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The waves were condensed in the midst of the sea. 9 The enemy said, I will pursue and overtake,

I will divide the spoil-I will glut my vengeance :

My sword shall slay; my hand shall prevail. 10 Thou didst send forth thy blast, the sea covered them; '

They sank like lead in the mighty water.
Who among the gods is like thee, O Lord ?
Who is like thee? Glorified among Holies;
Marvellous among Glories--working miracles !
Thou didst stretch forth thy right hand,
The earth swallowed them up,
In thy kindness thou hast been the guide
Of this thy people whom thou hast redeemed.
By thy power thou hast called them forth

To thy holy place for resting. 14

Nations have heard and are troubled :
Pangs have taken hold of the inhabitants of Phylisteim ;
The Emirs of Edom are already in commotion ;
And as for the chiefs of Moab, horror hath seized them :

All the inhabitants of Chanaan are appalled. 16 On them let dread and terror fall.

By the greatness of thine arm may they be petrified,
Till thy people pass through, O Lord-

Till this thy people pass by, whom thou hast purchased. 17 Introduce and plant them on the mount of thy heritage

In the settlement thou hast prepared for thy dwelling, O

The sanctuary, O Lord, which thy hands have prepared. 18 The Lord reigneth for ever and for evermore. 19 Because Pharao's cavalry with chariots and charioteers went

into the sea, and the Lord brought upon them the water of the

sea; and the Israelites marched in the midst of the sea on dry 20 ground; therefore Mariam the prophetess the sister of Aaron

took in her hand a timbrel and all the women went out after 21 her with timbrels in choirs, and Mariam led the song for them, saying, Let us sing to the Lord, For he is gloriously exalted : Horse and rider he hath thrown in the sea

22 Then Moses drew off the Israelites from the Red sea; and

led them into the wilderness of Sour, and they marched three 23 days in the wilderness and found no water to drink. And when

they came to Merra they could not drink the water there, for

it was bitter. Therefore they called the name of that place Bit24 terness. And the people murmured against Moses and said, 25 What are we to drink? Upon this Moses cried to the Lord;

and the Lord shewed him a piece of wood and he threw it into the water, and the water was made sweet.

There he instituted for them rules of rectitude and judg26 ments, and there he proved them and said, If thou wilt hearken

to the voice of the Lord thy God, and do the things well pleasing in his sight, and hearken to his commandments, and keep all these his rules of rectitude, I will not bring upon thee any of the diseases which I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord

thy God who healeth thee. 27 Then they came to Aileim, where there were twelve foun

tains of water and seventy palm trees, and they encamped there

by the water. XVI. And the whole congregation of the children of Israel

removed from Aileim and came to the wilderness of Sin, which 2 is between Aileim and Sina. And on the fifteenth day of the

second month after their coming out of Egypt all the congre.

gation of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and 3 Aaron. The Israelites indeed said to them, Oh that we had

died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the pots of flesh meat and ate bread in plenty! For

you have brought us to this wilderness to kill this whole as. 4 sembly with hunger. Whereupon the Lord said to Moses,

Behold I am going to rain bread from heaven for you. And

the people shall go and gather it day by day, that I may try 5 them whether they will walk in my law or not. But on the

sixth day they must be provident in respect to what they bring

in. It shall be twice as much as they gather daily. 6 Then Moses and Aaron said to all the congregation of the

Israelites, In the evening you shall know that the Lord hath 7 brought you out of the land of Egypt, and in the morning you

shall see the glory of the Lord, by his hearkening to your mur. murings against God. As for us, what are we that you should

8 murmur against us? (Now Moses had dictated, by the Lord's

giving you in the evening flesh to eat and in the morning bread in plenty, because the Lord hath heard your murmurings which you utter against us. But as for us what are we? your mur. muring is not against us but against God.) 9 Then Moses said to Aaron, Say to all the congregation

of the children of Israel, Attend in the presence of God, for 10 he hath heard your murmuring. And when Aaron had spoken

to all the congregation of the Israelites and they had turned

about towards the wilderness, the glory of the Lord appeared 11 in a cloud, and the Lord spoke to Moses saying, I have heard 12 the murmuring of the Israelites. Speak to them and say, To

wards evening you shall eat flesh and in the morning you shall

be plentifully supplied with bread. And you shall know that 13 I am the Lord, your God. Accordingly there came up in the 14 evening a flock of quails, which covered the camp, and in the

morning while the dew lay around the camp, behold on the

face of the wilderness something small like coriander, white 15 like hoar frost, on the ground! And when the Israelites saw

this they said one to another, What is this? for they did not 16 know what it was. Upon which Moses said to them. This

is the bread which the Lord hath given you to eat. This is what the Lord hath commanded, Gather of it, every one for

his family a gomer a head according to the number of souls, 17 yoù must every one gather for those in the tent with you.

