)

118 49 The marriage of priests defended, and shewn

to have been the primitive doctrine of the church - _

126 48 The beginning of the author's acquaintance

with Miss Antonia Cranmer, and how it

ended in a marriage - 134 49 (10. Some remarks on the absurdity of transubstantiation)

134 50 The author buries his wife Antonia, and 52 “The author meets at Harrogate fix gentle. men of his acquaintance from Dublin

haftens to Harrogate to dislipate his grief.--His reason for not mentioning

his children by his many wives 137 51 Description of Harrogate; of it's wells, and

of the company there, with their man. ner of living; the nature and quality of these waters, for what disorders fittest, and the same of several other mineral waters

. 139 52 The

146 53 Their characters

147 54 The history of the unfortunate Miss Hunt

156 55 The picture of Miss Hunt, and her unhappy end

157 56 The author falls in love with Miss Spence

162 57 An apology for the author's marrying fo often

. 163 58 Miss Spence's reply to his addresses 167 59 The author removes to Oldfield spaw, on

account of an indispofition occasioned by a night's hard drinking, and his reflec

tions on hard drinking - 171 60 Description of Oldfield spaw, with an acan.count of it's water

- 173 61 An observation on our people of fortune .. going to other countries to drink mineral waters

174 62 An account of Moffat wells, and of the vir' tues of these waters

174 63 The author sets out from Oldfield spaw for

Knaresborough, but arrives at another place.-A morning thought on the rising fun

178 64 Defcription of a beautiful fpot and charmon, ing country seat, in the west riding of Yorkshire

180 65 An account of two wonderful figures which : :played on the German fute 181 66 The bistory of Miss Wolfe, who had known . - the author in Ireland, and recollects him

182 A 3

67 An

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