And the children of Israel did so and gathered some more 18 and some less, and when they measured it by the gomer, he

who had gathered much had nothing over, and he who had

gathered little did not fall short. Every one had gathered suf19 ficient for the family with him. Then Moses said to them, 20 Let none leave any of it till the morning. Notwithstanding this

they hearkened not to Moses, but some left of it till the morn

ing. And it bred worms and gave an offensive smell. On 21 which Moses was angry with them. So they gathered it every 22 morning, every one a sufficiency for his family. And when the sun grew warm, it melted away.

Now on the sixth day when they were gathering a double quantity, two gomers for every one, all the heads of the con23 gregation came and told Moses, whereupon he said to them, Is not this what the Lord spoke, Sabbaths are a rest holy to the Lord? As for to-morrow, bake what you chuse to bake and

boil what you chuse to boil and what is left lay up for to-mor24 row. So they left some of it till the morning as Moses com

manded them and it did not become putrid, nor was there a 25 worm in it. Then Moses said to them, Eat it to-day, for to26 day is the Sabbath to the Lord. It will not be found in the field.

Six days you shall gather but because the Sabbaths are on the 27 seventh day, therefore in it there will be none. And it came

to pass that on the seventh day some of the people went out to 28 gather, but found none. Whereupon the Lord said to Moses,

How long will you refuse to hearken to my commandments and 29 my law? You see that because the Lord gave you this day for

sabbaths, therefore on the sixth day he gave you the bread of

two days. Abide ye every one at home. Let none go out from 30 his place on the seventh day. So the people rested on the se

venth day. 31 Now the Israelites called its name Manna. It was like cori

ander seed. It was white; and its taste was like a cake made 32 with honey. And Moses said, This is what the Lord hath

commanded, Fill the gomer with Manna to be laid up for your posterity, that they may see the bread which you ate in the

wilderness, when the Lord brought you out of the land of 33 Egypt. Then Moses said to Aaron, Take a golden urn and

put therein the full of a gomer of Manna; and thou shalt lay 34 it up before God to be kept for your posterity. As the Lord

commanded Moses so Aaron laid it up before the testimony 35 that it might be kept. And the children of Israel ate this Manna

forty years till they came to the inhabited land. They ate it till they came to the border of Phænicia. Now the gomer is the

tenth of the trimeter. XVII. When all the congregation of the Israelites had remov.

ed from the wilderness of Sin according to their encampments by the command of the Lord and encamped at Raphidin and 2 there was no water for the people to drink, and the people were

reviling Moses and saying, Give us water that we may drink, Moses said to them, Why do you revile me? And why do you 3 tempt the Lord? Now when the people had thirsted there for

water and murmured against Moses saying, How is this? Hast

thou brought us up out of Egypt to kill us and our children and 4 our cattle with thirst? Moses cried to the Lord and said, What

shall I do for this people? They are almost ready to stone me. 5 Upon which the Lord said to Moses, Go on at the head of the

people, and take thee some of the elders of the people, and

take in thy hand the staff with which thou didst smite the river. 6 And thou shalt go to the place where I before caused thee to

stand on the rock at Choreb; and thou shalt smite the rock,

and water will gush out that the people may drink. And Moses 7 did so in the presence of the Israelites, and he called the name

of that place, Temptation and Upbraiding, because of the up. braiding of the Israelites, and because they tempted the Lord 8 and said, Is the Lord among us or not? Now Amalek had

come and made war on Israel at Raphidin, upon which Moses

said to Joshua, Select for thyself able men and go out and draw 9 up in array to-morrow against Amalek; when lo I have stood 10 on the top of that hill with the staff of God in my hand. So

Joshua did as Moses commanded him. And when he had gone

out and drawn up in array against Amalek, and Moses and 11 Aaron and Hur had gone up to the top of the hill, it came to

pass that when Moses held up his hands Israel prevailed; but 12 when he let down his hands Amalek prevailed. But Moses

hands were heavy, therefore they took a stone and put it under

him and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his 13 hands, one on one side, and the other, on the other. So his

hands were stayed up till the going down of the sun and Jo

shua discomfited Amalek and his whole people with the slaughter 14 of the sword. Then the Lord said to Moses, Write this in a

book to keep it in remembrance; and rehearse it in the hear

ing of Joshua, that I will entirely blot out the remembrance 15 of Amalek from under heaven. And Moses built an altar to

the Lord and called its name, The Lord my refuge; because with a secret hand the Lord fighteth against Amalek from ge.

neration to generation. XVIII. Now when Jothor the priest of Madiam, Moses' father

in law heard of all that the Lord had done for his people Israel, 2 (for while the Lord was bringing Israel out of Egypt Jothor

the father in law of Moses had taken home Sepphora, Moses' 3 wife, after she had gone back, with her two sons, of whom the

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